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23701NG4L2016W4SO LP ALL (T)90321211.3 
23702BD3QW2014BYSO LP ALL90222227.8 
23703LU7DUE2014LUSO LP ALL90225223.1  
23704KK4MOV2015W4SO LP ALL90117172.6 
23705N4JRI2015W4SO LP ALL90120172.2 
23706AG6GL2013W6SO LP ALL (R)90117172.5 
23707JI4JGD2009JA4SO LP ALL90121172.3 
23708DG1SR2018DLSO LP ALL (R)90025258.5 
23709VK6WE2018VKSO LP ALL90020202.3 
23710IZ1YCG2015ISO LP ALL (R)90026253.6 
23711VK4CL2015VKSO LP ALL (T)90018182.8 
23712WA1N2013W1SO LP ALL90020201.5  
23713W4DKR2012W4SO LP ALL90018181.6 
23714DL7LZ2010DLSO LP ALL90018182.7 
23715MM0YEC2008GMSO LP ALL90020202.1 
23716F1BCT2006FSO LP ALL9002020  
23717KE5CWC2006W5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
23718K5VG/42005W4SO LP ALL90019182.0  
23719JA9EJG2018JA9SO LP ALL (T)89623162.5 
23720NF8M2015W8SO LP ALL89319190.4 
23721EA7GTJ2011EASO LP ALL89319192.3 
23722EA1CRL2007EASO LP ALL (T)89320193.7  
23723IZ2ABZ2015ISO LP ALL89128272.6 
23724KC0GLA2009W0SO LP ALL89129272.6 
23725BG5DNA2009BYSO LP ALL (R)88825247.3 
23726EB1BD2008EASO LP ALL88825240.9 
23727TA2ABC2016TASO LP ALL88417171.1 
23728VE3NLE2015VE3SO LP ALL88218181.5 
23729VK5MTM2013VKSO LP ALL88221184.9 
23730SV1EML2016SVSO LP ALL (R)88019163.5  
23731IV3SGJ2008ISO LP ALL88026222.2 
23732KD7GIM2008W7SO LP ALL88027226.4 
23733BG7KQT2006BYSO LP ALL (R)880272230.2  
23734K7EKM2004W7SO LP ALL88020202.3  
23735DC2ZP2013DLSO LP ALL87525253.4 
23736CX1CAN2018CXSO LP ALL87430235.8 
23737SQ3POS2014SPSO LP ALL87419190.9  
23738KC6ZBE/52011W5SO LP ALL87419191.2 
23739UA6AN2008UA-6SO LP ALL87420190.6 
23740VR2WTM2015VRSO LP ALL86721173.4  
23741KK1W2011W1SO LP ALL86717170.6 
23742IZ3QOI2017ISO LP ALL86427272.4 
23743AC6SL2010W6SO LP ALL86424242.1 
23744N5SPX/42007W4SO LP ALL86418182.0  
23745VU3PQL2018VUSO LP ALL86126219.8 
23746DO1MFR2015DLSO LP ALL (R)86122213.5 
23747BD4KA2013BYSO LP ALL (R)86123211.1 
23748KJ4IWX2010W4SO LP ALL86121211.7 
23749OM8AHI2010OMSO LP ALL86122211.8 
23750OE3VET2018OESO LP ALL86022207.6 
23751AI4QR2008W4SO LP ALL (R)86022201.9 
237529H1CG20179HSO LP ALL (T)85822221.0  
23753N5AJD2017W5SO LP ALL85823223.5 
23754KC9PGH2011W9SO LP ALL (R)85822223.2 
23755WM5R2010W5SO LP ALL85828262.4 
23756BG3GDB2007BYSO LP ALL (R)85830266.4  
23757W6ZZZ2004W6SO LP ALL (T)85525191.8  
23758RW3SU2003UA-3SO LP ALL855191927.6  
23759OZ1DGQ2009OZSO LP ALL85123234.3 
23760DD5MA2017DLSO LP ALL (T)85017171.5 
23761IZ0YIQ2014ISO LP ALL85026254.7 
23762JI3OGI2010JA3SO LP ALL85017171.7 
23763JA1STY2000JA1SO LP ALL8501817  
23764N4SJJ2016W4SO LP ALL84618183.2 
23765JG3GOM2014JA3SO LP ALL (T)84618181.7 
23766F5GGL2013FSO LP ALL84619182.3 
23767IZ3WXK2013ISO LP ALL84618183.5 
23768AC2VB2018W2SO LP ALL84022214.1 
23769XE2MVY2018XESO LP ALL84015141.2 
23770YB3OIB2018YBSO LP ALL84023213.7  
23771TK4RC2017TKSO LP ALL84023217.0 
237727L3DGP2016JA1SO LP ALL84022213.3 
23773KF0F2012W0SO LP ALL84028280.6 
23774OE2IJL2012OESO LP ALL84014141.6 
23775KE7MPN2011W7SO LP ALL84020205.2 
23776DM2AJK2009DLSO LP ALL84024244.1 
23777W1XW2006W1SO LP ALL (T)84022215.9  
23778EA4ECF1999EASO LP ALL8402020  
23779K8IKO2015W8SO LP ALL (R)83728272.1 
23780LA1ORA2011LASO LP ALL83622222.4 
23781DB1CH2007DLSO LP ALL83622222.7  
23782YU0OTC2005YUSO LP ALL836222225.1YU1AN 
23783IW4CXK2015ISO LP ALL (R)83317171.8 
23784VA3FN2016VE3SO LP ALL83217161.2 
23785JE6GIQ1994JA6SO LP ALL8321816  
23786K7JSG2016W7SO LP ALL82823231.7 
23787YB0COU2011YBSO LP ALL82818185.3 
23788YO4BTB2011YOSO LP ALL82819182.4 
23789EA2CNU2006EASO LP ALL82818182.8  
23790PY2AB2017PYSO LP ALL82527255.3  
23791N3KGC2007W3SO LP ALL82529254.7  
23792W9TTY2016W9SO LP ALL82020202.2 
23793JF1NNK2014JA1SO LP ALL82021202.6 
23794OZ5TL2010OZSO LP ALL82020203.0 
23795R2AHR2017UA-3SO LP ALL81719191.1 
23796JH3GMI2014JA3SO LP ALL81721192.3 
23797K4PBC2008W4SO LP ALL81719191.0K4PG
23798AC9PR2018W9SO LP ALL81617173.6 
23799TA4A2016TASO LP ALL81617172.3 
23800IZ3JKI2015ISO LP ALL (R)81617161.5 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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