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1901OK2BHEOKSO LP 10M8,7455753  
1902IS0LLJISSO LP ALL8,69462542.4  
1903SM3EAESMSO LP ALL (T)8,62576694.1  
1904UT5UMLURSO LP 10M8,58058556.5  
1905K9ORW9SA LP ALL8,53258546.4  
1906DL8SDIDLSO LP ALL8,4786254  
1907KV4DJW4SO LP ALL8,20168599.0  
1908AA3VA/4W4SO HP 10M7,89659474.8  
1909UU2JAURSO LP ALL7,80064604.2  
1910IQ3XISO HP ALL7,752716826.7  
1911SP4ZOSPSO HP 160M7,44864563.3  
1912K3FHW3SA LP ALL7,36760531.7  
1913KT0P/4W4SO LP ALL7,36755535.8  
1914EA1FBJEASA HP ALL7,34476364.2  
1915RK6AIQUA-6SO HP 160M7,23963578.3  
1916W4JZZW4SO LP ALL7,168635629.5  
1917PY3KKPYSO LP 40M (R)7,137443910.0  
1918VK3FNPVKSO QRP 15M (T)7,03854519.5  
1919KC0KSAW0SA LP ALL (R)6,996605330.1  
1920PY2MYSPYSO LP ALL6,91258546.1  
1921EA3FHPEASO LP ALL (T)6,9006060  
1922W6RKCW6SA HP 15M6,860514926.0  
1923JA1ZGPJA1SA HP ALL6,79451432.2  
1924UR5FCMURSO QRP 10M6,7086152  
1925KE6GFIW6SO LP ALL6,672594823.3  
1926JA5IPJA5SO HP 40M6,6243936  
1927JA6PLJA6SO LP 15M6,6155149  
1928JA1EEGJA1SO LP 10M (T)6,6005550  
19297S3ASMSO LP ALL6,48050455.2SM3CER 
1930SM7HSPSMSO LP 15M (T)6,4775751  
1931LA8GKLASO HP ALL6,41954495.1  
1932PT2JSPYSO LP 10M (R)6,38460578.7  
1933DL4JYTDLSO LP 20M6,3485046  
1934UA6JADUA-6SO LP 20M6,29870673.2  
1935UR5HJRURSO LP ALL6,25055506.0  
1936N9KOW9SO LP ALL6,240585226.5  
1937JG1FGLJA1SO LP ALL (T)6,1574747  
1938RV3QHUA-3SO LP ALL6,15751476.6  
1939PY1AFSPYSO HP ALL6,150615030.9  
1940K7IIJW7SO LP ALL6,09648482.7  
1941KE6OUAW6SO HP ALL6,04865564.1  
1942ON4KVAONSO LP ALL6,018605910.4  
1943RK9AYRA9SO HP ALL5,96947475.6  
1944EA1DBCEASO LP ALL5,89647442.8  
1945RU3XBUA-3SO LP 10M5,83153493.3  
19467K2PBBJA1SO LP 10M5,781554713.6  
1947UU4YAURSO LP ALL5,77252522.7  
1948RW3DYUA-3SO LP ALL5,76055458.9  
1949DM3XIDLSO LP ALL5,740484130.5  
1950UR5GKVURSO LP 10M5,6629657  
1951VE3IGJVE3SO QRP ALL (R)5,58656497.8  
1952XX9AUXX9SO LP 15M5,56874582.7  
1953PA0RBOPASO QRP ALL5,4575351  
19547M3CBFJA1SO QRP 15M5,4565044  
1955PR7ZZPYSO LP ALL (T)5,450535028.2  
1956UA3MOCUA-3SO LP 10M (R)5,41852433.2  
1957JK7ESYJA7SO HP ALL (R)5,41248412  
1958SM0KVSMSO LP 15M5,4055047  
1959RW4LCUA-4SO LP ALL5,346625421.8  
1960VA3XRZVE3SO LP 40M5,21434334.8  
1961UR5EAWURSO LP 160M5,10055516.5  
1962Z33AZ3SO LP 160M4,88851473.6  
1963TA3ELTASO HP 10M4,859434334.8  
1964EA4UBEASO LP ALL (T)4,8004640  
1965JR3KAHJA3SO LP 15M4,7734743  
1966W9CNF/4W4SO LP 10M4,6005146  
1967JI2VLMJA2SO LP ALL4,57847422.4  
1968N9IHWW9SO LP ALL4,57647445.4  
1969EC1ALYEASO LP 15M4,55947479.6  
1970UA9XRVRA9SO LP 10M4,30050430.6  
1971LU1AXRLUSO LP 10M4,284444211.6  
1972SP4HHISPSO LP 20M4,2308130  
1973TA3BMTASO HP ALL4,21242364.1  
1974JN7FPBJA7SO LP ALL4,09543395.2  
1975SP3JSPSO QRP 80M3,9994943SP3NGB 
1976YV1CPYVSO HP 160M3,95227261.8  
1977DL2RTJDLSO LP ALL3,952383825.4  
1978PY7BTOPYSO LP 10M3,78450446.3  
1979IK8IFWISO LP ALL3,784464325.7  
1980OH1BOIOHSO HP 80M3,731464126.0  
1981SP3FYXSPSO LP 10M3,60036365.8  
1982EZ3AEZSO LP ALL3,6004236EZ8CW 
1983KD9XPW9SO LP ALL3,60036363.8  
1984IK8NBLISO LP ALL3,2664837  
1985N6BXOW6SO LP ALL3,19636344.1  
1986W4AUIW4SO LP ALL3,18537352.9  
1987RN3AQUA-3SO QRP ALL3,15743416.3  
1988AE6CWW6SO LP ALL (R)3,15038354.5  
1989SP2FTLSPSO LP 10M3,13535335.8  
1990N4TLW4SO HP ALL3,10433320.9  
1991KE4USAW4SA LP ALL3,09434344.2  
1992ES2SWESSO QRP 10M3,05237286.7  
1993EA5FEJEASO LP 15M2,9824542  
1994JA2CXFJA2SO LP 10M2,93733334.2  
1995EA7FIQEASO LP ALL2,88639396.3  
1996JJ6VXY/9JA9SO LP 10M2,8713633  
1997IZ0BPIISO HP ALL2,822373426.4  
1998EA7DWJEASO LP ALL2,82234344.2  
1999W7AYYW7SO HP 10M (T)2,8203230  
2000W4IDXW4SO LP 20M2,72037341.9  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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