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2301W7SSTW7SA LP ALL1,19626261.7  
2302ES1IPESSO LP 15M1,188222227.3  
2303EA7EYQEASO LP ALL1,121211926.1  
2304EW1ABFEUSO LP 10M1,10423164.8  
2305DF7LSADLSO QRP ALL1,10426245.8  
23066W7RV6WSO LP 15M1,083191926.0  
2307HS0ZENHSSA LP ALL1,0802020  
2308JE0IURJA0SO LP 15M1,07121211.5  
2309N0ICV/9W9SO LP ALL1,062211829.4  
2310OH6YFOHSA HP 40M1,054171724.4  
2311DL8CADLSO LP ALL1,035232326.5  
2312SP9PSPSO LP 80M1,032242424.6  
2313DW1VEUDUSO LP 40M (R)1,02016155.4  
2314RX4HXUA-4SO LP ALL1,014272624.8  
2315KU4YWW4SO LP ALL1,008252126.6  
2316EA1BYAEASO QRP 10M96919171.9  
2317VE3LKAVE3SO HP 160M960181526.4LU7DW 
2318AL2FKLSO LP ALL96021207.2  
2319LU8EGSLUSO QRP 40M960151527.5  
2320EW6AWEUSO LP 40M936181826.3  
2321RA3XOUA-3SO LP 10M935191725.3  
2322PY3PACPYSO LP ALL924222126.6  
2323K5VG/4W4SO LP ALL90019182.0  
2324RW6FOUA-6SO HP ALL86418162.4  
2325IZ3EOUISO LP 40M850171725.2  
2326YU0OTCYUSO LP ALL836222225.1YU1AN 
2327N4MMW4SO HP ALL8331717  
2328K0JVW0SO LP 20M82818184.2  
2329PA1WPASO QRP 15M792242210.7  
2330JM2FCJ/9JA9SO LP 40M768121224.8  
2331JA1PTOJA1SO LP ALL760201926.1  
2332OO4BRONSO HP 160M741201924.4ON4BR 
2333N9XY/4W4SO LP ALL (R)73818184.6  
2334KI4VBW4SO LP 10M731171727.9  
2335SP9PTGSPSO LP 20M7142421  
2336W9ILY/MW9SO LP 15M70418161.8  
2337WB6NLW6SO LP ALL69024232.2  
2338PR7APPYSO LP ALL (R)68619143.0  
2339YY5ADMYVSO LP 15M684181827.6  
2340LZ3YYLZSO LP 20M64020200.7  
2341JE3KXT/MJA3SO LP 20M62719192.0  
2342SP1DTGSPSO LP ALL61612112.1  
2343JF7GDFJA7SO LP 15M61218171.6  
2344PA9HRPASO LP ALL60215141.9  
2345W2BVHW2SO LP ALL6021514  
2346SP4LVKSPSO LP 40M598131325.8  
2347N6TPT/7W7SO LP 20M5882321  
2348UR4UGLURSO LP ALL572181127.0  
2349W1CEKW1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
2350KV4DJW4SO LP ALL56119173.0  
2351KC8IUM/MW8SO LP ALL546171425.2  
2352EU6AAEUSO LP 20M540181825.0  
2353W8KNOW8SO LP ALL53214140.8  
2354VK2BAAVKSO QRP 15M520141326.3  
2355DH8BQADLSO QRP 15M518171426.1  
2356EC1CSCEASO LP 80M49618164.1  
2357PA0KDMPASO LP 15M49015141.7  
2358SP9KGGSPSO LP 20M4802215  
2359N9GBBW9SO LP 20M4681818  
2360PP5BBPYSO HP ALL45015153.1  
2361RW0ARRA0SO HP ALL44414122.1  
2362CT3KUCT3SO HP 160M4329824.1  
2363M0TDG/PGSO LP ALL432181824.9  
2364ZS4BSZSSO LP ALL432121225.0ZS4BS 
2365UT5UNYURSO LP ALL429131326.1  
2366UN7FZUNSO QRP ALL42014140.8UN7FZ 
2367IK2HLMISO LP ALL (T)414191825.5  
2368SP4DCSPSO LP 10M40812123.1  
2369PY4PWPYSO LP ALL39117170.9  
2370RA3REZUA-3SO LP 160M38412123.9  
2371N5PUW5SO HP ALL (T)372121224.6  
2372EC2AHEASO LP 15M363111126.1  
2373F5JBEFSA LP ALL33612129.0  
2374M0EZPGSO LP 160M32513131.7  
2375UA0SQURA0SO LP ALL3251513  
2376KA9OBZW9SO LP ALL30811112.1  
2377CT1AGSCTSO LP 20M285151525.5  
2378JG1GCOJA1SO LP 15M2801010  
2379VE4VIDVE4SO LP ALL276121224.9  
2380RA3ISUA-3SO HP ALL2729810.6  
23817K1EQGJA1SO LP 15M2641212  
2382UA9OARA9SO LP ALL2431190.9  
2383RW3SUUA-3SO LP ALL240108  
2384SP1YGLSPMULTI-ONE HP238770.6  
2385UN2OUNSO LP ALL232198  
2386SP7LHXSPSO LP 20M2281512  
2387LA1QDALASO LP 20M225990.9  
2388JR3NDMJA3SO HP ALL1989925.6  
2389DL8WAADLSO LP 20M1681212  
2390BV2WSBVSO LP 15M (R)160101025.5  
2391YO5KUAYOSO QRP 15M1539925.0YO5OQF 
2392JR1UMOJA1SO LP ALL150550.7  
2393HB9TJWHBSO QRP ALL1449925.5  
2394YC2MXVYBSO LP 80M130551.5  
2395KI4JBDW4SO LP 20M (R)1288825.5  
2396UT5UJYURSO LP ALL1288824.9  
2397WB0UZMW0SO LP ALL12810825.1  
2398KD7YCUW7SO LP 20M126991.2  
23999A7R9ASO LP 20M1128824.3  
24007K1CPTJA1SO QRP 15M917724.5  

Page 24 of 26

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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