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2701K2EKM/4W4SO LP 20M1,79427263.9  
2702JA3BBGJA3SO LP 15M1,7923228  
2703N3KHKW3SO LP ALL1,75528274.3  
2704JA3KDJJA3SO LP ALL1,7503425  
2705VE2ARRVE2SO LP ALL1,750282529.6  
2706DM5WFDLSO LP ALL1,740303026.4  
2707YO9HJYYOSO LP ALL (R)1,736292825.4  
2708RU4CSUA-4SO LP ALL1,728252428.5  
2709VE2GLAVE2SO LP ALL1,701232129.1  
2710K6BIRW6SO LP ALL1,68338333.6  
27119A3ST9ASO HP ALL (T)1,680262428.1  
2712IZ2GNQISO LP ALL1,68026242.8  
2713IZ5IMDISO LP 20M1,650313028.2  
2714JE2HCJJA2SO QRP ALL1,63330232.6  
2715IK0XBXISO QRP ALL (T)1,625252524.7  
2716YO9GJXYOSA LP ALL1,62031301.7  
2717EA1TCREASO LP ALL1,61226262.2  
2718JH9URTJA9SO LP 80M1,60623224.2  
2719W6QUW6SO QRP 10M1,56426232.6W8QZA 
2720AD7KIW7SO LP ALL1,55421212.6  
27219A5AQA9ASO LP ALL1,54123234.9  
2722HB9JAQHBSO LP 20M1,53731297.5  
2723CT4GOCTSO LP ALL1,5252525  
2724SQ9HYNSPSA LP 80M1,512292725.3  
2725AF6DDW6SO LP ALL1,50827263.9  
2726IU9AIT9SO QRP ALL1,49527234.5  
2727RN3ZJJUA-3SA HP ALL1,485282726.0  
2728PA1WPASO QRP ALL1,48536333.7  
2729WA7YULW7SO LP ALL1,484292826.6  
2730PY2EYEPYSO HP 40M1,482201925.3  
2731YC2FAJYBSA HP ALL1,45821187.4  
2732LY2LFLYSO LP 20M1,450302925.1  
2733KB3NDSW3SO LP 20M (R)1,43026262.8KB3NDS 
2734RX3RZUA-3SA HP ALL1,416252425.8  
2735K4BPW4SO LP 20M1,416252424.6  
2736LZ5XQLZSO LP ALL1,40724213.5  
2737BD6AHPBYSO LP ALL1,400302825.9  
2738YV7QPYVSO LP 15M1,380242324.9  
2739OM1NWOMSO LP ALL1,35227263.9  
2740W4RKW4SO HP ALL1,350262524.8  
2741F5MLJFSO LP ALL1,342222225.5  
2742IW4EGXISO LP 10M1,32323212.8  
2743PP2RONPYSO LP 20M1,323232125.7  
2744KB1ILHW1SO HP ALL1,302232126.1  
2745NU6TW6SA LP 20M1,28829281.2  
2746JR6VIX/6JA6SO LP 15M1,28824233.9  
2747N9ABCW9SO LP 20M (R)1,28823235.8  
2748KC0SZUW0SO LP 20M1,276332927.5  
2749N3JONW3SO LP ALL1,2762222  
2750RA6HCNUA-6SO LP ALL1,276222228.1  
2751RU6YYUA-6SA HP ALL1,273191925.6  
2752TF3AMTFSO HP ALL1,26030301.1  
2753RA3TYLUA-3SO LP 20M1,260303024.9  
2754VY1EIVE8SO LP ALL (R)1,21925237.5  
2755DO4DXADLSO LP 10M1,20026253.5  
2756KB0PPMW0SO LP ALL1,200272428.2  
2757JQ2OULJA2SO LP ALL1,1782419  
2758PA0ADPPASO LP ALL1,175262525.8  
2759W8GHZW8SO LP ALL1,17529259.1  
2760K4RDUW4SO HP 10M1,17022182.3  
2761SP3YMSPSO LP 20M1,1522424  
2762IZ1GJKISO LP 20M (R)1,14829281.7  
2763HA3FTHASO HP 10M1,13422214.4  
2764RA0ANORA0SA LP ALL1,12526255.0  
2765WB0GAGW0SO HP ALL1,1042724WB0GAG 
2766EA3OHEASO LP ALL1,102201929.1  
2767ON3ICKONSO QRP ALL (R)1,100252512.6  
2768KE7FBYW7SA HP ALL (R)1,081242327.0  
2769F6CIUFSO LP 160M1,081232328.7  
2770RK3TTUA-3SA LP ALL1,080242424.4  
2771DU1ACVDUSO LP 40M1,08020184.8  
2772JE1REUJA1SO LP 15M1,060232026.2  
2773M5AAV/PGSO QRP 20M (T)1,056242426.0  
2774JH1HYCJA1SO LP ALL1,04022205.8  
2775UA9URRA9SO HP 10M1,029252127.5  
2776LZ1JZLZSO LP ALL1,026191825.2  
2777WW6O/4W4SO LP ALL1,01222222.4  
2778UA3AKIUA-3SO LP 15M990232228.6  
2779EB1EVXEASO LP ALL (T)990222229.5  
2780HA3LNHASO LP ALL990232225.1  
2781PE2WGPASO QRP ALL990232210.4  
2782W7SSTW7SA LP ALL984272426.5  
2783DF7LSDLSO QRP ALL96625235.5  
2784VA3RKMVE3SO QRP ALL94021203.8  
2785DK9IPDLSO HP ALL93517174.1  
2786AN7NWEASO LP ALL92024231.6EA7NW 
2787EA1CRLEASO LP ALL (T)89320193.7  
2788JA6BGAJA6SO HP 10M8642016  
2789N5SPX/4W4SO LP ALL86418182.0  
2790BG3GDBBYSO LP ALL (R)85830266.4  
2791KX9RW9SO LP 20M840222125.2  
2792DB1CHDLSO LP ALL83622222.7  
2793N3KGCW3SO LP ALL82529254.7  
2794PP5JEBPYSO LP ALL7982119  
2795CT1DKSCTSO LP ALL7951615  
2796IT9ORAIT9SO LP 15M784171626.7  
2797SP1DTGSPSO LP ALL78415143.2  
2798F8AKCFSA LP 10M720161525.3  
2799UA9SAWRA9SO HP ALL (R)72016152.0  
2800XX9LQXX9SO QRP 15M (R)72018156.0  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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