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1901K5AVY2018W5SO HP ALL4,72045404.2 
1902KB5DRJ2018W5SO LP ALL4,70855448.8 
1903WA5VKS1998W5SO LP 10M4,6804436  
1904AK5Y2017W5SO HP ALL4,65352475.4 
1905KE0CP/52011W5SO LP ALL (T)4,62042425.4 
1906KA5CVC1979W5SO HP ALL4,5545746  
1907KM5Z2011W5SO LP ALL4,51252484.2 
1908KD5RXN2008W5SO HP ALL4,46548476.0 
1909KF5QEW2013W5SO LP ALL4,41850474.1 
1910WB5KWU1977W5SO HP ALL4,4034437  
1911N5IA1996W5SO LP 160M4,35011275  
1912KF5QVS2013W5SO LP ALL (R)4,28455515.2 
1913N5ATQ2018W5SO LP ALL4,23055454.8 
1914K5YVY2017W5SO LP ALL4,13445393.4 
1915WE6EZ/52013W5SO LP 10M (T)4,10741373.3 
1916NZ5A1987W5SO QRP 40M4,1046257  
1917WD5HJF2018W5SA LP ALL4,09549356.5 
1918WD5DJW2016W5SO LP ALL4,04846445.7 
1919N5DTT2006W5SO LP ALL4,00246464.3  
1920N7RP/51987W5SO HP 10M3,9905335  
1921N5RZ2013W5SO LP 15M3,97745410.9 
1922N5OT2017W5SA HP ALL3,92737334.7 
1923W6GMT/52010W5SO QRP 10M3,92439366.9 
1924WB5QPH1981W5SO HP ALL3,8763938  
1925W5RAW2008W5SO LP ALL3,86964535.9 
1926W8OU/52009W5SO LP ALL3,85444412.1 
1927W5TD2007W5SO LP 10M3,84244343.5  
1928N2TCB2017W5SO LP ALL (R)3,78451437.1 
1929W5EIJ1981W5SO HP ALL3,7834139  
1930AI5G2009W5SO LP ALL3,77250466.7 
1931W5KI2010W5SA HP ALL (T)3,74440361.2 
1932W5FO1983W5SO HP 20M3,7444539  
1933N5HZ2014W5SO HP ALL3,70038374.7 
1934K1JHS/52010W5SO LP ALL (R)3,68046466.6 
1935N5IPV1989W5SO HP 10M3,6754035  
1936K5LAD2006W5SO LP ALL3,66340372.1  
1937WC5D1991W5SO HP ALL3,6565247  
1938NM5M2017W5SA LP ALL3,65549431.0 
1939K5ACL2017W5SO LP ALL3,52848424.8 
1940KX5U1983W5SO HP ALL3,5206055  
1941KB2HV/51994W5SO LP 10M3,4884032  
1942AA5VU2013W5SO LP ALL3,48544414.8 
1943NE5D2011W5SO HP 160M3,47233311.8K5RX
1944KC5LQL1996W5SO HP ALL3,4414537  
1945AD5XM2012W5MULTI-ONE HP3,43242392.0AD5XM
1946N5DTT2009W5SO LP 15M3,40437376.2 
1947WB5K2016W5SO LP ALL3,40249425.1 
1948N5KA2003W5SO HP ALL3,34836363.8  
1949WS1L2017W5SA HP ALL3,33235341.5 
1950WK5P2009W5SO LP ALL (T)3,27643422.9 
1951K5UR1982W5SO HP 160M3,26412168  
1952AE5FT2008W5SO LP 20M3,26462485.9 
1953K5RWP2015W5SA LP ALL3,24833296.8 
1954NA5O2009W5SO LP ALL3,22560431.8AA5JG
1955K5PX2007W5SO LP 20M (T)3,19251423.5  
1956KD5RXN2009W5SO LP ALL3,17451464.4 
1957W5EIJ1980W5SO HP 10M3,1685644  
1958AF5CC2017W5SA LP 15M (T)3,16236344.7 
1959K5KDD2009W5SO LP 20M3,150363510.3 
1960NF5T2015W5SA HP ALL3,08037351.3K5BG 
1961W5TCB2018W5SA LP ALL (R)3,06646422.9 
1962AG5DB2018W5SO LP ALL (R)3,04050404.2 
1963NJ5DX2009W5SA LP ALL3,03440370.8W5OV
1964NM5M2014W5SA LP ALL3,02636340.8 
1965WZ5J1995W5SO LP ALL3,0105443  
1966N5DTT2011W5SO LP 15M (T)2,99738374.5 
1967KB5VJY2018W5SO HP ALL (R)2,97038302.3 
1968KC5DCT2018W5SO LP ALL2,95240362.2 
1969NV5L1986W5SO HP ALL2,8986863  
1970N0LVA/52014W5SO LP ALL2,88838384.0  
1971W5/UT5UDX2017W5SA HP ALL2,88055482.2 
1972W5LL2004W5SO HP 40M2,85630281.3  
1973NE0P/52005W5SO LP ALL2,83537351.6  
1974KN5S2018W5SA LP ALL2,79033311.8  
1975K5DKW2018W5SO LP ALL (R)2,788474111.3 
1976NT5CC1997W5SO QRP 10M2,7543527KY5N 
1977KA5N1982W5SO QRP 15M2,6884942  
1978W5CBP2016W5SO LP ALL2,66042382.8 
1979KC5TA2009W5SO HP 20M2,62344437.2 
1980KC5IIP1996W5SO HP 10M2,6222519  
1981AD5XM2014W5SA LP ALL2,61031293.5 
1982AE5LQ2009W5SO LP ALL2,59243363.2 
1983W5JNP2012W5SO HP ALL2,59042371.4 
1984WF5E1994W5SO LP 80M2,5604340  
1985W5EIJ1978W5SO HP ALL2,5203528  
1986W6GMT/52009W5SO QRP 10M2,48432276.0 
1987W5EIJ1985W5SO HP ALL2,4754845  
1988NT5I2016W5SA LP ALL2,46031304.5 
1989K5VG2000W5SO LP ALL2,4493231  
1990N5PU2008W5SO LP ALL (T)2,41841391.3 
1991WA5RML2009W5SO QRP ALL2,40851436.6 
1992W5JNP2014W5SO HP 10M (T)2,40729291.4  
1993K5JPS2015W5SO LP 15M2,34041393.9 
1994WB5CCO2013W5SO LP 20M2,33137372.3 
1995AD0K/52008W5SO LP ALL2,32045405.2 
1996W5JAO2009W5SA LP ALL (R)2,24436334.8 
1997KF5CYZ2017W5SO LP 20M2,23236362.2  
1998N0RQ/52004W5SA HP ALL2,21230281.7  
1999KF5RUW2015W5SO LP ALL2,20442387.9 
2000K3TD/52009W5SO LP ALL2,18728271.4 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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