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201SM6FJY2014SMSO LP 160M20,5801079813.5 
202K4WI2010W4SO LP 160M20,544152965.5 
203YU1AST1998YUSO LP 160M20,52011295YZ1MI 
204UR5ZLK2004URSO LP 160M20,4241069216.7  
205LY2ND2013LYSO LP 160M20,3841089811.3 
206UA6BQD2006UA-6SO LP 160M (R)20,3821118612.5  
207VE3EDY2017VE3SO LP 160M (T)19,94789619.2 
208ER2RM2014ERSO LP 160M (T)19,656102914.9 
209EA1EY2006EASO LP 160M19,0969788  
210EA1DVY1999EASO LP 160M17,69610079  
211S58RU2009S5SO LP 160M17,62298897.1 
212S54A2001S5SO LP 160M17,056103824.4  
213OK1JOK2014OKSO LP 160M16,942978611.5 
214SP9HNB1994SPSO LP 160M16,85610386  
215RX4W2011UA-4SO LP 160M15,44089804.5 
216EA2QU2017EASO LP 160M14,784817716.3 
217OK1JOK2009OKSO LP 160M14,280968412.9 
218UA6JVP1996UA-6SO LP 160M13,9049279  
219SO5MAX2015SPSO LP 160M (R)13,68090807.4 
220RA6MT2008UA-6SO LP 160M13,604907611.6 
221IO0KHP1994ISO LP 160M13,5889679  
222UA3AAP2005UA-3SO LP 160M13,392907214.3  
223SP1DTG1997SPSO LP 160M13,3208774  
224YU1AST2001YUSO LP 160M13,275887510.7YT1CA 
225US9PA2006URSO LP 160M12,65484747.0  
226EA3AKA2008EASO LP 160M (T)12,48381738.7 
227RK2FXG2008UA2SO LP 160M (R)11,52080724.9RA2FIR RUSLAN
228RK6ATQ2004UA-6SO LP 160M11,08877566.0  
229OK2BJC2009OKSO LP 160M11,026807414.8 
230US0QG2010URSO LP 160M10,78776675.6 
231OK1JOK2006OKSO LP 160M10,64081709.4  
232RA3ZAP1992UA-3SO LP 160M10,54010662  
233VE7SV1998VE7SO LP 160M10,4727244  
234IK1YDB2006ISO LP 160M10,18481678.1  
235DL2VSF2007DLSO LP 160M10,143816910.7  
236DQ800HRO2018DLSO LP 160M10,08284719.7DL5KVV
237RZ3AUL2006UA-3SO LP 160M10,017736310.3  
238ES6KW2007ESSO LP 160M9,849686728.8  
239SP9BGS2013SPSO LP 160M9,79875719.0 
240OM0DC2015OMSO LP 160M9,63673663.8  
241UT1MW1998URSO LP 160M9,5767463  
242LY2OU1997LYSO LP 160M9,3607665  
243EW8DD2014EUSO LP 160M9,08871641.6  
244EA1DVY1995EASO LP 160M8,8325246  
245UB5NBJ1992URSO LP 160M8,8205545  
246SP4LVK2004SPSO LP 160M8,54071616.1  
247YO6BZL2008YOSO LP 160M8,49463623.7 
248OL0A2004OKSO LP 160M8,47972615.0OK1CZ 
249SQ2NNN2015SPSO LP 160M8,44269636.2 
250YU1AST2000YUSO LP 160M8,2806660YT1KA 
251IK7WUE2003ISO LP 160M8,18474663.5  
252VE3EDY2012VE3SO LP 160M (T)8,14050446.7 
253YT2W2005YUSO LP 160M (T)7,52462573.9  
254NX1T2011W1SO LP 160M6,84061455.8 
2559A4W20189ASO LP 160M6,60861561.3 
256EA1DVY1998EASO LP 160M6,4265951  
257IP7J2011ISO LP 160M6,38458564.3IK7XNF
258DL3EAZ2015DLSO LP 160M6,21661563.5 
259OK2VV2018OKSO LP 160M6,21057543.5 
260OK1KZ2010OKSO LP 160M5,99457542.6 
261OK5AD2009OKSO LP 160M5,99460541.7 
262DM2BPG2013DLSO LP 160M5,98567575.0 
263OK2BJC2013OKSO LP 160M5,830575314.1 
264EU6DX2001EUSO LP 160M5,8245652  
265YO7FEY2017YOSO LP 160M5,75053504.3 
266AA9AX1993W9SO LP 160M5,656147101  
267G0DCK2012GSO LP 160M5,56555536.2 
268US6IKF2005URSO LP 160M5,5196949  
269RZ3MM2017UA-3SO LP 160M5,40855522.6 
270LZ2UZ1997LZSO LP 160M5,3824523  
271OK1KZ2007OKSO LP 160M5,25356512.8  
272WO9S1995W9SO LP 160M5,22010887  
273YL3GHD1994YLSO LP 160M5,2005250  
274W6NF/72010W7SO LP 160M5,14869524.7 
275UR5EAW2002URSO LP 160M5,10055516.5  
276UT1ZZ1995URSO LP 160M5,0885553  
277UA6BQD2005UA-6SO LP 160M (R)5,076534730.5  
278SP6OPY2011SPSO LP 160M5,04952514.3 
279DJ5NN1996DLSO LP 160M4,9925952  
280UR5FCM1996URSO LP 160M4,9926052  
281SP5JTF1995SPSO LP 160M4,9825447  
282UA3QDF2008UA-3SO LP 160M4,95057505.4 
283YU1RA2007YUSO LP 160M (T)4,94448483.9  
284Z33A2002Z3SO LP 160M4,88851473.6  
285OH6AC2008OHSO LP 160M4,87654468.5OH6CS
286YL2GTS1996YLSO LP 160M4,8765346  
287YO7FEY2016YOSO LP 160M4,80053486.3 
288SN5J2010SPSO LP 160M4,36850482.8SP5JXK
289N5IA1996W5SO LP 160M4,35011275  
290DL8AAE1995DLSO LP 160M4,1405145  
291VE3EDY2011VE3SO LP 160M (T)4,08040305.4 
292OK2BEN2014OKSO LP 160M (T)3,740514412.5 
293OK5AD2007OKSO LP 160M3,56050402.4  
294SP8GMU1994SPSO LP 160M3,4386429  
295EV6M2005EUSO LP 160M3,330393728.7  
296N9TF2007W9SO LP 160M3,23952415.2  
297OO4O2013ONSO LP 160M3,198413914.4 
298SM6C2009SMSO LP 160M3,15939393.3 
299K3BU/22008W2SO LP 160M (T)3,06053363.0 
300SP4SAF1998SPSO LP 160M3,0424339  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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