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1901UA4WNHUA-4SO HP ALL8,31672667.7  
1902CT1ESOCTSO LP 40M8,050515025.7  
1903DL2RZGDLSO LP 40M7,9526356  
1904YL2MFYLSO LP ALL7,8846054  
1905EF7AMDEASO LP 10M7,86573659.5EC7AMD 
1906JI8BUR/3JA3SO LP 15M7,5925852  
1907YU1PJYUSO LP ALL7,54864512.4  
19088S0WSMSO LP ALL7,4065746SM0NJO 
1909YU7HIYUSO LP ALL7,39260567.6  
1910ES4GYESSO LP ALL (T)7,308645829.2  
1911JL6IPKJA6SO LP 40M7,1814743  
1912OK2ZAWOKSO QRP 10M6,95053506.1  
1913VK6JIPVKSO LP 20M6,90949495.4  
1914DJ0BXDLSO LP 10M6,7685148  
1915DK7ANDLSO HP 10M6,6274947  
1916ES5CXESSO LP 15M6,61510735  
1917JH3DMQJA3SO QRP 15M6,6128029  
1918DL4JTWDLSO LP ALL6,600585520.0  
1919PR7ARPYSO LP ALL6,55051501.7  
1920KB9VSGW9SO LP ALL (R)6,3725836  
1921JA6PLJA6SO LP ALL6,3485046  
1922OK1CAZOKSO LP 20M6,2087064  
1923YO6QTYOSO LP ALL (T)6,2066158  
1924K7KYW7SO QRP 20M6,1746463  
1925RA6ARUA-6SO HP ALL6,05058551.6  
1926ON4KVAONSO LP ALL6,0486056  
1927PY1WAGPYSO LP ALL5,96453425.1  
1928EU6DXEUSO LP 160M5,8245652  
1929PY2SAAPYSO LP 40M5,81141397.3  
1930TA3BNTASO LP 15M (T)5,75047461.1  
1931SP6EWB/9SPSO LP ALL5,7236559  
1932AC5ZSW5SO HP ALL5,670504527.8  
1933WA2ZOU/5W5SO LP ALL5,6166052  
1934SM3TSMSO LP 20M5,6077063SM3RUJ 
1935UT9FJURSO HP ALL5,46149433.7UT9FJ 
1936PT2BWPYSO LP 20M5,324474425.6  
1937SP9HZFSPSO LP ALL5,2894741  
1938OK2BHEOKSO LP 10M5,2504542  
1939JR0PJRJA0SO LP 10M5,03145434.5  
1940KD5FQFW5SO LP 10M (R)4,9296153  
1941YU1RAYUSA LP 160M4,88852476.3  
1942ES2IPESSO HP ALL4,8384541  
1943SP6OPESPSO LP ALL4,625443711.2  
1944LU2HRHLUSO LP 15M4,62044427.0  
1945N9WGW9SO LP ALL (T)4,551424110.6  
1946UA0CWRA0SO HP ALL4,48442387.7  
1947SQ9DXNSPSO LP ALL4,26450412.1  
1948PY5BFPYSA HP 40M4,25633320.8  
1949ES6EAESSO LP 10M3,9274833  
1950ES6FCESSO QRP 20M3,82210032  
1951W7YAQW7SO LP ALL3,74537352.4  
1952SM7HSPSMSO LP 20M3,7445248  
1953UA9LAURA9SO QRP 160M (R)3,6723427  
1954OE75WOESA HP ALL3,57036355.6OE1TKW 
1955YO6PEDYOSO QRP 20M3,57054515.9  
1956SP2GCESPSO LP ALL3,3663634  
1957KC2EXLW2SO LP ALL (R)3,0603636  
1958JA2QVPJA2SO LP 10M3,04535352.2  
1959JF1FGYJA1SO LP 10M3,0403432  
1960WA6DLMW6SO HP ALL (T)2,970333330.4  
1961K0CSW0SO LP 160M2,94053422.7  
1962JA3KDJJA3SO LP 10M2,9267738  
1963K0COP/4W4SO LP 15M2,9043533  
1964JG1GCOJA1SO LP 15M2,8833131  
1965SP8DYYSPSO LP 10M2,7303130  
1966OK1AIJOKSO QRP 10M2,7203732  
1967WA0OTVW0SO HP 15M2,6353731  
1968LZ2UZLZSO LP 160M2,475363326.8  
1969KE6GFIW6SO LP ALL (T)2,4003532  
1970KG6FODW6SO LP ALL (R)2,3803534  
1971EA6EAEA6SO LP 10M2,3763433  
1972AN3DTQ/2EASO LP ALL (T)2,3404040  
1973LY4ABLYSO LP ALL2,3253131  
1974YU1BXYUSO LP 15M2,2912929  
1975LA3HMLASO LP 15M2,242433827.9  
1976JH4UYBJA4SO HP 80M2,20022221.2  
1977JH1KZQ/1JA1SO LP 15M2,1463229  
1978N0LZW0SO LP ALL2,117312925.5  
1979JN3PTNJA3SO LP ALL (R)2,1002928  
1980JE1REUJA1SO LP 10M2,088302926.2  
1981W9JWRW9SO LP 20M2,079282725.6  
1982SP6YITSPSO LP 160M2,0463331  
1983DL2YETDLSO QRP ALL2,0463231  
1984JA1AATJA1SO LP 10M1,8752525  
1985ZS4BSZSSO LP 10M1,85026254.0  
1986SM1HPVSMSO HP 20M1,8405822  
1987PU7ENWPYSO HP 10M1,836302725.2  
1988SP3NGBSPSO QRP 80M1,7943626  
1989YO4CISYOSO HP 160M1,792302825.6  
1990DL2NOHDLSO LP ALL1,7752525  
1991RK6AIQUA-6SO LP 160M1,6803230  
1992JR3KAHJA3SO LP 15M1,6323024  
1993Z31GXZ3SO LP ALL1,53625242.5  
1994PY5FBPYSO LP ALL1,53031303.0  
1995KS4JBW4SO LP ALL1,51823231.6  
1996AM3CKXEASO QRP 80M1,50827265.3EA3CKX 
1997LA9DFALASO HP ALL1,472242325.0  
1998RA2FAUA2SO LP ALL1,440262424.9  
1999IK3SCBISO LP ALL1,426262325.7  
2000DL5ANSDLSO LP ALL1,3802320  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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