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2901AA6W2014W6SO LP ALL1,17621212.7  
2902KG6YPH2009W6SO LP ALL1,17530256.3 
2903NC6PT2011W6SO LP ALL1,17019182.0 
2904K6VHF2016W6SO QRP 15M1,15226243.6 
2905N6OIL2012W6SO LP 10M1,12723234.6 
2906KI6GVI2009W6SO LP ALL (R)1,12527251.7 
2907KC6OKU/T2000W6SO LP 10M1,1212019  
2908WX6O2010W6SO LP ALL (R)1,10425243.0 
2909W6ABM2013W6SO HP ALL1,10021204.2 
2910KF6JXM2018W6SO LP ALL1,08028276.4 
2911AG6JA2015W6SO LP ALL1,05824234.7 
2912K6DGW2013W6SO HP ALL1,05026250.8 
2913KA6MLE2013W6SO LP ALL1,05022211.5 
2914KI6OVJ2011W6SO LP 20M1,04028265.3 
2915K6GEP2011W6SO LP ALL1,02020201.0 
2916NS6T2012W6SA LP ALL99023221.7 
2917N6LL1988W6SO HP 160M9904233  
2918KA6UOB1983W6SO HP ALL9902827  
2919KJ6UVQ2018W6SO HP ALL97229271.2 
2920WA6NOL2006W6SO QRP 20M (T)96020202.9  
2921NC6P2008W6SO LP ALL94624223.6 
2922WA3YTI/62011W6SO LP ALL (T)94020202.5 
2923KJ6ZNT2013W6SO LP ALL (R)93624246.9 
2924KD6NIG2015W6SO LP ALL92527255.2 
2925NC6P2006W6SO LP ALL925282528.5  
2926N6QZS2008W6SO LP ALL92421213.7 
2927KF6ZYD2018W6SO QRP ALL (T)90228225.1 
2928AG6GL2013W6SO LP ALL (R)90117172.5 
2929W6BYH1983W6SO HP ALL9001715  
2930KN6OP2010W6SO HP ALL87419192.7 
2931AC6SL2010W6SO LP ALL86424242.1 
2932NE6AA2016W6SA HP ALL85824221.4 
2933W6ZZZ2004W6SO LP ALL (T)85525191.8  
2934K6MI2009W6SO QRP ALL83620192.3 
2935W6CPE1991W6SO QRP 10M8122928  
2936K6VHF2012W6SO LP 10M79821213.4 
2937KM6FOY2018W6SO LP 20M79226224.5 
2938KD6WKY2016W6SA HP 80M78013132.4 
2939KF6F2018W6SO LP ALL75025252.0 
2940AG6IP2013W6SO LP ALL74822222.0 
2941N2ALE/61999W6SO LP 20M7442524  
2942KJ6ZNQ2013W6SA LP 10M (R)72017152.1  
2943AA6EE1987W6SO HP ALL7202118  
2944AJ6B2011W6SO LP 15M72020201.5 
2945WA6EKJ1980W6SO HP 160M7025527  
2946K6DPD2018W6SO LP ALL69024152.0 
2947WB6NL2005W6SO LP ALL69024232.2  
2948WB6KDH2016W6SO LP ALL66619183.2 
2949K2ACK/62013W6SO LP ALL (T)66620183.0 
2950AK6TR2016W6SO HP ALL66016152.5 
2951KF6NNX1999W6SO LP 10M6603410  
2952KJ6NO1999W6SO LP 10M6601211  
2953N6AJR2012W6SO LP ALL (T)64618170.8 
2954K6JB2013W6SO LP 10M64515152.4 
2955NJ6G2015W6SO LP ALL62417161.1 
2956N6ML2009W6SA HP ALL61515153.1 
2957WB6KDH2017W6SO LP ALL60819193.1 
2958N2ALE/61997W6SO HP 20M6001515  
2959W6YVK1988W6SO QRP 20M5892019  
2960KK6GGC2014W6SO LP 10M (R)58516151.1 
2961KJ6FNK2014W6SA LP ALL57818174.4 
2962WB6GFJ1976W6SO HP ALL5761518  
2963N6BHX2018W6SO LP 20M (T)56020200.9 
2964N6AN2012W6SO HP ALL55516150.7@W6UE
2965KD6OH1983W6SO HP 40M5522923  
2966K6BBQ2009W6SO LP 20M54624212.7 
2967KJ6UVQ2013W6SO LP ALL54615141.9 
2968W8QZA/61993W6SO QRP 80M5401918  
2969WK6CM2011W6SO LP ALL52218184.4 
2970NO6E2012W6SO LP 10M51815140.7 
2971W6PK2014W6SA HP ALL50713132.2 
2972WT6/SA3ANZ2014W6SO HP 15M50020200.3 
2973N6CKV2018W6SO LP ALL49419194.3 
2974K6MSM2014W6SO LP ALL49414131.2 
2975KJ6RVK2018W6SO LP 20M49321172.9 
2976KK6VZE2017W6SO LP ALL (R)47519193.0 
2977NC6PT2016W6SO LP ALL46215142.2 
2978N6BY2009W6SO HP 20M (R)45619190.8 
2979W6EMD1977W6SO HP 40M4481614  
2980N6WR2011W6SO LP 20M44814140.5 
2981AG6HE2012W6SO LP ALL44121214.0 
2982KD6ZP2018W6SO LP ALL (T)39613112.6 
2983NY6Y2002W6SO HP 15M38412123.1  
2984K6TT2009W6SO LP ALL (T)38416161.4 
2985N6OU2009W6SO LP ALL37815140.7 
2986KB5MU/62011W6SO LP ALL37212120.6 
2987KE6GFF2008W6SO LP 20M36416143.2 
2988N6TPT1997W6SO LP 80M3602120  
2989N5KO/62009W6SO LP ALL36012120.2 
2990KN6DV1996W6SO HP 160M3521716  
2991N6OIL2018W6SA LP ALL (T)35015141.1 
2992KG6YPH2013W6SO LP ALL35015142.5 
2993NT6ET2008W6SO LP ALL (R)33612122.6 
2994KD6NOF2012W6SO LP ALL32412121.9 
2995KI6LAV2011W6SO LP ALL32215142.5 
2996AG6YM2014W6SO LP ALL (R)31213132.2 
2997WB6KDH2007W6SO LP ALL31213132.3  
2998KK6L2012W6SO LP 20M30811111.7 
2999AF6PZ2015W6SO LP ALL30012121.5 
3000W6TEK2015W6SO LP ALL (R)29913134.7 

Page 30 of 32

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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