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20301PI5PVI1985PASO HP ALL8822121  
20302DM2GM2012DLSO HP ALL88020202.6 
20303WA1OUI2011W1SO HP ALL88022201.0 
20304JA4DHN1991JA4SO HP ALL8801916  
20305KN6OP2010W6SO HP ALL87419192.7 
20306JA8CJY1984JA8SO HP ALL8742019  
20307JS1NDM2018JA1SO HP ALL86814141.1 
20308JG3WCZ2000JA3SO HP ALL8671717  
20309W5EFA1977W5SO HP ALL8671917  
20310S51DI2014S5SO HP ALL86418180.6 
20311AB0YM2010W0SO HP ALL (T)86424242.2 
20312RW6FO2005UA-6SO HP ALL86418162.4  
20313AA3VA2004W3SO HP ALL86419163.1  
20314W7RIR1985W7SO HP ALL8612121  
20315SM7FSV1976SMSO HP ALL8552119  
20316DM3UFJ1978DMSO HP ALL8512423  
20317W8YLJ1978W8SO HP ALL8481816  
20318JH4EMK2012JA4SO HP ALL84620182.6 
20319PY1CPF2013PYSO HP ALL84027244.5 
20320W7AE1975W7SO HP ALL8401612  
20321UA3TCH1982UA-3SO HP ALL8373227  
20322W1GYE1976W1SO HP ALL8361922  
20323N4MM2005W4SO HP ALL8331717  
20324WA9KIA2017W9SO HP ALL82818182.2 
20325PA3DWJ1986PASO HP ALL8282623  
20326JA2NQG/NH21988KH2SO HP ALL8261814  
20327BD3QW2015BYSO HP ALL82526258.7 
20328EA1BFZ1987EASO HP ALL8251915  
20329JP1ITN1983JA1SO HP ALL8253925  
20330N5SDO2013W5SO HP ALL81914132.4 
20331Y26KI1983DMSO HP ALL8192321  
20332UA0SF2015RA0SO HP ALL81719193.9 
20333OZ8DX2013OZSO HP ALL81720193.2 
20334LA5PRA2010LASO HP ALL81719194.9 
20335JA7AXP2013JA7SO HP ALL81618171.5 
20336SM7ASN1977SMSO HP ALL8161916  
20337DT3XM1978DMSO HP ALL8101815  
20338SK0MG1978SMSO HP ALL8102018SM0DJZ 
20339W7JKA1982W7SO HP ALL8063126  
20340RX6CC2012UA-6SO HP ALL80523232.0 
20341UC2AHY1987EUSO HP ALL8002120  
20342UA1TBP1982UA-1SO HP ALL7921818  
20343DM2CWJ1976DMSO HP ALL7921918  
20344DM4WJG1976DMSO HP ALL7922322  
20345ES2DJ2006ESSO HP ALL78419163.5  
20346KB1OGZ2008W1SO HP ALL (R)78224232.1 
20347KB7UJI2008W7SO HP ALL78229233.2 
20348DJ6YX2013DLSO HP ALL78017120.9 
20349JD1BOW2015JD/oSO HP ALL77419181.7 
20350JF1YRK1993JA1SO HP ALL7742018JA9VDA 
20351JN3MUC2002JA3SO HP ALL (R)7702014  
20352WB4UBD1988W4SO HP ALL7681716  
20353RK7T2016UA-6SO HP ALL (T)76519172.2  
20354EA3CXV1984EASO HP ALL7602020  
20355DM2BSA1979DMSO HP ALL7602420  
20356JH1OEL1977JA1SO HP ALL7602120  
20357LA6U1977LASO HP ALL7592211  
20358K2SZ2015W2SO HP ALL75618181.4 
203599A1CFZ19969ASO HP ALL7561818  
20360WA7TUX1985W7SO HP ALL7563028  
20361OH4NFC1989OHSO HP ALL7521716  
20362KK7CG2008W7SO HP ALL75026255.1 
20363K7RS1983W7SO HP ALL7501715  
20364DK1LRS2017DLSO HP ALL74822221.6 
20365UQ2MU1980YLSO HP ALL7481917  
20366PT1AS1975PYSO HP ALL7482017  
20367UA1CBM2017UA-1SO HP ALL74425242.3  
20368UX5IO2009URSO HP ALL74214144.6 
20369K1BUK2017W1SO HP ALL74119191.2 
20370UB5EES1979URSO HP ALL7411919  
20371KG4JSZ2011W4SO HP ALL73616161.2 
20372SQ6NEF2011SPSO HP ALL73616162.0 
20373OK30LN1975OKOMSO HP ALL7362416  
20374UB2MG1991URSO HP ALL7321312  
20375IZ2CSX2014ISO HP ALL73117174.0 
20376DM4OM1979DMSO HP ALL7222019  
20377RA3THN2015UA-3SO HP ALL (T)72017163.2 
20378UA9SAW2007RA9SO HP ALL (R)72016152.0  
20379JA5OAH1991JA5SO HP ALL7201818  
20380AA6EE1987W6SO HP ALL7202118  
20381SM6MSG1984SMSO HP ALL7201816  
20382UW0NE1979RA0SO HP ALL7201615  
20383JI1DSU2011JA1SO HP ALL71414141.1 
20384KI4EEQ2007W4SO HP ALL71418172.1  
20385K0BAK/32016W3SO HP ALL70416161.1 
20386UQ2GW1976YLSO HP ALL7042016  
20387HB9BGF2009HBSO HP ALL69718172.7 
20388WD5BEP1980W5SO HP ALL6971817  
20389DM2DGG1979DMSO HP ALL6962624  
20390AF7LZ2016W7SO HP ALL69322211.9  
20391Y33VL1984DMSO HP ALL6901615  
20392OH2CZ1981OHSO HP ALL6901615  
20393DL5AUJ1998DLSO HP ALL6891413  
20394PP5JY2011PYSO HP ALL68817161.2 
20395K9UQN1991W9SO HP ALL6881716  
20396NS4SS2014W4SO HP ALL68418182.3  
20397JW5VAA1983JW/bSO HP ALL6841818  
20398KC2PRZ2015W2SO HP ALL (R)67216162.3 
203999A3KS20129ASO HP ALL67216140.7 
20400OK3CEG1986OKOMSO HP ALL6721914  

Page 204 of 209

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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