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2101KD0KQS2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,35029274.0 
2102N0ZTO2016W0SO LP ALL1,33024192.9 
2103K0ALT2015W0SA HP ALL (T)1,31123231.2  
2104KC0SZU2007W0SO LP 20M1,276332927.5  
2105KF0IQ2016W0SA HP ALL1,26021215.5 
2106W0NY2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,24826262.1  
2107KA0ZPP1990W0SO HP 10M1,2153127  
2108KB0PPM2007W0SO LP ALL1,200272428.2  
2109KF0IQ2011W0SA LP 15M1,18020204.7 
2110KF0IQ2015W0SA LP ALL1,18021206.0 
2111KC9UMR/02011W0SO HP ALL1,17624240.9 
2112KD0ACO2009W0SO HP ALL (R)1,15523213.8 
2113KF0IQ2013W0SA LP 15M1,13422217.0 
2114W0KEA1984W0SO HP ALL1,1342927  
2115KB0TLC2009W0SO LP ALL1,13433274.3 
2116KC0UUT2008W0SO LP ALL (R)1,13132293.9 
2117NN0JS2017W0SO LP ALL1,12824241.6 
2118AD0TA2016W0SA LP ALL1,12222221.9 
2119N0UJJ2009W0SO LP 20M1,10732272.1 
2120WB0GAG2007W0SO HP ALL1,1042724WB0GAG 
2121W0NQW2013W0SO LP 20M1,09226262.5 
2122K0AP2009W0SO LP ALL1,08123231.1 
2123KF0IQ2009W0SO LP 20M1,06432283.2 
2124NQ0I2013W0SO LP ALL1,05421174.4 
2125WB0TNY1979W0SO HP 10M1,0502221  
2126KD0FPY2016W0SO LP ALL1,05027253.5 
2127W0JEC2014W0SA HP ALL1,04519192.1 
2128KC0IDI2002W0SO LP ALL (R)1,035232324.7  
2129N0EI2017W0SO LP 15M1,02022206.1 
2130W0NFS2016W0SO LP ALL1,00020202.4 
2131KD0ION2010W0SO LP ALL98826266.4 
2132W9BNO/02008W0SO QRP 20M98029284.1 
2133N0HIO2009W0SO LP 20M96026243.0 
2134WC0WB2014W0SO LP ALL95418180.9 
2135NG0K2009W0SO LP ALL95232281.6 
2136K0ANS2012W0SO LP ALL94622221.6 
2137WB0IWG1993W0SO QRP 10M9462222  
2138W0IM2015W0SO LP ALL (T)93627243.0 
2139N0GVT1988W0SO HP ALL9283532  
2140KB0JIT2017W0SO LP ALL92026231.5 
2141K0JV2017W0SO LP ALL91225242.1 
2142KC0GLA2009W0SO LP ALL89129272.6 
2143AB0YM2010W0SO HP ALL (T)86424242.2 
2144KF0JB2018W0SO LP 20M85828261.7 
2145KF0F2012W0SO LP ALL84028280.6 
2146K0JV2005W0SO LP 20M82818184.2  
2147K0LDS2010W0SO LP ALL79819192.8 
2148K0ARY2016W0SO HP 80M79213122.0 
2149W7THY/02010W0SO LP ALL79227241.1 
2150AD0AK2013W0SO LP 20M (R)76827246.3 
2151KT1GGR/02015W0SO LP 40M73523214.8 
2152N0BK2006W0SA LP ALL70517151.2  
2153WB0HHM2018W0SO LP ALL66022200.8  
2154N2SRK/02013W0SO LP ALL63018181.7 
2155KC7KDZ/T1998W0SO LP 10M (R)6241613  
2156NY0T2018W0SO LP 40M62123234.3  
2157N0PP2018W0SO LP ALL61116131.5 
2158WD0GQA2003W0SO LP 10M608161623.1  
2159KD0KJL2011W0SO LP ALL (R)60819192.8 
2160N0CZO1982W0SO HP ALL5982523  
2161WR0BPU2000W0SO LP ALL5951817K0XM 
2162K0TNA2013W0SO LP 20M59419181.2 
2163N5TU2018W0SA LP ALL58921191.7 
2164WB0HAD1977W0SO HP 20M5851515  
2165N0AJN2017W0SA LP 40M57817171.7 
2166NO0L2018W0SA LP ALL57620182.8 
2167KC0RQH2008W0SO LP 80M (T)57616161.3 
2168WA5SWN2018W0SO LP 20M57526252.5  
2169KD5YPH/02015W0SO LP ALL56117171.5 
2170AK0MR2016W0SA LP ALL56014142.1 
2171WA0BSW2018W0SO LP ALL (T)54622213.5  
2172AB0YM2006W0SO HP ALL54022202.0  
2173N0IAI2016W0SA HP ALL52515150.5 
2174AC0E2009W0SA LP 20M52521211.5 
2175W0GJ2014W0SA HP ALL50713130.2  
2176WB0GFV1997W0SO LP 10M5041512  
2177K0SAZ2018W0SO LP ALL50423211.9 
2178NU0C2016W0SA HP ALL50012102.2 
2179N0JK2018W0SO QRP 10M49413130.7  
2180KC0LFQ2004W0SO LP ALL476171726.9  
2181K9TWW2018W0SA HP ALL47315112.1 
2182W9ELN/02009W0SO LP 15M (T)46814122.1 
2183KC0RQH2012W0SO LP 40M (T)46214140.8 
2184K0CS2004W0SO HP 160M45019180.8  
2185N0GOS2013W0SO LP ALL45018181.2 
2186N0LZ2003W0SO LP ALL42519171.2  
2187AK0MR2015W0SA LP ALL41813113.0 
2188KC0MNU2006W0SA LP ALL41419181.4  
2189N0IDH/T1988W0SO HP 10M3992119  
2190KC0GTR2003W0SO LP 10M390181527.2  
2191KC0GTR2003W0SO LP 10M390181527.2  
2192W0NFS2009W0SO LP ALL37820181.5 
2193N9HDE/02015W0SO LP 20M (T)37516153.2 
2194W0QAU1983W0SO HP ALL3721312  
2195N0LER1999W0SO LP 10M3631111  
2196KA0EIC2008W0SO LP ALL36015151.6 
2197K9FHY/02014W0SA LP ALL35211111.1 
2198KA0ZIA1990W0SO HP 10M3241212  
2199AF0W2016W0SA HP ALL (T)29913131.1  
2200K0ALT2013W0SA HP ALL29010100.2 

Page 22 of 24

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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