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20101K8EAW2018W8SO HP ALL1,25025253.5 
20102WC2Z/42009W4SO HP ALL1,25025253.9 
20103US1IV2014URSO HP ALL (T)1,24825242.0  
20104KD2KW/52008W5SO HP ALL1,24828262.2 
20105KE5BUD2005W5SO HP ALL (R)1,24826242.5  
20106UB5AAQ1978URSO HP ALL1,2482926  
20107UR4IXM2011URSO HP ALL1,24519152.8 
20108BG5HRE2008BYSO HP ALL (R)1,24226238.3 
20109XE1/AA6RX1991XESO HP ALL1,2423423  
20110UW0CW1987RA0SO HP ALL1,2422018  
20111Y31WI1982DMSO HP ALL1,2423027  
20112UF6VB19854LSO HP ALL1,2402220  
20113SP5AMX1976SPSO HP ALL1,2402420  
20114WT9U2016W9SO HP ALL1,23923210.7 
20115YO8CEZ1989YOSO HP ALL1,2392321  
20116JO1MCC1987JA1SO HP ALL1,2392521  
20117UA3TAM1978UA-3SO HP ALL1,2252725  
20118KF5LOE2014W5SO HP ALL1,21923235.3 
20119W8WG1996W8SO HP ALL1,2182121  
20120OH1EH1978OHSO HP ALL1,2182221  
20121SM6HTC1980SMSO HP ALL1,2112323  
20122K2XA2009W2SO HP ALL1,20026250.6 
20123KA6HQW1984W6SO HP ALL1,2002824  
20124LA2EG1983LASO HP ALL1,2002020  
20125WA6BFL1977W6SO HP ALL1,1972521  
20126PY2LCN2012PYSO HP ALL1,19630264.9 
20127JA4RTX1995JA4SO HP ALL1,1962423  
20128UA6LBQ1977UA-6SO HP ALL1,1962823  
20129UB5LYL1978URSO HP ALL1,1893329  
20130OK2CAW1976OKOMSO HP ALL1,1882222  
20131WO7V2014W7SO HP ALL1,18020202.4 
20132DJ1OJ1987DLSO HP ALL1,1802420  
20133Y25IJ1989DMSO HP ALL1,1781919  
20134K4KZ2018W4SO HP ALL1,17625241.4 
20135JA1PIG2017JA1SO HP ALL1,17625242.0 
20136KC9UMR/02011W0SO HP ALL1,17624240.9 
20137CX4SS1994CXSO HP ALL1,1762721  
20138HK6CPI1978HKSO HP ALL1,1762221  
20139JA1STY1991JA1SO HP ALL1,1752625  
20140UA3RE2013UA-3SO HP ALL1,17318174.5 
20141JA1FO1985JA1SO HP ALL1,1732423  
20142OZ1AXG1982OZSO HP ALL1,1732323  
20143KF8MZ2018W8SO HP ALL1,16623222.0 
20144W3FTG1986W3SO HP ALL1,1662322  
20145Y21HI/A1981DMSO HP ALL1,1662322  
20146UB5HBT1979URSO HP ALL1,1662322  
20147UA1CE1983UA-1SO HP ALL1,1613027  
20148Y44WA1981DMSO HP ALL1,1612927  
20149LZ1FJ1977LZSO HP ALL1,1613427  
20150JG2SFL1983JA2SO HP ALL1,1603129  
20151DK5OS1980DLSO HP ALL1,1592219  
20152US0SY2010URSO HP ALL1,15522211.0 
20153KD0ACO2009W0SO HP ALL (R)1,15523213.8 
20154PA1GRE1980PASO HP ALL1,1552121  
20155W4ATL2018W4SO HP ALL1,15027250.8 
20156RA3NC2018UA-3SO HP ALL1,14829280.6 
20157BD5DML2011BYSO HP ALL1,14831285.7 
20158LA2OKA2008LASO HP ALL1,14422223.3 
20159JA1BNW1987JA1SO HP ALL1,1402220  
20160OK1JDJ1988OKOMSO HP ALL1,1343027  
20161JH1FJK1984JA1SO HP ALL1,1342221  
20162W0KEA1984W0SO HP ALL1,1342927  
20163Y45VJ1984DMSO HP ALL1,1342827  
20164LA4HH1981LASO HP ALL1,1342221  
20165UA3TBK1979UA-3SO HP ALL1,1343327  
20166OZ9ZS1977OZSO HP ALL1,1343227  
20167DM2DRN1976DMSO HP ALL1,1342927  
20168RN2FA1999UA2SO HP ALL1,1272323  
20169Y56ZF1981DMSO HP ALL1,1222722  
20170Y43XL1980DMSO HP ALL1,1222323  
20171SP9IKN2016SPSO HP ALL1,12028282.3 
20172IW0GBU2010ISO HP ALL1,12020201.2 
20173KE5QBZ2009W5SO HP ALL1,12032282.8 
20174JA4XKL1978JA4SO HP ALL1,1202220  
20175JA1YAD2017JA1SO HP ALL1,11827264.8 
20176N7BRU2009W7SO HP ALL1,11321214.2 
20177SP5GMM1981SPSO HP ALL1,1132121  
20178DL3APZ2004DLSO HP ALL (R)1,110313027.9  
20179VK3SM1986VKSO HP ALL1,1072525  
20180Y39UL1988DMSO HP ALL1,1065440  
20181K5DEC1975W5SO HP ALL1,1062314  
20182WB0GAG2007W0SO HP ALL1,1042724WB0GAG 
20183W1IE2017W4SO HP ALL1,10022220.8 
20184W6ABM2013W6SO HP ALL1,10021204.2 
20185JP1NOM/01990JA0SO HP ALL1,1002825  
20186Y24GB/A1988DMSO HP ALL1,1002320  
20187K8ES1981W8SO HP ALL1,1002020  
20188DM3ZDG/P1977DMSO HP ALL1,1002725  
20189DM4BK1976DMSO HP ALL1,1003025  
20190VK2BO2018VKSO HP ALL1,09222214.8 
20191N4EUK1989W4SO HP ALL1,0922726  
20192Y47SF1984DMSO HP ALL1,0922421  
20193JE7AFM1981JA7SO HP ALL1,0922921  
20194UA3DPM2011UA-3SO HP ALL1,08320193.2 
20195JA9CWJ1991JA9SO HP ALL1,0802020  
20196Y38WE1989DMSO HP ALL1,0803020  
20197UP2OQ1988LYSO HP ALL1,0802120  
20198RA3AC1986UA-3SO HP ALL1,0802927  
20199JA7JGD1977JA7SO HP ALL1,0802418  
20200JN1ENK/31985JA3SO HP ALL1,0712117  

Page 202 of 209

Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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