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2001K5KVN2013W5SO LP ALL2,17530292.2 
2002W5EIJ1980W5SO HP ALL2,1604545  
2003N5SLY2017W5SA LP ALL2,14629293.6 
2004KG5WZD2018W5SA LP 10M (R)2,12830287.4 
2005KG5YFQ2018W5SA LP ALL (R)2,12851386.1 
2006KB5NFZ/N1995W5SO LP 10M2,1123322  
2007KB5DRJ2013W5SO LP ALL2,08836362.8 
2008N9WL/52016W5SO LP 20M2,07241373.6 
2009K5WXZ1987W5SO HP 160M2,0245646  
2010N5KAE2014W5SA LP ALL1,99828272.1  
2011KC0LFQ/52007W5SO LP ALL1,920353028.6  
2012AA5B1986W5SO HP 15M1,9093023  
2013K8TE/52013W5SO HP 20M1,90840362.2 
2014NQ5M2017W5SO QRP 20M (R)1,88741375.5 
2015W5EIJ1979W5SO HP ALL1,8813633  
2016W5JDX2008W5SO HP ALL1,87022223.6 
2017AD6G/52003W5SO QRP 10M1,856333226.8  
2018NJ5DX2010W5SO HP ALL1,84833331.3W5OV
2019KB5DRJ2010W5SO LP ALL1,82936313.3 
2020NM5M2013W5SA HP ALL1,82029280.6 
2021K5VOP2017W5SA LP ALL1,80031305.7 
2022KA5PVB1987W5SO QRP 20M1,8005245  
2023NA5B1997W5SO HP 40M1,7927856  
2024N5IF2012W5SO LP 15M (T)1,78236332.5 
2025WC5C2010W5SO QRP 15M (T)1,77033302.5K5ANR
2026N5DGK2008W5SO LP 40M (T)1,76826266.4 
2027AI5G2010W5SO LP ALL1,76038322.3 
2028WB0RUR2017W5SO LP ALL1,74226262.3  
2029KG5YOV2018W5SO LP 20M (R)1,72839366.7 
2030W5UNT2014W5MULTI-ONE LP1,71626261.9KF5SOQ KF5ZAM
2031W5HMM1977W5SO HP ALL1,7022523  
2032WV5Y2018W5SO LP ALL1,69032265.1 
2033W5WE2018W5SO HP ALL1,65333292.4 
2034KO9X1995W5SO LP ALL1,6123026  
2035K7UP/52006W5SO QRP 15M1,60825241.0  
2036W5TJS2014W5SO LP ALL (R)1,56026264.3 
2037AB5HD1995W5SO LP 80M1,5584138  
2038N5DTT2008W5SO LP 15M1,51224244.7 
2039KA5N1983W5SO QRP 15M1,5043732  
2040NM5M2010W5SO LP 15M1,48430281.7 
2041N5BA1986W5SO QRP 10M1,4742822  
2042N5VGK2017W5SA HP ALL1,47223233.0 
2043K5RA2000W5SO LP ALL1,4562726  
2044KA5PQD2004W5SO LP 10M1,452252224.4W5GN 
2045W5YB1978W5SO HP ALL1,4492323  
2046KV5F1984W5SO HP 20M1,4403736  
2047K5XN1997W5SO LP 20M1,4405048  
2048W5RTQ1975W5SO HP 10M1,4303526  
2049N5UWY2012W5SO LP 10M1,42823210.7 
2050AB5N1980W5SO HP ALL1,4103630  
2051KF5ZFW2017W5SO LP ALL1,37525255.0 
2052W5TJS2013W5SO LP ALL (R)1,35031303.4 
2053KF5TXU2016W5SO QRP 20M1,34432325.7 
2054KI5SC2017W5SO LP ALL1,33423236.0 
2055AD5SR2005W5SO LP ALL (R)1,27429264.2  
2056N5PYQ2018W5SA LP ALL1,26021180.9  
2057AK5R1983W5SO HP ALL1,2543933  
2058KD2KW/52008W5SO HP ALL1,24828262.2 
2059KE5BUD2005W5SO HP ALL (R)1,24826242.5  
2060K5FUV1990W5SO HP 10M1,2323228  
2061KB5DRJ2009W5SO QRP ALL1,23035305.0 
2062KF5LOE2014W5SO HP ALL1,21923235.3 
2063K5ELF2018W5SO LP ALL1,21527271.6 
2064KC0LFQ/52008W5SO LP ALL1,20029252.3 
2065K0MBC/52012W5SO LP ALL1,17525256.5 
2066KF5UOJ2014W5SO LP 10M1,15024232.5 
2067W5THT2009W5SO LP 20M1,15023231.0 
2068N5CWA2015W5SO LP ALL (R)1,15025253.3 
2069N5PA2014W5SO LP 10M1,14424221.1 
2070KE5QBZ2009W5SO HP ALL1,12032282.8 
2071K5NAP2016W5SO LP ALL1,11323215.0  
2072K5DEC1975W5SO HP ALL1,1062314  
2073NJ5DX2013W5SA HP ALL1,10425240.6W5OV
2074WY8S/52015W5SO LP ALL1,08020201.4 
2075AF5CC2014W5SA LP ALL (T)1,02620190.8  
2076AE5NO2012W5SA LP ALL (T)99022221.6 
2077WD5BZI1978W5SO HP 40M9862217  
2078KF5RHI2017W5SO LP ALL97227272.9 
2079KF5CYZ2016W5SO LP 40M (T)95418181.8  
2080N5PEF1994W5SO LP ALL9452421  
2081W5ZAF2011W5SO HP 20M93618185.7 
2082W5LDR2018W5SO LP 40M (R)92525252.2 
2083K1JHS/52015W5SO LP ALL91818173.2 
2084NZ5G2003W5SA LP ALL900201826.2  
2085KE5CWC2006W5SO LP ALL (R)90018183.2  
2086K5HM2014W5SA LP ALL89319191.3 
2087KC6ZBE/52011W5SO LP ALL87419191.2 
2088W5EFA1977W5SO HP ALL8671917  
2089KF5ELB2013W5SO LP 15M85822222.5 
2090N5AJD2017W5SO LP ALL85823223.5 
2091WM5R2010W5SO LP ALL85828262.4 
2092KD2BGM2017W5SA QRP 20M (T)85126231.4 
2093N5SDO2013W5SO HP ALL81914132.4 
2094KF5SNL2015W5SO LP ALL (R)80021204.0 
2095KD6UY2018W5SA LP ALL (T)79224241.8 
2096KF5GPQ2017W5SO LP ALL78025202.0 
2097AC5NB2014W5SO LP ALL77920195.0 
2098W5RAW2010W5SO LP ALL76021191.6 
2099KF5YZ2014W5SO LP ALL (T)74120191.4 
2100K5GHS2017W5SO LP ALL72027242.2 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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