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3301JG3EHD1993JA3SO LP 15M4761414  
3302CO2KL2018CMSO LP 15M46813131.6 
3303W9ELN/02009W0SO LP 15M (T)46814122.1 
3304JM3HYL2000JA3SO LP 15M4621814  
3305UA0LOD2003RA0SO LP 15M459191726.3  
3306JE8KKX2016JA8SO LP 15M (T)45015151.9 
3307YC1CT2016YBSO LP 15M44413120.6 
3308UN7PGA2018UNSO LP 15M44220173.4 
3309JA3AVO2004JA3SO LP 15M435151526.6  
3310EW6EW2009EUSO LP 15M43417141.3 
3311JF1TEU2015JA1SO LP 15M43212121.8 
3312SP2MGR2012SPSO LP 15M43212122.5 
3313UA1OMS2009UA-1SO LP 15M43212122.7 
3314JM1MOM2014JA1SO LP 15M42913131.1 
3315IZ3ALW2011ISO LP 15M (T)42913130.5 
3316BG4JZY2009BYSO LP 15M (R)42915135.6 
3317RV6APN1996UA-6SO LP 15M4252525  
3318OH3BCX2018OHSO LP 15M (T)42014141.4OH1ZAA
3319DK6TM2016DLSO LP 15M42014141.9 
3320JE1HTV2016JA1SO LP 15M42015141.3 
3321K8OSF/42009W4SO LP 15M42015152.0 
3322JN1BBO2011JA1SO LP 15M40313132.0 
3323JS6SRY2018JA6SO LP 15M39615121.3 
3324BD4KM2013BYSO LP 15M (R)39620180.6 
3325YC1BRS2009YBSO LP 15M39612122.4 
3326YO9HG2018YOSO LP 15M38513111.5 
3327JL1MWI1997JA1SO LP 15M3851311  
3328JM2BHI1993JA2SO LP 15M3841412  
3329JG1VSW2015JA1SO LP 15M37713131.8 
3330IW4CXK2012ISO LP 15M37713131.1 
3331EC2AH2005EASO LP 15M363111126.1  
3332JG1NCL/62017JA6SO LP 15M36014122.4 
3333JA1DBG2014JA1SO LP 15M (T)36012121.6JA1DBG @JA1DBG
3334JA1YNE2013JA1SO LP 15M36012100.4 
3335DL5KUD2007DLSO LP 15M360121226.2  
3336N2ZN2006W2SO LP 15M (T)36013122.9  
3337JQ6QKM2000JA6SO LP 15M3601212  
3338JE1QCL2009JA1SO LP 15M35015142.3 
3339PV8DR2011PYSO LP 15M34813122.5 
3340JK8HOS2002JA8SO LP 15M3411111  
3341JP3KPJ/32015JA3SO LP 15M33612123.4 
3342MX0YHA2017GSO LP 15M33013111.2 
3343JR3KAH1997JA3SO LP 15M3241312  
3344JI1QDK2016JA1SO LP 15M (R)32215142.3  
33457M1CUN1997JA1SO LP 15M3221714  
3346BH4LFG2018BYSO LP 15M32012101.2 
3347BD5CFY2010BYSO LP 15M31911111.6 
3348G3PLE2018GSO LP 15M31213132.0 
3349TA3LSD2016TASO LP 15M30618184.5 
3350JA2PEI1993JA2SO LP 15M3041616  
3351RW4HZ2017UA-4SO LP 15M30010101.5 
3352TA8A2015TASO LP 15M30013121.0 
3353SG3O2008SMSO LP 15M (T)30010100.6SM3AGO @SM3AGO
3354E78CB2015E7SO LP 15M29913130.5 
3355JA1GZK2017JA1SO LP 15M (T)29012100.6 
3356JG1WKM2012JA1SO LP 15M29011102.4 
3357EC2AH2004EASO LP 15M29011101.7  
3358VE2HJ2015VE2SO LP 15M28611112.6 
3359JM2BHI1996JA2SO LP 15M2861111  
33602E0PWL2016GSO LP 15M28010100.9 
3361BD9GBE2012BYSO LP 15M28016144.9 
3362SQ3WW2010SPSO LP 15M28010100.4 
3363UA9QF2009RA9SO LP 15M28017142.2 
3364JG1GCO2005JA1SO LP 15M2801010  
3365JF1HJX2009JA1SO LP 15M2791190.4 
3366KK6BJ2012W6SO LP 15M (R)27612122.6 
3367JM2BHI1997JA2SO LP 15M2751211  
3368JG1GCO1994JA1SO LP 15M2751311  
3369JA8KEA/12014JA1SO LP 15M27012101.5 
3370JG6VMO2018JA6SO LP 15M26415122.9 
3371BV4WN2017BVSO LP 15M26412112.3 
3372NH7PE2017KH6SO LP 15M26412123.6 
3373OK1KMG2010OKSO LP 15M26411110.7OK1ULE
3374OK1ULE2010OKSO LP 15M26411110.7 
3375LY2BBF2008LYSO LP 15M26412121.3 
33767K1EQG2005JA1SO LP 15M2641212  
3377IW2ENA2018ISO LP 15M (T)26010100.9 
3378JH1HHP2016JA1SO LP 15M26013135.7 
3379K1VSJ2016W1SO LP 15M (T)26010100.5 
3380KG7FXT2014W7SO LP 15M (R)26013132.6 
3381EC3CTQ2013EASO LP 15M26010103.5EC3ACQ
3382JH1CVJ2012JA1SO LP 15M26010100.7 
3383JK1BII2007JA1SO LP 15M260101026.3  
3384JA1LBZ2004JA1SO LP 15M260101026.0  
3385JH1RMH1996JA1SO LP 15M2601010  
3386JS6SRY2012JA6SO LP 15M25314112.1 
3387VK1OM2018VKSO LP 15M25212122.9  
3388OH3HM1994OHSO LP 15M2471313  
33897L1AFS2016JA1SO LP 15M24213111.4 
3390JE3FOR2016JA3SO LP 15M24010100.5 
3391SP1II2016SPSO LP 15M24010101.9  
3392YU4MIL2015YUSO LP 15M (R)24010100.3 
33939V1/OK1CZ20139VSO LP 15M24013122.0 
3394DK2AB2012DLSO LP 15M24012120.7 
3395RA4LK2006UA-4SO LP 15M24010102.7  
3396EA4AUF1996EASO LP 15M24088  
33977M2MIK1996JA1SO LP 15M2382214  
3398JR3KAH1995JA3SO LP 15M234109  
3399YM4KT2017TASO LP 15M23111110.8 
3400IK4NZD2013ISO LP 15M (T)23111110.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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