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3201KC2JRQ2017W2SO LP 20M65616161.3 
3202EA7IVP2011EASO LP 20M65121217.0 
3203IW5EEP2006ISO LP 20M65121211.4  
3204BG4TMC2017BYSO LP 20M64820183.3 
3205UA4WEV2006UA-4SO LP 20M6481818  
3206YU1SZ2009YUSO LP 20M64618174.6 
3207RW9OW2017RA9SO LP 20M64515150.5 
3208VA7ZM2012VE7SO LP 20M64515151.7 
3209VR2ZRE2016VRSO LP 20M64020165.3 
3210DL7LZ2009DLSO LP 20M64020202.0 
3211KC4YBO2009W4SO LP 20M64016161.2 
3212LZ3YY2005LZSO LP 20M64020200.7  
3213JE3KXT/M2005JA3SO LP 20M62719192.0  
3214DK6KN2011DLSO LP 20M62528253.4 
3215IK0OTJ2003ISO LP 20M62525254.0  
3216SP7RFF1996SPSO LP 20M6253715  
3217KB3ANZ2013W3SO LP 20M62416162.2 
3218IT9DFA2006IT9SO LP 20M62125236.7  
3219IU0APU2014ISO LP 20M (R)60816161.3  
3220SQ6KIT2014SPSO LP 20M60025251.5 
3221JA3HPD1996JA3SO LP 20M6001715  
3222K0TNA2013W0SO LP 20M59419181.2 
3223SM2IEN2007SMSO LP 20M59423222.5  
3224N6TPT/72005W7SO LP 20M5882321  
3225NG7W2016W7SO LP 20M58020201.9 
3226UR5ZOK1995URSO LP 20M5802720  
3227KC1DGG2018W1SO LP 20M57818172.2 
3228JF7GDF2008JA7SO LP 20M57818170.8 
3229WY9S2017W9SO LP 20M57616161.0 
3230WA5SWN2018W0SO LP 20M57526252.5  
3231JM6EBU1997JA6SO LP 20M5741714  
3232AI4CN2011W4SO LP 20M57015152.0 
3233HL5YI2011HLSO LP 20M (T)57017150.8 
3234EA5JON2009EASO LP 20M57020191.9 
3235N6BHX2018W6SO LP 20M (T)56020200.9 
3236NH7RO2011KH6SO LP 20M56014143.6 
3237VE8DW2011VE8SO LP 20M (T)56014142.2 
3238W7VXS2009W7SO LP 20M56023201.3 
3239IN3EQC2013ISO LP 20M55224242.9 
3240BG6AFT2017BYSO LP 20M55119195.5 
3241PD1WES2018PASO LP 20M (T)55023222.4 
3242K6BBQ2009W6SO LP 20M54624212.7 
3243VU2NFJ2017VUSO LP 20M54016154.1  
3244EU6AA2005EUSO LP 20M540181825.0  
3245JR3NDM1999JA3SO LP 20M5401615  
3246RW9DX2012RA9SO LP 20M53214140.3 
3247LZ3LZ2018LZSO LP 20M52521212.2 
3248YO8TND2017YOSO LP 20M (R)52218180.5 
3249SQ5NPX2009SPSO LP 20M (R)52218185.1 
3250SP6HDS2012SPSO LP 20M52020202.3 
3251IU3KPF2018ISO LP 20M51321191.9 
3252UA4ASE2003UA-4SO LP 20M510181725.0  
3253CN2AY2016CNSO LP 20M (T)50713130.1DF8AN 
3254PD0MD2010PASO LP 20M (R)50421212.9 
3255HP1ALX2008HPSO LP 20M50414141.5 
3256DL2QT2004DLSO LP 20M495151524.6  
3257RK9XWV2003RA9SO LP 20M49515150.7UA9XRV 
3258KJ6RVK2018W6SO LP 20M49321172.9 
3259RK4HZM2009UA-4SO LP 20M (R)48323234.0 
3260RZ9YN2017RA9SO LP 20M48113131.9 
3261SP9KGG2005SPSO LP 20M4802215  
3262JE3EVI2017JA3SO LP 20M47619173.1 
3263G3WW2008GSO LP 20M46818181.5 
3264N9GBB2005W9SO LP 20M4681818  
3265RW3MB2006UA-3SO LP 20M459171726.4  
3266K9EMF2018W9SO LP 20M45623192.9 
3267N6WR2011W6SO LP 20M44814140.5 
3268EA8AD2013EA8SO LP 20M44213130.6  
3269EI9HQ/M2004EISO LP 20M44020200.9  
3270US1GBH2012URSO LP 20M43720190.6 
3271EA4HR1993EASO LP 20M4371919  
3272VE3OIL2009VE3SO LP 20M43415142.4 
3273TA4AIE2015TASO LP 20M43212120.8 
3274IT9AXQ2010IT9SO LP 20M (R)43218182.7 
3275SP9CCA1998SPSO LP 20M4301910  
3276PR7AYE2018PYSO LP 20M42913130.8 
3277UA9UKL2012RA9SO LP 20M42913131.6 
3278VA3TTZ2017VE3SO LP 20M (R)42015152.0 
3279VA3RJ2009VE3SO LP 20M42015142.5 
3280BD1FBV2006BYSO LP 20M42014142.0  
3281CT1ERW2017CTSO LP 20M41820192.8 
3282TA4A2018TASO LP 20M40615141.4 
3283VE8GER2017VE8SO LP 20M40615141.0 
3284OK5SWL2009OKSO LP 20M40614142.5OK2SWD
3285EW2M2017EUSO LP 20M (T)40515151.2 
3286N5DXQ2013W5SO LP 20M40314131.9N5DXQ REPORTED QSOS 16
3287YO8DHD2014YOSO LP 20M3991919 
3288DL5QB2015DLSO LP 20M39623224.0 
3289I4/IT9AKC2017ISO LP 20M (T)39117171.6 
3290K6VHF2018W7SO LP 20M39016150.9 
3291YU5T2016YUSO LP 20M39016150.5 
3292OH4EBD2013OHSO LP 20M39015152.7 
3293JA1MXY1999JA1SO LP 20M (T)3901413  
3294YB3BAN2018YBSO LP 20M38412122.2  
3295WH6FAO2017KH6SO LP 20M (R)38412122.2  
3296Z32UC2002Z3SO LP 20M384121224.5  
3297DL8URJ1995DLSO LP 20M3841616  
3298VA7FMR2018VE7SO LP 20M37816143.5 
3299LA2USA2016LASO LP 20M (T)37819182.5 
3300IZ0CEY2009ISO LP 20M (T)37713132.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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