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2801N0KQ2017W6SA LP ALL2,08831291.3 
2802W6OAT2017W6SO LP 20M2,08838361.8 
2803K6MA1991W6SO HP ALL2,0802826  
2804K6KO2006W6SO HP ALL2,072312824.8  
2805N6PM2018W6SA LP ALL2,04837327.3 
2806K6ALF2014W6SO HP ALL (T)2,03030291.9  
2807KS6M2018W6SO LP ALL2,02835263.5 
2808KY0W/62007W6SO HP ALL2,016342826.1W0YK 
2809N6DO2011W6SO LP 20M (T)1,98433312.2 
2810K6AAI2018W6SO LP ALL1,98435326.4 
2811W6VNR2000W6SO HP 160M1,9806245  
2812KS6Q1987W6SO HP 20M1,9724034  
2813KE6IUE2014W6SO LP ALL1,97230293.1 
2814W6SIY2013W6SO LP ALL (T)1,96826244.0 
2815N6ER2010W6SA LP ALL1,92528251.3 
2816N3APA/62011W6SO LP ALL1,92526253.8 
2817W6XK2017W6SA HP ALL1,92426262.6 
2818K6SE1981W6SO HP 160M1,8887047  
2819AE6WT2014W6SO LP ALL1,86034306.4 
2820K6LE2013W6SA LP ALL1,84628263.1 
2821W6REK2018W6MULTI-ONE HP1,83638343.1W6REK W4TCP
2822AE6AI2002W6SO HP ALL1,829313114.3  
2823KQ6TW2004W6SO LP ALL1,82731292.8  
2824NK6A2007W6SO HP ALL1,824343225.8  
2825W6ILH1977W6SO HP 20M1,8093227  
2826KU6T2008W6SO LP 40M1,798373110.4 
2827KG7HR/62013W6SO LP ALL1,79834314.4 
2828NN6DX2017W6SO HP 80M1,76430281.1W1PR
2829N6ENO2015W6SO LP ALL1,76031323.6 
2830W6CLM1977W6SO HP ALL1,7502625  
2831K6WV2018W6SA HP ALL1,74031301.8 
2832AD6GE2018W6SO LP ALL1,73636313.9 
2833N6BCT2017W6SO LP ALL1,73636317.6 
2834AA6EE1990W6SO HP ALL1,7282624  
2835NJ6W2017W6SO LP ALL1,72828273.7 
2836KI6UAP2010W6MULTI-ONE HP1,71626260.8KI6UAP KI6UAQ
2837AA6EE1981W6SO HP ALL1,7162626  
2838KI7F/6/M1989W6SO HP 10M1,7112929  
2839AA6EE1984W6SO HP 20M1,7083128  
2840K6BIR2007W6SO LP ALL1,68338333.6  
2841N6WR1979W6SO HP ALL1,6802624  
2842K6III2012W6SA HP 10M1,67525250.6 
2843AG6KA2012W6SO LP ALL (R)1,67527252.5 
2844K6WWL1999W6SO LP ALL1,6653015  
2845K6VUG2008W6SO LP ALL (R)1,62432284.5 
2846N6EF2008W6SO LP ALL (R)1,61233313.8 
2847W6CIT2003W6SO LP ALL1,590323024.9N6AN 
2848W6GJB2016W6SA HP ALL1,58423220.6 
2849KK6GAW2014W6SO LP 10M (R)1,58425244.3 
2850AI6JB2017W6SO LP ALL (R)1,56830285.4 
2851AD6GE2014W6SO LP 10M1,56627272.1 
2852W6QU2007W6SO QRP 10M1,56426232.6W8QZA 
2853KJ6WH2017W6SO LP ALL1,56032303.8 
2854W6IFN2017W6SA LP ALL1,55133336.4 
2855K6UMO2010W6SO LP 20M (R)1,55133332.7 
2856K6JRA2009W6SO LP ALL1,55031314.8 
2857KB6MIF2003W6SO QRP ALL1,539382725.9  
2858KJ6AGX2015W6SO HP 15M1,53624244.7 
2859AD6FR2006W6SO LP ALL1,52526253.5  
2860W6ISQ1994W6SO HP 10M1,5182622  
2861KK6CTI2015W6SO LP ALL (R)1,51835335.0 
2862AF6DD2007W6SO LP ALL1,50827263.9  
2863K6JWN2014W6SO QRP ALL1,50830293.2 
2864KK6CTI2014W6SO LP ALL (R)1,50030304.5 
2865N6VI2004W6SO HP 20M1,485333325.1  
2866KO6LU2017W6SO LP 15M1,48428283.9 
2867ND6S2008W6SO LP 10M1,48227264.6 
2868N6QZS2005W6SO LP 20M1,4503129  
2869AB1U2017W6SO LP 80M (T)1,45025251.5W6RKC
2870KZ5OM/62011W6SA HP 10M1,44027243.7K6III
2871AE6U1979W6SO HP 160M1,44012348  
2872K1USC/62005W6SO LP ALL (R)1,43128273.8  
2873W6RQZ1977W6SO HP ALL1,4202520  
2874WB2OHD/61989W6SO QRP 20M1,4084032  
2875W6NXB1980W6SO HP 10M1,3953331  
2876KS6Q1983W6SO HP 15M1,3944034  
2877K6SE1978W6SO HP 160M1,3804430  
2878N9DK2018W6SO LP ALL1,35232263.9 
2879WE6CW2011W6SO LP ALL1,34222224.3 
2880W6JWP2016W6SA LP ALL1,33431293.4 
2881WX6/SM3EVR2014W6SO HP 15M1,30028260.3 
2882KQ6RS2018W6SO HP ALL1,30026202.2  
2883NE6I2015W6SA HP ALL1,29822220.7 
2884WA6KAC1975W6SO HP 160M1,2964027  
2885K6BIR2009W6SA LP 20M (T)1,28835284.8 
2886NU6T2007W6SA LP 20M1,28829281.2  
2887W6BJB2016W6SO LP 20M (R)1,27525252.4 
2888N2CJN/62015W6SO LP ALL1,27426261.4 
2889AI6UW2018W6SO LP ALL1,26034302.2 
2890W6HYI2016W6SA HP ALL1,24824242.1 
2891W6KNB2005W6SO LP 15M1,248252424.8  
2892K6NA1988W6SO HP 20M1,2422318  
2893WA6IET1993W6SO HP 160M1,2325144  
2894KA6GDT2009W6SO LP ALL1,22228262.3 
2895AF6SA2016W6SA HP ALL1,21822210.7  
2896KA6HQW1984W6SO HP ALL1,2002824  
2897WA6BFL1977W6SO HP ALL1,1972521  
2898K6GRL2014W6SO LP ALL1,19624232.8  
2899KQ6X2013W6SO LP ALL1,19629235.1 
2900NJ6Q2017W6SO LP ALL1,18822222.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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