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3301RA3XGY2017UA-3SO LP 20M37515150.8 
3302N9HDE/02015W0SO LP 20M (T)37516153.2 
3303YB9KJ2018YBSO LP 20M37419172.7 
3304DU4JT2012DUSO LP 20M37412110.6 
3305N7GOA2014W7SO LP 20M37212122.8 
3306UT5UHX2018URSO LP 20M36415143.4 
3307SP1APZ2017SPSO LP 20M36413132.5 
3308DL1SBF2008DLSO LP 20M36414141.8 
3309KE6GFF2008W6SO LP 20M36416143.2 
3310YL2NK2006YLSO LP 20M364141424.7  
3311JA3EGE2018JA3SO LP 20M36311110.8  
3312TA3BH2015TASO LP 20M (T)36311111.3 
3313K2ZR/42018W4SO LP 20M36015150.9 
3314KI7ILD2017W7SO LP 20M (R)36016152.3 
3315CO2VE2014CMSO LP 20M36012121.4 
3316OE/DJ1MV2018OESO LP 20M35216160.9 
3317KM4IIZ2017W4SO LP 20M35216163.6 
3318PY3EAM2015PYSO LP 20M35217165.8  
3319JR3NDM2009JA3SO LP 20M35015141.5 
3320SP5NN2006SPSO LP 20M345151527.0  
33212E0HKD2017GSO LP 20M (R)34219191.6 
3322RV6FT2012UA-6SO LP 20M34111111.3 
3323M0AAA2010GSO LP 20M34111110.3G0VQR
3324AK4IK2009W4SO LP 20M34017173.9 
3325VE7DAQ2011VE7SO LP 20M33813131.9 
3326RD4AA2011UA-4SO LP 20M33621215.4 
3327VA3FN2010VE3SO LP 20M33612121.2 
3328SE6D2006SMSO LP 20M336171625.8  
3329W2PIP2018W2SO LP 20M33015150.8 
3330UA4SN2017UA-4SO LP 20M33015152.3 
3331W2RES2017W2SO LP 20M33011111.5 
3332BD4QA2011BYSO LP 20M33016151.7 
3333DL0SM2007DLSO LP 20M32513132.3DG3NEC 
3334UA6JQ2012UA-6SO LP 20M32419180.5 
3335K5KVN2010W5SO LP 20M32412121.0 
3336SV1OBY2012SVSO LP 20M (R)32016162.3 
3337OK5SWL2017OKSO LP 20M31213121.0OK2SWD
33383W2GAX20003WSO LP 20M3101110  
3339KK6L2012W6SO LP 20M30811111.7 
3340N3QEH2011W3SO LP 20M30812112.5 
3341OO0A2007ONSO LP 20M308141426.5  
3342BD3QT2017BYSO LP 20M30617173.7 
3343DM7CW2018DLSO LP 20M30016151.0 
3344E20NMK2006HSSO LP 20M (R)30013123.3  
3345OK5ET2012OKSO LP 20M29414141.0 
3346IV3KID2011ISO LP 20M29415142.4 
3347DL7KIE2015DLSO LP 20M (R)28917172.9 
3348VE5GC2018VE5SO LP 20M28813121.4 
3349K4NDH2011W4SO LP 20M28812121.4 
3350UA9JMB2008RA9SO LP 20M (T)28818161.5 
3351CT1AGS2005CTSO LP 20M285151525.5  
3352TA7ASN2017TASO LP 20M28010100.3 
3353K1ALL2010W1SO LP 20M28010101.5 
3354VG3RJ2010VE3SO LP 20M27511110.7VA3RJ
3355KG6HUM2008W6SO LP 20M27313132.1 
3356F4GFT2018FSO LP 20M27016152.5 
3357YV4MT2013YVSO LP 20M27010100.9 
3358VE7ZZV2018VE7SO LP 20M26412121.4 
3359JG1SWV2013JA1SO LP 20M (R)260111011.6 
3360IZ2CSX2010ISO LP 20M26013131.1 
3361DL4NT2010DLSO LP 20M25516151.4 
3362RW4PJS2009UA-4SO LP 20M25311111.3 
3363AC7PB2013W7SO LP 20M25212122.2 
3364TF3JB2018TFSO LP 20M24713131.0 
3365KD2DOE2015W2SO LP 20M (R)24211112.1 
3366K2HVE2018W2SO LP 20M24010101.1  
3367SP6BEN2008SPSO LP 20M24010100.6 
3368BG6JIC2010BYSO LP 20M23413131.5 
3369KC9GRD2008W9SO LP 20M23415131.1 
3370SP7LHX2005SPSO LP 20M2281512  
3371JH1EYM2015JA1SO LP 20M225990.7 
3372YO7ARZ2015YOSO LP 20M22516150.4 
3373DH5WB2012DLSO LP 20M22515150.5 
3374J28AA2012J2SO LP 20M225990.7E70A
3375Z37V2012Z3SO LP 20M22515150.2Z39W
3376UR3LPP2011URSO LP 20M225992.8 
3377VK1MAT2011VKSO LP 20M (R)225991.1 
3378RN2FA2007UA2SO LP 20M2259925.9  
3379LA1QDA2005LASO LP 20M225990.9  
3380CT1FNV2008CTSO LP 20M22118172.9 
3381TC7G2016TASO LP 20M22010100.5 
3382JG1GCO2006JA1SO LP 20M2201010  
3383US0MM2009URSO LP 20M216981.1 
3384JL7FBV/12009JA1SO LP 20M21011101.7 
3385JA7AXP1997JA7SO LP 20M2101110  
3386WH7GG2011KH6SO LP 20M20010101.3 
3387SH3O2008SMSO LP 20M (T)20010100.3SM3TLG
3388KD9MS2013W9SO LP 20M198990.6 
3389K1YM2012W1SO LP 20M198992.1 
3390HL3/IU1GMK2018HLSO LP 20M (T)19513132.6 
3391W3RLS2014W3SO LP 20M192881.1 
3392JA3COA2008JA3SO LP 20M192880.5 
3393EU6TT2000EUSO LP 20M1921212  
3394JH1UES1996JA1SO LP 20M1921212  
3395JA5XPD2016JA5SO LP 20M19010101.1 
3396S59D2017S5SO LP 20M189990.9  
3397JG3EHD2000JA3SO LP 20M18999  
3398PR9B2018PYSO LP 20M180990.5PY9MT
3399K9EMF2017W9SO LP 20M18012122.9 
3400WA4JA2011W4SO LP 20M1801090.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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