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3601JR6CSY2017JA6SO LP ALL (T)3,06039341.9 
3602KD0CVZ2016W0SO LP ALL (T)3,03448413.1  
3603DF9IU2017DLSO LP ALL (T)2,98246425.5 
3604EA5XN1996EASO LP ALL (T)2,9804242  
3605VK5AKH2013VKSO LP ALL (T)2,97638326.7 
3606KK6MM2006W6SO LP ALL (T)2,96446392.1  
3607UR5WHT2013URSO LP ALL (T)2,95240364.3 
3608IV3BCA2011ISO LP ALL (T)2,95236362.5 
3609OG3P2018OHSO LP ALL (T)2,94850441.9 
3610BD9CJH2017BYSO LP ALL (T)2,940554211.7 
3611IZ3SXO2017ISO LP ALL (T)2,915585311.7 
3612JA7HYS2012JA7SO LP ALL (T)2,90029295.2 
3613N9YO2017W0SO LP ALL (T)2,88842387.1 
3614HK5/OZ1AA2017HKSO LP ALL (T)2,88042402.6 
3615VA3SRV2015VE3SO LP ALL (T)2,88033323.3  
3616IN3ANF2015ISO LP ALL (T)2,87136334.3 
3617N8NA/32010W3SO LP ALL (T)2,85233310.7 
3618HS1OVH2006HSSO LP ALL (T)2,83840335.6  
3619N1IG/32009W3SO LP ALL (T)2,82947414.5 
3620LA9VKA2014LASO LP ALL (T)2,81640323.2 
3621SP1II2009SPSO LP ALL (T)2,81633324.8 
3622IQ0PG2015ISO LP ALL (T)2,78238263.6 
3623K6CSL2007W6SO LP ALL (T)2,77539379.4  
3624M0PKZ2011GSO LP ALL (T)2,77439385.5 
3625NR8R2016W8SO LP ALL (T)2,75437345.4 
3626NS8O2014W8SO LP ALL (T)2,67030301.8 
3627EA1DFP1997EASO LP ALL (T)2,6522726  
3628YO9HRB2014YOSO LP ALL (T)2,64042404.0 
3629DL2FQ2017DLSO LP ALL (T)2,62739374.9 
3630HL2/KA8U2012HLSO LP ALL (T)2,62439325.9 
3631JO1UOE2003JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,62436325.3  
3632W4AMP2007W4SO LP ALL (T)2,60737335.6  
3633AC7MX2016W7SO LP ALL (T)2,60437313.6 
3634JA1PCM2013JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,59234326.3 
3635CX8ABF2009CXSO LP ALL (T)2,57445396.4 
3636JJ1WWL/12014JA1SO LP ALL (T)2,55032303.2 
3637K2TV2018W2SO LP ALL (T)2,48234341.1 
3638KB6A2016W6SO LP ALL (T)2,43630282.6 
3639RK6AQP2015UA-6SO LP ALL (T)2,41839392.8 
3640N5PU2008W5SO LP ALL (T)2,41841391.3 
3641IK8ARF2018ISO LP ALL (T)2,41238363.3 
3642KE6GFI2001W6SO LP ALL (T)2,4003532  
3643VK8HPB2016VKSO LP ALL (T)2,35641314.8 
3644JA9EJG2017JA9SO LP ALL (T)2,34932275.7 
3645KG6YHH2008W6SO LP ALL (T)2,34045397.0 
3646AN3DTQ/22001EASO LP ALL (T)2,3404040  
3647W7TR2018W6SO LP ALL (T)2,32031290.9KH2TJ
3648N6PM2017W6SO LP ALL (T)2,32040403.0 
3649KG7P2012W7SO LP ALL (T)2,27845343.4 
3650KN2X2018W2SO LP ALL (T)2,20135315.0 
3651EI2KA2012EISO LP ALL (T)2,20134312.0 
3652DL7CU2011DLSO LP ALL (T)2,20134313.1 
3653OF3MA2017OHSO LP ALL (T)2,19636364.0 
3654AH6KW2018KH6SO LP ALL (T)2,16030303.2  
3655BH2SY2013BYSO LP ALL (T)2,14535337.6 
3656EA1CIL1998EASO LP ALL (T)2,1353635  
3657IK8VKW2014ISO LP ALL (T)2,10937373.2 
3658IZ3TXM2013ISO LP ALL (T)2,10044423.6 
3659K6LDX2002W6SO LP ALL (T)2,09143417.5  
3660AC2IK2017W2SO LP ALL (T)2,04036346.5 
3661K0TC2016W0SO LP ALL (T)2,03031291.9 
3662K2PS/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)2,00132290.5 
3663DG9BEO2018DLSO LP ALL (T)1,98432315.1 
3664EA5GZO2008EASO LP ALL (T)1,98037363.1 
3665WA4PGM2012W4SO LP ALL (T)1,97131270.8 
3666JI1UDD2008JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,97134277.4 
3667W6SIY2013W6SO LP ALL (T)1,96826244.0 
3668RA9X2015UA-9SO LP ALL (T)1,96137376.6 
3669DL1SBF2000DLSO LP ALL (T)1,9603028  
3670AF8C2010W8SO LP ALL (T)1,95339312.2 
3671IK2HLM2006ISO LP ALL (T)1,947333327.5  
3672N8PPF/72016W7SO LP ALL (T)1,93839342.4 
3673G3YJR2014GSO LP ALL (T)1,91728275.2  
3674KB9LTH2015W9SO LP ALL (T)1,89132314.8 
3675EA6YW1997EA6SO LP ALL (T)1,8862323  
3676SP6EWB/92002SPSO LP ALL (T)1,8853829  
3677IV3IDP2017ISO LP ALL (T)1,83031302.8 
3678JA8CEA2016JA8SO LP ALL (T)1,82026262.7 
3679VK4XES2008VKSO LP ALL (T)1,80927274.8 
3680YY5TIO2011YVSO LP ALL (T)1,80024246.9 
3681KC9YL2018W9SO LP ALL (T)1,78641384.1 
3682UY5TG2015URSO LP ALL (T)1,78537357.0 
3683W3FA2018W3SO LP ALL (T)1,78231273.4 
3684JR3SZZ2008JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,76437283.2 
3685W0AO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)1,73631311.5 
3686K0UD2006W0SO LP ALL (T)1,736342825.2  
3687JI7OED1999JA7SO LP ALL (T)1,7252525  
3688SM5OSZ2006SMSO LP ALL (T)1,68337334.6  
3689OK1TVL2016OKSO LP ALL (T)1,66427262.8 
3690YU1IV2008YUSO LP ALL (T)1,65025252.1 
3691AB1NG2013W1SO LP ALL (T)1,63324233.9 
3692IK1BPL2016ISO LP ALL (T)1,62525250.8 
36932U0FER2014GUSO LP ALL (T)1,58436334.2 
3694JR1AHP2010JA1SO LP ALL (T)1,58423225.0 
3695K4GDW2010W4SO LP ALL (T)1,56628272.0 
3696BG2AUE2009BYSO LP ALL (T)1,55037316.3 
3697JG2RZF2015JA2SO LP ALL (T)1,52531254.9 
3698LY3RQ2010LYSO LP ALL (T)1,51931317.1 
3699JA3DAY2016JA3SO LP ALL (T)1,51225242.1 
3700YB8VM2014YBSO LP ALL (T)1,47021213.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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