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2001KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)1,62028274.2 
2002KB1IWX2006W1SO HP ALL1,575272528.0  
2003N1AHP1984W1SO HP ALL1,5754035  
2004W1YNE1977W1SO HP 20M1,4962322  
2005W1PWK1980W1SO HP 10M1,4912421  
2006KA1QVK1992W1SO LP 10M1,4723432  
2007W1GYE1975W1SO HP ALL1,4302522  
2008KB1CKT2003W1SO QRP ALL1,42836340.5  
2009W1WY1988W1SO HP 10M1,3922624  
2010W1MDO1976W1SO HP 15M1,3682624  
2011KM1R2014W1SO HP 160M1,32627263.4 
2012KB1WRH2012W1SO LP ALL (R)1,32022201.3 
2013AB1NG2012W1SO LP ALL1,31126236.3 
2014KB1ILH2007W1SO HP ALL1,302232126.1  
2015W1WIU2006W1SO HP ALL1,296252426.3  
2016AB1XB2017W1SA LP ALL1,28121211.7  
2017K1BV2015W1SO HP ALL1,25422224.5 
2018N1GSA2018W1SA LP ALL1,24228271.9 
2019K1IIK1976W1SO HP 20M1,2402220  
2020W1PLM2010W1SO LP ALL1,22020201.6 
2021KB1QEU2009W1SO QRP 20M (R)1,17525253.5 
2022WA1WRH1995W1SO LP ALL1,1442322  
2023K3IU/12008W1SO LP 20M1,12223220.8 
2024N1WRK2018W1SO LP 10M1,10220192.1 
2025N1OFO1997W1SO LP ALL1,0922928  
2026KD1XH2013W1SO LP ALL1,03516152.6 
2027N1QN2009W1SO LP ALL1,02619192.2 
2028N1XQ2009W1SO LP ALL1,01225221.8 
2029AA1M1989W1SO HP ALL1,0082424  
2030W1KU2011W1SO LP ALL1,00826243.0 
2031KC2LRC/12014W1SA LP ALL1,00719191.5  
2032N1ORK2008W1SO LP ALL98831263.2 
2033W1OHM2008W1SO LP 15M98721214.2 
2034W1PL2015W1SA HP ALL98617172.0 
2036K1FDP2014W1SO HP ALL96919191.2 
2037KB1WUO2012W1SO LP 10M (R)95019191.1 
2038WA1N2013W1SO LP ALL90020201.5  
2039W1ZQ2016W1SA HP ALL88814122.9 
2040WA1OUI2011W1SO HP ALL88022201.0 
2041W1WY 1975W1SO HP 40M8742923  
2042KK1W2011W1SO LP ALL86717170.6 
2043NF1O2012W1SA LP ALL84015141.5 
2044W1XW2006W1SO LP ALL (T)84022215.9  
2045W1GYE1976W1SO HP ALL8361922  
2046K2MN/11997W1SO LP 20M8281818  
2047NE1F2012W1SA LP ALL82614140.9 
2048KC1YL2017W1SA LP ALL (R)81624242.6 
2049KU1X1986W1SO HP 20M8002020  
2050AB1FY2006W1SO LP 40M798141424.9  
2051KB1OGZ2008W1SO HP ALL (R)78224232.1 
2052KB1ICX2003W1SO LP 20M780202036.0  
2053K1BUK2017W1SO HP ALL74119191.2 
2054K1LHO2018W1SO LP ALL73623233.3 
2055WK1H2008W1SO LP ALL68421191.8 
2056W1SVC2018W1SO HP ALL66618182.5 
2057KE3KK2018W1SA LP ALL66520191.2 
2058KB1WEZ2014W1SO LP ALL64617171.9 
2059WE1SAX2017W1SA LP ALL64016163.0 
2060W8TOM/12013W1SA QRP 10M64017162.5 
2061KC1DGG2018W1SO LP 20M57818172.2 
2062NF1O2015W1SA LP ALL57414141.0 
2063KB1REQ2012W1SO LP ALL57414140.9 
2064W1CEK2005W1SO QRP ALL57017151.0  
2065K1WDY2018W1SO LP ALL (R)55819181.0 
2066AB1JU2010W1SO LP 40M (R)52014131.2 
2067KH6CP/WW11988W1SO QRP 80M5203126  
2068N1NN2013W1SO LP ALL51815142.8 
2069N1FR2018W1SO HP ALL51216161.9 
2070K1MOM2002W1SO LP ALL504141424.6  
2071W1KF2012W1SO LP ALL49515150.3 
2072KT1TK2018W1SO LP ALL43219184.3 
2073AB1J2017W1SO LP 40M (T)40615141.2 
2074W1RM2016W1SA HP ALL39612120.1 
2075W1MJ2016W1SO QRP ALL39015151.6 
2076N1NC2011W1MULTI-ONE HP37713130.7WA1TAC W1XP
2077N1JEO2016W1SO QRP ALL33813132.3 
2078K1ALL2010W1SO LP 20M28010101.5 
2079AA1M2010W1SA LP 40M264880.4 
2080WB1AJX1978W1SO HP 15M2601313  
2081K1VSJ2016W1SO LP 15M (T)26010100.5 
2082KC1ECV2018W1SO LP ALL25516152.7  
2083N0AGL/12011W1SO LP ALL25215141.8 
2084WB1EAZ1980W1SO HP 10M234109  
2085KH6CP/WW11990W1SO QRP 40M2261717  
2086AB1EP2008W1SO LP ALL20412122.5 
2087K1YM2012W1SO LP 20M198992.1 
2088WB2JVB2018W1SO LP ALL19213120.7 
2089W1NXB1999W1SO LP 10M1691513  
2090KH6IAC/AC11976W1SO HP 20M168128  
2091N1TTT2017W1SO HP ALL162990.8 
2092K1IG2018W1SA LP ALL1441082.2 
2093W1BJ2007W1SO LP 20M12677  
2094W1BB1981W1SO HP 160M12066  
2095KB1VXY2017W1SO LP 20M119770.2 
2096W4FEB/12015W1SA LP ALL112770.8 
2097K1QED2010W1SO LP ALL77771.7 
2098NE1F2015W1SA LP ALL60550.3 
2099WA1ORP1983W1SO HP 15M6054  
2100W1PCD1980W1SO HP 40M5499  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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