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2001W0JEC2012W0SO LP ALL2,72034342.0 
2002KF0IQ2010W0SA LP 15M2,67334337.4 
2003K0LD1979W0SO HP ALL2,6663231  
2004K0FA2009W0SA HP ALL2,65633325.1 
2005KD0FZT2016W0SO LP ALL2,64046446.5 
2006WA0OTV2001W0SO HP 15M2,6353731  
2007KI0F2010W0SO LP ALL2,62536350.8 
2008K0CS1996W0SO HP 160M2,6226857  
2009KD0CVZ2012W0SO LP ALL2,61340393.2 
2010W0CC2014W0SO LP ALL2,58439385.5 
2011AD0RW2017W0SA LP ALL2,58032305.3 
2012AE0DM2018W0SO LP 20M2,58045434.3 
2013KC0NXB2008W0SO HP ALL (R)2,57442394.6 
2014KD0WUQ2018W0SO LP ALL2,56253426.2 
2015KA0LDG2005W0SO LP ALL2,52833323.5  
2016N0BAK2016W0SA LP ALL2,51636342.5 
2017KC0JRW2018W0SO LP ALL2,50835334.2 
2018K0PFZ2011W0SO HP ALL2,49635324.7 
2019KD0EPN2009W0SO LP ALL (R)2,47043387.5 
2020K0KR2015W0SO HP 15M (T)2,46030300.7 
2021N0WY2012W0SO LP ALL2,43240382.5 
2022AB0OX2003W0SO LP ALL2,41546354.3  
2023W0DHB2010W0SO LP ALL2,40731293.2 
2024KC0FUD2000W0SO LP ALL2,4073129  
2025W0RSG1984W0SO HP ALL2,4033027  
2026N6BXO/02009W0SO HP ALL2,40030301.6 
2027KD0OYR2012W0SO LP ALL (R)2,40033323.1 
2028N9HDE/02007W0SO LP 40M (T)2,3804135  
2029K0LD1978W0SO HP 20M2,3783029  
2030AD0HL2015W0SO LP ALL (R)2,37847416.4 
2031KD0KIM2013W0SO LP ALL2,35640382.9 
2032N0ZTO2014W0SO LP 40M2,27536354.1 
2033NI0S1994W0SO HP 20M2,2684442  
2034WW0WB2006W0SO QRP 10M2,22533257.0  
2035N1SZ/02004W0SO QRP ALL2,20539352.7  
2036N0JMN2017W0SO LP ALL (R)2,20042405.8 
2037K0BJ1985W0SO HP 40M2,1602120  
2038NO0Y1993W0SO LP 160M2,1608672  
2039N6BXO/02005W0SO HP ALL2,14629291.9  
2040KC0VEU2009W0SO HP ALL (T)2,14433322.4 
2041K0HAY2014W0SO LP ALL2,13932313.6  
2042N0LZ2001W0SO LP ALL2,117312925.5  
2043KC0RET2006W0SA HP ALL (R)2,100373525.0  
2044N0DOW2017W0SA HP ALL2,09143417.5 
2045KC0GLA2010W0SO LP ALL2,07935332.0 
2046K0YLE2017W0SO LP ALL2,04634336.4 
2047W7RIR/01979W0SO HP ALL2,0303029  
2048K0TC2016W0SO LP ALL (T)2,03031291.9 
2049K4IU/02005W0SA HP ALL2,010303024.9K4IU 
2050KI0EO2014W0SO LP 15M1,98828282.3 
2051KD0NPT2017W0SO HP ALL (R)1,97130279.1 
2052KB0NJJ2013W0SO QRP 20M1,94443366.2 
2053K0TC2017W0SO LP ALL1,92034323.4 
2054N2SRK/02015W0SA LP ALL1,90925233.6 
2055K0HAX2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,89133311.9 
2056N0FY2017W0SA HP ALL1,89030302.9 
2057K0NEB2011W0SO LP ALL1,87226261.1 
2058K0MIS2009W0SO LP ALL1,872423610.3 
2059NE0DA2015W0SO LP ALL1,79829292.1  
2060KB5AEB2017W0SO LP ALL1,79229282.1 
2061KC0UUT2018W0SO HP ALL1,78237331.7 
2062KC0UUT2015W0SO HP ALL1,77627241.5 
2063W9RXJ/01988W0SO HP 160M1,7646949  
2064K0ANS2011W0SO LP ALL1,76430281.5 
2065W0AO2013W0SO LP ALL (T)1,73631311.5 
2066K0UD2006W0SO LP ALL (T)1,736342825.2  
2067KD0FW1992W0SO LP 10M1,7282424  
2068N0BIW1992W0SO LP ALL1,7042424  
2069AD0MJ2015W0SO LP ALL (R)1,69636326.4 
2070K0TDC2018W0SO LP ALL1,68032284.0 
2071W2DLH2017W0SA LP ALL1,67433313.3 
2072N0AT2004W0SO LP ALL1,66428260.6  
2073K0UK2017W0SO LP ALL1,65625240.7 
2074KB0NHW2011W0SO LP ALL1,64729272.2 
2075KD0OAE2011W0SO LP ALL (R)1,64341317.7 
2076WD0BGZ2004W0SO LP ALL (R)1,625292525.6  
2077N1SWK/02008W0SO LP ALL1,62430292.6 
2078K2BBJ2017W0SO LP ALL (R)1,62034306.7 
2079W0GUY2010W0SO LP ALL1,62031304.0 
2080N6MUF/02015W0SO LP 15M1,60035324.0 
2081KI0HA2018W0SO HP ALL1,58627261.3 
2082K0ANS2013W0SO LP ALL1,58433332.9 
2083N2SRK2018W0SO LP ALL1,58139313.4 
2084KD0BKH2012W0SO LP 20M1,56631292.0 
2085WB0GFV1995W0SO HP 10M1,5642323  
2086N0ADJ1979W0SO HP ALL1,5642423  
2087K0HAX2014W0SO LP ALL1,53927272.1 
2088N0STN2014W0SO LP ALL1,51228286.2 
2089K0BDU2016W0SO HP 40M1,47931295.0 
2090KC0RQH2011W0SO LP 10M1,47423221.6 
2091K0EZW1992W0SO HP ALL1,4722423  
2092K0ANS2014W0SO LP ALL1,45025251.6 
2093N0QQQ2016W0SO LP ALL (R)1,43132276.5 
2094W0NFS2018W0SO LP ALL1,43028265.0 
2095KJ0P2013W0SO HP ALL1,42130291.6 
2096N0ZC2011W0SO HP 20M1,40025251.7 
2097KE0BRZ2017W0SA LP ALL1,37632322.6 
2098KA0BAT1997W0SO HP ALL1,3694137  
2099K0ANS2009W0SO LP ALL (R)1,36434312.2 
2100AC0HK2008W0SO LP ALL1,36331292.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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