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3001AG6RS2013W6SO LP ALL28614132.5 
3002NC6P2007W6SO LP ALL285151526.2  
3003AA6EE1998W6SO LP ALL2851715  
3004KE6PPE2014W6SO LP ALL28014141.9 
3005KK6BJ2012W6SO LP 15M (R)27612122.6 
3006AC6OJW1976W6SO HP 20M2731913  
3007KG6HUM2008W6SO LP 20M27313132.1 
3008AA6EE1991W6SO HP ALL2701010  
3009WD6DX2018W6SO QRP 20M26015131.6 
3010W0YK2017W6SA HP ALL2521361.3  
3011WB6MLI2002W6SO LP ALL (R)242111124.8  
3012N6ZET1991W6SO HP 10M24054  
3013KD6GWQ2015W6SO LP ALL23010100.5 
3014WA6EGG2018W6SO HP ALL22414143.4 
3015AF6PZ2018W6SO LP ALL20912112.6 
3016NS6T2009W6SO LP ALL (R)20012103.0 
3017N6NF1990W6SO HP 10M1961414  
3018N6RNO2008W6SA LP ALL19011101.4 
3019WB6ETY2018W6SO LP ALL (T)1891091.2 
3020AD6GE2016W6SO LP ALL189990.7 
3021KF6ZYD2017W6SO QRP ALL (T)18712111.9 
3022KK6DOA2018W6SO HP 20M (R)18214142.3  
3023NY6Y2004W6SO HP ALL1768826.4  
3024KF4MDV/62015W6SO LP 15M17612111.4 
3025K6MI2007W6SO QRP ALL1711497.0  
3026KE6TIM2016W6SA LP ALL17010101.2 
3027N6AJA1979W6SO HP 20M16887  
3028AI6CN2015W6SO LP ALL (R)162991.5 
3029N6AN2013W6SA LP ALL160880.8@W6UE
3030KK6TV2007W6SO QRP 15M1608826.6  
3031K6MEC2014W6SO QRP ALL15411111.1  
3032W5NYV/62011W6SO LP 40M153990.8 
3033KM6REK2017W6SO LP ALL (R)153992.0 
3034W6OAT2018W6SA HP ALL15010100.6 
3035N6HE1978W6SO HP 10M14498  
3036AA6MK2018W6SO LP ALL14311110.9 
3037KB0EVM1996W6SO QRP 20M1431311  
3038KK6ZLY2018W6SO LP ALL140871.6 
3040N6JMS2013W6SO LP 15M (R)13211111.6 
3041AG6TS2017W6SA LP 20M13010101.4  
3042KJ6FPJ2013W6SO HP 10M126991.4 
3043AA6EE1997W6SO LP ALL1211111  
3044K6LRN1992W6SO HP ALL120109  
3045KA6ING1987W6SO HP 10M1172313  
3046AF6GQ2012W6SO LP 10M11010103.1 
3047WR6WR2011W6SO LP 40M108861.0N6WR
3048KJ6FPJ2014W6SO HP 10M105770.7 
3049KJ6JNC2011W6SO QRP 10M105771.1 
3050WO1NDR/62009W6SO LP ALL102660.9 
3051KK6ONL2016W6SO LP 40M (R)100550.5 
3052AK6DC2013W6SO QRP 20M (R)991092.1 
3053K6TA2015W6SO LP 10M84660.6 
3054W6MZ2017W6SO QRP 20M84771.7 
3055AF6MH2014W6SO LP 15M80881.4 
3056N1TEN2018W6SO LP 40M80880.9 
3057NB0O/62015W6SO LP 20M75550.4 
3058W6RGS2010W6SO LP ALL70870.8 
3059NC6P2003W6SO LP ALL666624.8  
3060KZ2V/62009W6SO QRP 20M66661.9 
3061KC6ZZT2007W6SO LP 20M637725.4  
3062K6NA1993W6SO LP 10M6055  
3063KK6P2018W6SO LP ALL (T)60550.5W7IV
3064KI6SDD2017W6SO LP ALL56884.5 
3065WW6/SM3EAE2014W6SO HP 15M54760.1 
3066KK6ANP2016W6SO LP ALL54660.2 
3067KA6KEN2018W6SO HP 40M48330.2 
3068N2YM/62005W6SO QRP ALL455525.5  
3069AA6EE1989W6SO HP 10M4044  
3070W6RKC2016W6SO LP 160M (T)40550.1 
3071N6IFW1996W6SO HP 10M3633  
3072W6MAR1976W6SO HP 20M2743  
3073W0YK2018W6SA HP ALL24331.0 
3074KK6AFG2014W6SO LP 10M (R)2444 
3075K6LDX2001W6SO LP ALL243324.2  
3076WS6G2002W6SO LP ALL (R)213324.2  
3077N6IUU1993W6SO LP 10M1866  
3078N6IUU1992W6SO LP 10M1833  
3079KK6NTL2015W6SO LP ALL (R)16444.9 
3080N6YMK2007W6SO LP ALL1644  
3081KD6WKY2012W6SA LP ALL12220.1 
3082KT7F/62010W6SO HP 20M12430.2 
3083K6MSM2011W6SO LP 20M822 
3084KE6GFI2007W6SO LP 20M82225.0  
3085KG6YMN2010W6SO LP 20M (T)6220.4 
3086KM6I2016W6SA LP 80M4111.3 
3087N6HEG2017W6SO HP ALL4220.3 
3088AG6RB2013W6SO LP 20M (R)422 
3089KI6TIB2013W6SO LP 20M (R)422 
3090WS6T2012W6SA LP 10M311 
3091W6PK2013W6SA LP ALL311 
3092N6DZR2013W6SO LP 10M (T)311 
3093N4DLA2017W6SO LP 15M311  
3094K6AVP2015W6SO LP ALL (R)3113.3 
3095KK6KMO2014W6SO LP 10M (T)211 
3096KO6YG2011W6SO LP 10M111 
3097K3TIM2017W6SO LP 20M111 
3098KK6YGB2017W6SO LP 20M (R)111 
3099KG6FWT2009W6SO LP 20M (R)111 
3100W1BUD/62008W6SO LP ALL111 

Page 31 of 32

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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