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101LA9CQ1980LASO HP ALL57,116240131  
102LA6MP1993LASO HP ALL55,695194141  
103LA7NIA1993LASO HP ALL55,566228162  
104LA0AR1974LASO HP ALL54,929315133  
105LA6PHA1991LASO HP ALL54,279172163  
106LA2AD1990LASO HP ALL53,760225160  
107LA5QK1973LASO HP ALL53,125243125  
108LA8JKA2020LASO HP ALL (C)52,2461801519.9 
109LA5HAA1981LASO HP ALL52,122236146  
110LA2LV1991LASO HP ALL48,750174150  
111LA2AB2014LASO HP ALL47,7401801545.8LA6GF
112LA2LV1989LASO HP ALL45,288163136  
113LA2AD1979LASO HP ALL42,625194125  
114LA2AD1986LASO HP ALL42,575188131  
115LA5JS1974LASO HP ALL42,408229114  
116LA2AD1983LASO HP ALL41,527186131  
117LA2DDA1991LASO HP ALL41,005151139  
118LA2GN1980LASO HP ALL40,386173106  
119LA6LHA1993LASO HP ALL40,2969692  
120LA2AD1985LASO HP ALL38,936202124  
121LA2GN1976LASO HP ALL36,297251109  
122LA4M1975LASO HP ALL34,170218102LA2TO 
123LA9WO1991LASO HP ALL33,360140120  
124LA5PRA2015LASO HP ALL33,00014412515.2 
125LA8RL1989LASO HP ALL32,61811794  
126LA1VKA2002LASO HP ALL32,37311410910.9  
127LA5TFA1994LASO HP ALL32,292171156  
128LA2CBA1986LASO HP ALL32,208157132  
129LA2GN1975LASO HP ALL31,67818394  
130LA9CQ1979LASO HP ALL31,458200107  
131LA1RN1983LASO HP ALL30,736158113  
132LB9RE2010LASO HP ALL29,8981049911.2 
133LA7SI1992LASO HP ALL28,815125113  
134LA7VV1978LASO HP ALL28,355167107  
135LA2AD1987LASO HP ALL27,270158101  
136LA9GY1994LASO HP ALL27,0729794  
137LA5QK1976LASO HP ALL25,095190105  
138LA6IHA1991LASO HP ALL24,295162113  
139LH2A1988LASO HP ALL24,089148109LA2AD 
140LA6KOA2018LASO HP ALL22,69214412418.6 
141LA2GN1979LASO HP ALL21,97612882  
142LA5KO1982LASO HP ALL21,75610074  
143LA5KW1978LASO HP ALL21,624153106  
144LA1PHA1995LASO HP ALL21,100111100  
145LJ9RE2014LASO HP ALL20,32888843.8 
146LA2DDA1994LASO HP ALL20,300110100  
147LA2IZ1986LASO HP ALL19,26010090  
148LA2OTA2012LASO HP ALL19,2501251109.8 
149LA6MY1989LASO HP ALL19,055121103  
150LA9ML1983LASO HP ALL18,54911881  
151LA2GN1982LASO HP ALL18,32010880  
152LA2CBA1985LASO HP ALL17,600117100  
153LA2GN1977LASO HP ALL17,37212986  
154LA2AD1978LASO HP ALL17,11213093  
155LA1RN1982LASO HP ALL17,06410579  
156LA2BBA1981LASO HP ALL16,28410692  
157LA7CL1995LASO HP ALL15,01010895  
158LA4HW1979LASO HP ALL14,4808680  
159LA0DY1989LASO HP ALL14,4137971  
160LA3JAA1985LASO HP ALL13,1247868  
161LA1HCA1983LASO HP ALL12,4557465  
162LA6UL2007LASO HP ALL12,40291784.6  
163LA5HPA2011LASO HP ALL12,35068652.6 
164LA2GRA2010LASO HP ALL12,11885736.6 
165LA1R1985LASO HP ALL12,02410172LA2YT 
166LA2CQ1980LASO HP ALL10,2907870  
167LA5YV1978LASO HP ALL10,0828571  
168LA8DY1985LASO HP ALL9,9007666  
169LH2A1979LASO HP ALL9,86710669LA2AD 
170LA5JX1983LASO HP ALL9,3137467  
171LA9VDA1988LASO HP ALL9,2728676  
172LA5KO1978LASO HP ALL8,9047753  
173LA7NFA2000LASO HP ALL8,5005750  
174LA9FY1981LASO HP ALL8,2808645  
175LA7JO1978LASO HP ALL7,8606048  
176LA1RN1981LASO HP ALL7,6167768  
177LA6XI2020LASO HP ALL7,24568638.3 
178LA6MY1985LASO HP ALL6,9127772  
179LA6TP1979LASO HP ALL6,8128152  
180LA2AD1976LASO HP ALL6,58810061  
181LA4FA1984LASO HP ALL6,4285644  
182LA8GK2002LASO HP ALL6,41954495.1  
183LA6BBA1983LASO HP ALL6,2926352  
184LA2DDA1989LASO HP ALL6,2105454  
185LA2IJ1992LASO HP ALL5,9785049  
186LA1BFA2008LASO HP ALL5,95264643.5 
187LA3JAA1982LASO HP ALL5,7965846  
188LA7SI2011LASO HP ALL5,67648433.0 
189LA5YV1997LASO HP ALL (T)5,6055959  
190LA7QI1979LASO HP ALL5,2435849  
191LA4HH1979LASO HP ALL4,7734537  
192LB3AG2020LASO HP ALL4,55844434.4 
193LA7TT1976LASO HP ALL4,4556255  
194LA1RN1976LASO HP ALL4,4167748  
195LA3WBA1988LASO HP ALL4,4106045  
196LA6HL1974LASO HP ALL4,0825326  
197LA2AD1984LASO HP ALL4,0744342  
198LA3WEA1990LASO HP ALL3,8545247  
199LA6ZW1980LASO HP ALL3,5674141  
200LA3EX1980LASO HP ALL3,3927032  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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