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201JE4QGF1999JA4SO LP 15M40,446132107  
202JA4YAV1989JA4MULTI-ONE HP40,208153112JG4JLA JI4ARB 
203JA4BAA2005JA4SO LP ALL39,832145104  
204JA4BAA1991JA4SO HP ALL38,658156102  
205JA4AKN2001JA4SO QRP ALL37,286134103  
206JA4JJI2000JA4SO LP 15M35,510127106  
207JA1XCZ/42013JA4SA LP 15M34,2701261157.5 
208JH4QJT1980JA4SO HP 10M33,76113191  
209JA4AQR1982JA4SO HP 10M33,475111103  
210JR4ISK1989JA4SO HP ALL33,390130105  
211JR4GPA2004JA4SO LP 15M33,252126102  
212JR4VEV2015JA4SO LP 40M33,060113956.8 
213JR4FLW2010JA4SO LP 20M32,6481191069.2 
214JA4EZP2005JA4SO HP ALL32,60012310012.0  
215JA4DHN1993JA4SO HP ALL32,235117105  
216JO4CFV2013JA4SA HP ALL32,220110904.6 
217JO4CFV2011JA4SA HP ALL31,680121885.7 
218JA4HCK1983JA4SO HP ALL31,52514697  
219JR4GPA1997JA4SO LP 20M30,805125101  
220JH4PPQ1980JA4SO HP 15M30,52713189  
221JA4PA1985JA4SO HP 20M30,43211996  
222JA4HCK1984JA4SO HP ALL30,19214084  
223JA4PA1986JA4SO HP 20M28,88011495  
224JR4VEV2016JA4SA HP ALL28,608118964.9 
225JI4WHS2013JA4SO LP 15M27,92711610713.3 
226JR4URW2007JA4SO LP 40M (T)27,7841159212.1  
227JA4BDY2012JA4SO LP ALL (T)27,451118974.0 
228JH4UHW1993JA4SO HP 80M27,2649371  
229JA4DQX2014JA4SO QRP 10M27,168103969.2 
230JI4WHS1995JA4SO LP 15M26,97611696  
231JA4BAA2001JA4SO LP ALL26,13311193  
232JR4URW2010JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,67793816.1 
233JR4URW2006JA4SO LP 40M (T)25,6651168713.0  
234JR4FLW2008JA4SO LP 20M25,10011410010.1 
235JA4KWU1989JA4SO HP 10M24,7429889  
236JA4CSJ2016JA4SA HP ALL24,6501048512.9 
237JA4AQR1999JA4SO LP 10M (T)24,4409494  
238JA4ETH1991JA4SO HP 10M24,03010190  
239JM4WUZ2006JA4SO HP 20M23,2761079211.3  
240JH4FUF2016JA4SO LP 15M (T)23,220101905.7 
241JE4URN2015JA4SO LP 10M23,06498937.2 
242JA4JKD1980JA4SO HP ALL22,86910577  
243JI4WHS2017JA4SO LP 15M22,7141168214.9 
244JA4NQD1992JA4SO LP 10M22,65410494  
245JA4JCY1978JA4SO HP ALL22,11911173  
246JA4BAA2003JA4SO HP ALL22,11410075  
247JH4MVB1977JA4SO HP ALL21,3209982  
248JA4DWG2006JA4SO LP ALL (T)21,040938011.4  
249JH4FUF1995JA4SO LP ALL20,77510975  
250JA4EVN2016JA4SO HP ALL20,640116867.9 
251JI4WHS2001JA4SO LP 15M20,4189182  
252JM4UZM/42000JA4SO LP ALL20,41810083  
253JA4NQD2011JA4SO HP ALL20,381116899.1 
254JR4FLW/42011JA4SO LP 20M20,076968410.4 
255JR4BVD1981JA4SO HP 10M19,95010075  
256JA4BAA2002JA4SO LP ALL (T)19,703150113  
257JR4CZM2015JA4SO LP ALL18,732101845.3 
258JA4AQR2008JA4SO LP 20M (T)18,44592856.8 
259JI1UTP/41992JA4SO LP 20M18,4446863  
260JA4EZP2007JA4SO HP ALL18,32097808.6  
261JA4UIT1981JA4SO HP ALL18,1769271  
262JR4CAU1992JA4SO LP 10M18,150165110  
263JR4VEV2011JA4SO LP 40M (T)17,78463574.5 
264JH4WBY1983JA4SO HP ALL17,7249784  
265JA4RWN2016JA4SA LP ALL17,61290743.6 
266JA4CSJ2012JA4SO LP ALL17,088776416.2 
267JA4CZM1991JA4SO HP 40M16,9586661  
268JF4GWA2007JA4SO LP ALL16,5761007412.9  
269JO4BOW2012JA4SO HP ALL16,26488767.8 
270JI4WHS2009JA4SO LP ALL16,146976920.3 
271JA4AKN1999JA4SO QRP 15M15,9758575  
272JA4DHN1992JA4SO LP 15M15,4667974  
273JH4UTP2008JA4SO HP 10M15,276109576.7 
274JR4URW2009JA4SO LP 40M (T)15,10472597.5 
275JA4DQ2007JA4SO QRP 20M14,925917513.4  
276JO4CFV2018JA4SA HP ALL14,82074604.6 
277JA4DQX2007JA4SO QRP 20M14,726917413.4  
278JR4URW2008JA4SO LP 40M (T)14,32888729.1 
279JR4LRY2012JA4SO LP 15M (T)14,129957118.3 
280JE4VRF1992JA4SO HP ALL13,2607668  
281JI4UEN/42010JA4SO LP 15M12,69674694.9 
282JM4WUZ2016JA4SA HP 20M12,55679738.2 
283JA4DQX2006JA4SO QRP 20M12,444816814.8  
284JA4XRN1998JA4SO LP 20M11,8427362  
285JH4PPQ1979JA4SO HP 15M11,6827259  
286JA4AQR2010JA4SA LP 15M (T)11,52065644.8 
287JF4UMY1988JA4SO HP 15M11,4608960  
288JM4WUZ2010JA4SO HP 15M11,39272642.7 
289JA4GXS1976JA4SO HP 20M11,2248161  
290JA4NQD2009JA4SO HP ALL11,220876010.0 
291JM4MXS1999JA4SO HP ALL11,0336759  
292JO4CFV2014JA4SA HP 10M10,97467622.3 
293JA4EZP2014JA4SO HP 40M10,95050504.2 
294JA4ETH1993JA4SO LP 10M10,7977359  
295JR4CTF2015JA4SO HP 15M10,55773696.9 
296JA4AQZ1977JA4SO HP 20M10,2007450  
297JA4AQR2012JA4SO LP ALL (T)10,08064606.0 
298JH4WBY1984JA4SO HP ALL10,0048361  
299JA4PWH1980JA4SO HP 15M9,7926751  
300JA4AQR2013JA4SA LP ALL (T)9,74761576.0 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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