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1901W1OHM2013W1SO LP 20M4,12849434.0 
1902W1OHM2018W1SO HP 20M4,11650494.1 
1903KA1NWL/M1989W1SO HP 10M4,0664338  
1904K1YM2008W1SO LP ALL4,05050459.4 
1905AB1WG2018W1SO LP ALL4,04847465.3 
1906W1TW2015W1SO QRP 80M4,03129295.2 
1907K1VSJ2000W1SO LP 10M4,0283838  
1908K1PAR2008W1SO LP ALL4,00257462.9 
1909W1MAT2006W1SA HP ALL (T)3,93643412.2  
1910WA1NCN1984W1SO HP 20M3,9206156  
1911WI1G2009W1SO QRP ALL3,88045403.9W1IG
1912WR1X1996W1SO HP ALL3,8614039  
1913K1BV2016W1SO HP ALL3,84234345.4 
1914N1PBT/AE1994W1SO LP ALL3,7702929  
1915KB1HQI2005W1SO LP ALL3,76240384.0  
1916N1IW2006W1SO HP 20M3,750625024.6  
1917W1CEK2016W1SO QRP ALL3,73740372.0 
1918AB1ZQ2018W1SO LP ALL (R)3,72648466.3 
1919AA2Z/11987W1SO HP ALL3,7244238  
1920W1BJ2011W1SO LP ALL3,68640383.8 
1921K1VSJ1995W1SO LP ALL3,6363936  
1922AA2Z/11986W1SO HP ALL3,6274031  
1923KA1VMG1995W1SO LP 10M3,6264837  
1924K1VSJ1999W1SO LP 10M3,6053935  
1925K1TN1979W1SO HP 10M3,5704335  
1926KF1D2009W1SO LP 20M (R)3,57046422.8 
1927W1AKI2016W1SO LP 20M (R)3,56743416.7 
1928AE1ME2018W1SA HP ALL3,54940390.7K1JB
1929N1WRK2009W1SO LP 15M3,534403810.0 
1930N1YKH2013W1SO LP 10M3,50240343.3 
1931WA1DRQ2018W1SA HP ALL3,46535354.9 
1932K1VSJ2017W1SO LP ALL (T)3,39536350.5 
1933KB1WXM2013W1SO LP ALL (R)3,36243412.5 
1934WA1FBX1976W1SO HP 40M3,3443644  
1935NZ1I2015W1SO QRP 10M (T)3,31236364.3 
1936NA1O1991W1SO HP ALL3,2553635  
1937WB1DFV1979W1SO HP 10M3,2394441  
1938W1WY1981W1SO HP 20M3,2304038  
1939N1ZN2011W1SO LP ALL3,16834331.9 
1940W1MJ2010W1SO LP ALL3,16839361.1 
1941NG1I2017W1SO HP ALL3,16428281.3 
1942W1WEF2009W1SO HP ALL3,11648410.6 
1943KZ1O2006W1SO LP 20M3,116393822.8  
1944K1VU2005W1SO LP ALL3,116494127.6  
1945N1TM2012W1SO QRP 40M3,10432322.4 
1946W1OH2017W1SO LP ALL3,06037343.0 
1947WB1EAZ1989W1SO HP 80M3,0404440  
1948W1KM2013W1SO LP ALL3,03634331.2 
1949N1NCJ/T1993W1SO LP 10M3,0244536  
1950W1PLJ1977W1SO HP ALL3,0073531  
1951KA1CZF1991W1SO QRP 20M2,9643938  
1952W1AKI2017W1SO LP 20M (R)2,92041405.6 
1953W1AAD2003W1SO LP 80M2,916413626.9  
1954N1NJI2017W1SO LP ALL2,90031298.5 
1955AG2K/12013W1SO LP ALL2,84233292.9 
1956KB1JUF2009W1SO LP ALL2,81447426.8 
1957W1WWW2012W1SO HP ALL2,80035351.1 
1958KB1OWT2009W1SA LP ALL2,77538372.2 
1959W1SRB2010W1SO LP ALL2,76045402.5 
1960W1MSW2015W1SA LP ALL2,72631291.9 
1961WV1M2006W1SA LP ALL2,72037342.5  
1962N1MGO2007W1SO HP ALL2,706353326.7  
1963W1TW2016W1SO QRP 80M (T)2,68422222.1 
1964KC1HBG2017W1SO LP ALL2,67333338.0 
1965W1TUM1984W1SO HP ALL2,6134739  
1966N1NN2012W1SO LP ALL2,49030305.7 
1967K1VSJ2010W1SO HP ALL2,48032314.3 
1968W2HDI/12013W1SA HP ALL2,43034302.8 
1969W1WBB2011W1SO LP 160M (T)2,36834324.8 
1970NE1F2009W1SA LP ALL2,33633322.5 
1971W1PWK1979W1SO HP 10M2,3253331  
1972N1VVV2012W1SA LP 10M (T)2,30433323.8 
1973N1XSS2017W1SA LP ALL2,29433313.9 
1974WA1DRQ2017W1SA HP ALL2,29130291.5 
1975KI1U2013W1SO LP ALL2,28030302.6 
1976N1XUQ2011W1SO LP ALL2,27734335.9 
1977W1CTR1982W1SO HP 10M2,1903230  
1978K1BG2016W1MULTI-ONE HP2,18728271.1K1BG KC1FCK AB1WQ
1979KB1UMM2011W1SO LP ALL2,14630294.5 
1980KA1LMR2008W1SO QRP ALL2,12828281.9 
1981KA1RFD2012W1SO LP 15M2,07030302.9 
1982NQ1C2016W1SO LP ALL2,07035301.7 
1983AE1D1992W1SO LP ALL2,0505750  
1984K1VSJ1989W1SO HP 20M2,0022626  
1985WA2ORV/11980W1SO HP ALL1,9843331  
1986K1DNR2013W1SA HP 160M (T)1,92040326.7 
1987WA1VRD1994W1SO HP 10M1,8963024  
1988W1GXZ2014W1SO HP ALL1,87526251.5 
1989WA1MJS2017W1SO LP 20M1,86328275.8 
1990NU1H2012W1SO LP 40M (T)1,84823222.0 
1991NX1T2010W1SO HP 160M1,82733293.3 
1992N1YKH2005W1SO LP 20M1,76733313.3  
1993N1EMF2011W1SO LP ALL1,75029254.9 
1994N1DFD1996W1SO LP ALL1,7363131  
1995NX1Y2010W1SO LP ALL1,72825243.4 
1996W1CEK2013W1SO QRP ALL1,72829272.1 
1997NE1F2008W1SA LP ALL1,67525252.4 
1998K1GQ2010W1SO HP ALL1,67224222.8 
1999KD1YV2017W1SO LP ALL1,65028251.1 
2000AB1NG2013W1SO LP ALL (T)1,63324233.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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