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201CT1FSC2017CTSA LP 40M12,784736810.8 
202YD2NDX2014YBSA LP 40M (T)12,636695412.2 
203OK1JAR2017OKSA LP 40M (R)12,60672669.7 
204YD2XVT2018YBSA LP 40M12,58288549.8 
205IK1YED2013ISA LP 40M (T)12,43279746.1 
206YG3CYT2016YBSA LP 40M (R)11,968514413.4 
207W7TR2017W6SA LP 40M (T)11,83271685.1KH2TJ
208SQ3RX2006SPSA LP 40M (R)11,80876724.0  
209DL1SWT2016DLSA LP 40M10,96264631.7 
210YD6UAF2018YBSA LP 40M10,71059429.0 
211DF7RG2017DLSA LP 40M10,50070704.1 
212RL6M2013UA-6SA LP 40M10,05070671.1 
213YD3YSF2018YBSA LP 40M (R)9,918835810.4 
214YD9YSS2017YBSA LP 40M (R)9,744614811.2 
215UA9SUX2011RA9SA LP 40M9,04040401.7 
216YV6BXN2014YVSA LP 40M8,88041402.0  
217YG3CYS2016YBSA LP 40M (R)8,816453812.3 
218OF10TA2017OHSA LP 40M8,64060541.4OH1MN
219YC3CQY2018YBSA LP 40M8,1481034211.0 
220YG3DGQ2018YBSA LP 40M (R)8,0641164216.9 
221LB3RE2015LASA LP 40M (T)7,94658584.0 
222LZ7D2017LZSA LP 40M (T)7,54852512.3LZ3RN
223YC2FAJ2013YBSA LP 40M7,05944394.8 
224DJ3WE2012DLSA LP 40M6,76250491.6 
225BD6AHU2012BYSA LP 40M6,52559453.4 
226EA3FF2016EASA LP 40M6,45050502.4 
227BD6AHU2014BYSA LP 40M6,364544324.9 
228YB8ACM2017YBSA LP 40M6,164674611.2 
229ON4VDV2017ONSA LP 40M6,13653522.8 
230YC9GWR2015YBSA LP 40M (T)6,00651424.4 
231IT9DSZ2016IT9SA LP 40M5,79646461.6 
232YG3EOY2018YBSA LP 40M (R)5,396893814.6  
233KK9V2013W9SA LP 40M (T)5,32838371.5 
234W0BF2018W7SA LP 40M (T)5,25050423.8 
235UX7UN2011URSA LP 40M4,50848461.7 
236J28ND2017J2SA LP 40M (T)4,37427273.0S53T
237SM5ISM2013SMSA LP 40M4,34643412.0 
238PD5AX2014PASA LP 40M (R)4,26845445.0 
239DL4FDM2012DLSA LP 40M4,06750491.5 
240CT1FSC2016CTSA LP 40M3,94434349.4 
241YG8BIR2018YBSA LP 40M3,87658385.4 
242YD3BGM2018YBSA LP 40M3,87268325.4 
243YO2CMI2018YOSA LP 40M (T)3,68638382.8 
2449M4CRX20169M2SA LP 40M3,51036266.39W2XIO
245JH3DMQ2017JA3SA LP 40M3,45131295.2 
246YD2FTC2017YBSA LP 40M3,31745315.8 
247KK6XN2013W6SA LP 40M3,28631313.7W6KY
248W8EH2009W8SA LP 40M3,28047411.9 
249YD3KJS2018YBSA LP 40M3,16262317.5 
250YD8ROY2016YBSA LP 40M3,00836325.9 
251YG3BWY2016YBSA LP 40M2,91237288.3 
252PD1RP2013PASA LP 40M2,66438361.8 
253YD1EAV2014YBSA LP 40M (R)2,47026266.0 
254E71AGA2015E7SA LP 40M2,40030302.6 
255RV3IC2010UA-3SA LP 40M2,38034341.3 
256YV5MYC2017YVSA LP 40M2,30020204.0 
257EW4VX2018EUSA LP 40M2,26226263.7  
258YU0U2017YUSA LP 40M (T)2,24028281.1 
259PY2LCD2013PYSA LP 40M (T)2,17528254.9 
260PA9HR2017PASA LP 40M2,14629294.0 
261YD1EJL2016YBSA LP 40M (T)2,11227245.6 
262N7MAL2010W7SA LP 40M2,07025232.7 
263HR2J2010HRSA LP 40M1,96020200.3 
264YD2XVT2016YBSA LP 40M1,77535256.3 
265JH6QIL2015JA6SA LP 40M (T)1,66020202.6 
266CM7ZA2018CMSA LP 40M1,64021203.2 
267YD1TJJ2018YBSA LP 40M (R)1,56438236.1 
268DL0BZA2017DLSA LP 40M1,48227260.8DG1HXJ
269K9AWM2016W9SA LP 40M (R)1,44922211.8  
270K7WP2017W7SA LP 40M1,42519191.7 
271YD1CNF2016YBSA LP 40M1,41122174.8 
272TA5IW2015TASA LP 40M1,39216161.2 
273BG4GOV2018BYSA LP 40M1,19017171.9 
274YG8BIR2017YBSA LP 40M1,13434274.8  
275YB8ASY2018YBSA LP 40M1,05836231.9 
276YD3VRY2017YBSA LP 40M (T)1,00517153.8 
277YB8ACM2018YBSA LP 40M96624211.8 
278YE3AA2017YBSA LP 40M78026203.5N1IP
279YD6GVO2017YBSA LP 40M70214132.1 
280IZ4AKO2018ISA LP 40M67614130.5  
281PD1RP2017PASA LP 40M67214140.9 
282PC8T2017PASA LP 40M (R)65013131.8  
283N0AJN2017W0SA LP 40M57817171.7 
284HS3PJF2018HSSA LP 40M57616125.0  
285M0VFC2010GSA LP 40M57618181.7 
286JA1PYP2003JA1SA LP 40M52010101.7  
287TA4LSM2018TASA LP 40M48010102.8 
288HF6T2016SPSA LP 40M43515150.7  
289YC3OC2015YBSA LP 40M4309100.7 
290SP5COR2006SPSA LP 40M (R)38412121.1  
291PY2WOT2017PYSA LP 40M31015103.3 
292YG3EKK2017YBSA LP 40M (R)288992.2 
293YC5EGN2015YBSA LP 40M28613113.9 
294YC8GJR2018YBSA LP 40M26614141.3 
295AA1M2010W1SA LP 40M264880.4 
296YG3DPG2017YBSA LP 40M (R)232982.4 
297YD3AAN2015YBSA LP 40M216661.0 
298R7KMA2017UA-6SA LP 40M192880.5 
299YD8ROY2015YBSA LP 40M189775.4 
300YG3CNY2015YBSA LP 40M180661.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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