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2501ZL2IFBZLSO LP 15M2,01033303.1  
2502EA5DITEASO LP 15M1,988292828.5  
2503BG3APXBYSO LP 20M1,947353314.0  
2504IK2HLMISO LP ALL (T)1,947333327.5  
2505YO9BXCYOSO LP ALL1,944292730.6  
2506NA2PW2SO HP ALL (T)1,92026244.1  
2507SQ5NFSPSO LP ALL1,90431283.0  
2508JH1DJDJA1SO LP 15M1,89829265.4  
2509WB0IWG/3W3SO QRP 10M1,87628286.2  
2510US5ESPURSO LP 20M1,87226243.2  
2511JE6UWUJA6SO LP ALL1,87026224.4  
2512CT1CDZCTSO LP ALL1,86329273.8  
2513JH9VJWJA9SO LP ALL1,82527254.4  
2514RU4WGUA-4SO LP 20M1,749333328.7  
2515IV3KSEISO LP ALL1,742262625.3  
2516K0UDW0SO LP ALL (T)1,736342825.2  
2517NG7ZW7SO LP ALL1,71031301.5  
2518EW8DAEUSO LP 15M1,70129274.0  
2519AM1FBJEASA LP ALL1,700363428.1EA1FBJ 
2520SM5OSZSMSO LP ALL (T)1,68337334.6  
2521DL7CUDLSO LP ALL1,682322927.8  
2522S9YLS9SO HP 20M1,67925231.4  
2523VK2NUVKSO QRP ALL1,67923235.7  
2524JA1PTOJA1SO LP ALL1,67528255.6  
2525KT4KWW4SO LP 20M1,643313126.8  
2526K7UP/5W5SO QRP 15M1,60825241.0  
2527SP9MCUSPSO LP ALL1,60032321.6  
2528DG6OAGDLSO LP 20M1,584242225.6  
2529KB1IWXW1SO HP ALL1,575272528.0  
2530KZ8EW8SO LP ALL1,57527252.1  
2531IZ1DGGISO LP 80M1,56628272.5  
2532LU7DUELUSO LP ALL1,56628274.5  
25332M0BECGMSO LP ALL1,5603130  
2534YL2TQYLSO HP ALL1,536343225.7  
2535IZ7DOKISO LP 15M1,53626243.4  
2536AD6FRW6SO LP ALL1,52526253.5  
2537VE3JEBVE3SO LP 40M (R)1,51218182.0  
2538LZ1DNYLZSO LP 15M1,4952323  
2539G0JTNGSO HP 20M1,48527272.3  
2540JA7ADVJA7SO LP 15M1,4752725  
2541OM7PYOMSO LP 15M1,474232228.0  
2542DM2DMEDLSO LP ALL1,440242428.0  
2543K7ABLW7SO LP ALL1,43127271.8  
2544F5CWUFSO LP 20M1,40028280.7  
2545K2VX/4W4SO LP ALL1,3602020  
2546IZ1GJHISO LP 40M1,3252525  
2547VK4VCCVKSO LP 20M1,32323215.9  
2548W1WIUW1SO HP ALL1,296252426.3  
2549YC2EMV/1YBSO LP 40M (T)1,29217172.8  
2550UA3AKIUA-3SO LP 20M1,27131312.7  
2551KG4KVZW4SO LP 10M1,26022215.4  
2552SP3PLSPSO QRP 15M1,197211925.1  
2553K9TTE/7W7SO LP ALL1,14020205.0  
2554WB3LKOW3SO LP ALL1,127232325.5  
2555JO1SIMJA1SO LP ALL1,12229224.7  
2556EC8BBZEA8SO LP 15M1,12020204.7  
2557I8ZBUISO LP ALL1,083191926.5  
2558EC5BBZEASO LP 15M1,08020204.7  
2559LU6XAHLUSO LP 10M1,05626222.6  
2560EA2ADJEASO HP ALL1,02526253.2  
2561M0EZPGSO LP 160M1,01223232.6  
2562UA2FZUA2SO LP ALL1,012222224.5  
2563W2DZO/4W4SO LP ALL1,00825211.8  
2564SN9USPSO LP 20M98820191.6SP9UMJ 
2565VY1EIVE8SO LP ALL (R)98023204.9  
2566WA6NOLW6SO QRP 20M (T)96020202.9  
2567JA7JHJA7SO HP 10M9522117  
2568TY5MRTYSO HP ALL95220171.6IK1PMR 
2569IZ2HANISO LP 20M (R)945292728.1  
2570LA3RNALASO LP 20M (R)945292725.9  
2571PR7APPYSO LP ALL94417161.9  
2572NC6PW6SO LP ALL925282528.5  
25737N2UQCJA1SO LP 10M (T)90024184.2  
2574JH9BWCJA9SO LP 15M90020181.6  
2575F1BCTFSO LP ALL9002020  
2576KE5CWCW5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
2577BG7KQTBYSO LP ALL (R)880272230.2  
2578JJ1WWL/1JA1SO LP 20M84020203.6  
2579W1XWW1SO LP ALL (T)84022215.9  
2580EA2CNUEASO LP ALL82818182.8  
2581W7TAXW7SO LP 20M (R)80525238.0  
2582AB1FYW1SO LP 40M798141424.9  
2583ES2DJESSO HP ALL78419163.5  
2584RW6FOUA-6SO LP 160M77418183.0  
2585SP6EWBSPSO LP ALL7744318  
2586UA0APVRA0SO LP ALL76818161.4  
2587HP1ALXHPSO LP 20M (R)748171726.5  
2588IK0VAQISO LP ALL7361616  
2589N0BKW0SA LP ALL70517151.2  
25909A5KV9ASO LP 10M70319192.7  
2591LZ8WLZSO LP 10M690161524.8  
2592EA4EOZEASO QRP 20M682232227.4  
2593OH6GFIOHSO LP ALL67221212.9  
2594IW5EEPISO LP 20M65121211.4  
2595UA4WEVUA-4SO LP 20M6481818  
2596ER3GSERSO LP ALL64820181.6  
2597IT9DFAIT9SO LP 20M62125236.7  
2598LZ1MCLZSO LP ALL615151525.1  
2599IZ1DLYISO LP ALL609232125.9  
2600JA0GZJA0SO HP 40M5881312  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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