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3401IK2TTO2013ISO LP ALL (T)7,14452475.7 
3402LA9VKA2015LASO LP ALL (T)7,10257532.4 
34037J1AIL2004JA1SO LP ALL (T)7,05660493.7  
3404K0KU2008W0SO LP ALL (T)6,98562552.7KC0IDI
3405K7DR2018W8SO LP ALL (T)6,91661524.0 
3406EA3FHP2002EASO LP ALL (T)6,9006060  
3407W8GX2017W8SO LP ALL (T)6,85858541.6 
3408LA2ONA2018LASO LP ALL (T)6,82066624.1  
3409KE6WC2017W6SO LP ALL (T)6,80458542.0 
3410PY5KW2007PYSO LP ALL (T)6,804685430.3  
3411AI7Q/02014W0SO LP ALL (T)6,75057544.6 
3412TA6MD2014TASO LP ALL (T)6,71355497.0 
3413W8DM/52012W5SO LP ALL (T)6,63054512.9 
3414IK3SSG2017ISO LP ALL (T)6,61259572.8 
3415YO4GVC2013YOSO LP ALL (T)6,60860569.5 
3416RV9CQ2014RA9SO LP ALL (T)6,60053509.8 
3417N8WS2012W8SO LP ALL (T)6,55560573.9 
3418PY4WWW2013PYSO LP ALL (T)6,53461546.6 
3419JJ0AEB2003JA0SO LP ALL (T)6,52850484.8  
3420KK9U2016W9SO LP ALL (T)6,48055542.5 
3421K6OAK2016W6SO LP ALL (T)6,450625012.9 
3422IZ2YWI2016ISO LP ALL (T)6,40563614.0 
3423S57U2007S5SO LP ALL (T)6,38460575.3  
3424TF3EK2016TFSO LP ALL (T)6,372695912.2 
3425IZ7IJW2010ISO LP ALL (T)6,36061603.4 
3426F2RO2008FSO LP ALL (T)6,36054534.0 
3427W2VU2018W2SO LP ALL (T)6,34552453.9 
3428G0CMP2009GSO LP ALL (T)6,336726612.3 
3429IK2MPR2003ISO LP ALL (T)6,32153496.0  
3430KK0SD2008W0SO LP ALL (T)6,31874543.3 
3431KB3EXB2009W3SO LP ALL (T)6,29851473.9 
3432PY2IQ2006PYSO LP ALL (T)6,25056504.1  
3433SP1DMD2016SPSO LP ALL (T)6,21050451.9 
3434YO6QT2001YOSO LP ALL (T)6,2066158  
3435K6WSC2017W7SO LP ALL (T)6,20451472.8 
3436EA6JN2000EA6SO LP ALL (T)6,1887552  
3437KA8BSA2015W8SO LP ALL (T)6,17451497.7 
3438WB2WPM1996W2SO LP ALL (T)6,1609065  
3439JG1FGL2002JA1SO LP ALL (T)6,1574747  
3440K6CSL2017W6SO LP ALL (T)6,15662579.8 
3441DG6DAF2008DLSO LP ALL (T)6,14854535.0 
3442K6CSL2009W6SO LP ALL (T)6,125654916.1 
3443SP7QPG2016SPSO LP ALL (T)6,12046454.2 
3444KB8FZY2008W8SO LP ALL (T)6,111696313.6 
3445W3TM2013W3SO LP ALL (T)6,06958514.0 
3446N8XTZ/02005W0SO LP ALL (T)6,032615233.9  
3447WC4E/12016W1SO LP ALL (T)6,00050481.0  
3448KF5SNL2016W5SO LP ALL (T)5,99461545.9 
3449UA4LU1999UA-4SO LP ALL (T)5,9455041  
3450SA6CBY2015SMSO LP ALL (T)5,94066555.6 
3451IZ8ESX2011ISO LP ALL (T)5,93450435.7 
3452KI8IZ2015W8SO LP ALL (T)5,90452483.3 
3453KB0JIT2015W0SO LP ALL (T)5,88558553.2 
3454N0KOE/42015W4SO LP ALL (T)5,880635613.2 
3455G0ICJ2003GSO LP ALL (T)5,824696427.3  
34567J3AOZ2018JA3SO LP ALL (T)5,78156476.3 
3457K2EKM/42005W4SO LP ALL (T)5,73452476.9  
3458K6IWA2011W6SO LP ALL (T)5,72462549.4 
3459VA6AN2012VE6SO LP ALL (T)5,67049423.8 
3460W1OHM2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,65059506.0 
3461WC4E2017W1SO LP ALL (T)5,61058512.1  
3462ZL1KLP2013ZLSO LP ALL (T)5,54447428.4 
3463K9JG/42009W4SO LP ALL (T)5,51262524.2 
3464YO5CUQ2013YOSO LP ALL (T)5,45252475.4  
3465PR7ZZ2002PYSO LP ALL (T)5,450535028.2  
3466BG6AHP2006BYSO LP ALL (T)5,44555459.7  
3467W7JU2011W7SO LP ALL (T)5,41849423.6 
3468EE4EA2015EASO LP ALL (T)5,40550473.4EA4GHB
3469K7EVI2013W7SO LP ALL (T)5,40054508.5 
3470JA3EBT2018JA3SO LP ALL (T)5,39064499.2 
3471G4FFN2016GSO LP ALL (T)5,37650482.9 
3472AB3XJ2017W3SO LP ALL (T)5,35862578.6 
3473IZ4AKS2000ISO LP ALL (T)5,3565352  
3474KB3GQK/22009W2SO LP ALL (T)5,335615510.6 
3475SP1DMD2017SPSO LP ALL (T)5,30457512.7 
3476SP2BLC2017SPSO LP ALL (T)5,264605610.0  
3477DB4SP2004DLSO LP ALL (T)5,208595612.3  
3478N0TTE2016W0SO LP ALL (T)5,20744418.0 
3479PJ2OF2012PJ2SO LP ALL (T)5,19245448.5 
3480VK7DW2018VKSO LP ALL (T)5,18037356.8 
3481RW5D2012UA-3SO LP ALL (T)5,18047374.6 
3482IK2SND2015ISO LP ALL (T)5,14157531.9 
3483WB3LKO2003W3SO LP ALL (T)5,13653486.4  
3484SQ2TOM2016SPSO LP ALL (T)5,13043384.0 
3485OU8A2016OZSO LP ALL (T)5,10052512.95P0O
3486NV2G2007W2SO LP ALL (T)5,09660561.3N2ZN 
3487IW8ENL2015ISO LP ALL (T)5,04058567.0 
3488KB6BYU/72013W7SO LP ALL (T)5,04065567.0 
3489IZ1LAY2018ISO LP ALL (T)5,01452464.6 
3490JA4AQR2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,97044354.3  
3491JA4AQR2009JA4SO LP ALL (T)4,92046414.3 
3492IZ1QXW2012ISO LP ALL (T)4,91445428.0 
3493UA0CMG2015RA0SO LP ALL (T)4,900574910.5 
3494W9WY2005W9SO LP ALL (T)4,88856524.0  
3495AG8Y2003W8SO LP ALL (T)4,86048451.3  
3496IZ0BTV2010ISO LP ALL (T)4,84849481.8 
3497VE7NA2016VE7SO LP ALL (T)4,83051424.7VE7BGP
3498JR1MRG2017JA1SO LP ALL (T)4,824503610.7 
3499KE5TC2014W5SO LP ALL (T)4,81643432.3 
3500DM4DX2007DLSO LP ALL (T)4,80046408.4  

Page 35 of 39

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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