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101N4GRN2004W4SO HP ALL (R)310,15441730230.7  
102N1TMG1996W1SO HP ALL (R)309,738382286  
103VE1TRH1998VE1SO HP ALL (R)301,735436259  
104XE2WWW2006XESO HP ALL (R)300,8464742739.6  
105AD1DX2009W1SO HP ALL (R)297,47050230228.5 
106RK9QWZ2003RA9SO HP ALL (R)291,35740324312.3UA9QFF 
107IW0HOU2007ISO HP ALL (R)291,24743031921.8  
108K4JET2006W4SO HP ALL (R)281,18440130328.3  
109RW4HD2015UA-4SO HP ALL (R)267,95354537911.9 
110IU4FIT2017ISO HP ALL (R)255,78039931515.0 
111N4YQ2001W4SO HP ALL (R)254,90736624317.0  
112SA3CAT2014SMSO HP ALL (R)224,40032626422.7 
113A61EK2016A6SO HP ALL (R)223,1102392015.3 
114DD5ZZ2014DLSO HP ALL (R)218,86839429915.0 
115DN1CS2010DLSO HP ALL (R)215,74539428514.6SWL HENDRIK
116VK3DOG2011VKSO HP ALL (R)212,93029321422.2 
117WT6H2012W6SO HP ALL (R)212,05235824619.3 
118IZ0VXF2013ISO HP ALL (R)208,20835128614.8 
119KB2RAS1997W2SO HP ALL (R)204,472330244  
120W9TVX/62014W6SO HP ALL (R)199,16633124211.4 
121KM5AV1997W5SO HP ALL (R)198,882381254  
122M0KPD2017GSO HP ALL (R)190,92029122226.7 
123WO4MW2011W4SO HP ALL (R)189,77230722722.2 
124DJ5TD2009DLSO HP ALL (R)189,22236328212.7 
125KK4DZP2013W4SO HP ALL (R)175,90434623919.5 
126W0DET2001W0SO HP ALL (R)171,40229823115.9  
127IU5BLZ2016ISO HP ALL (R)171,00032025015.7 
128VE1RJ1996VE1SO HP ALL (R)170,317283203  
129KB2FMH2017W2SO HP ALL (R)168,00030321022.1 
130K4CME2013W4SO HP ALL (R)165,58546324918.6  
131KI6QDH2010W6SO HP ALL (R)164,64035522427.7 
132BD3APX2007BYSO HP ALL (R)157,61737421118.4  
133W7UG2006W7SO HP ALL (R)144,53431521816.8  
134W6SJ2003W6SO HP ALL (R)144,22834720419.7  
135K7DSL2009W7SO HP ALL (R)138,51631920416.8 
136KQ9L2003W9SO HP ALL (R)137,79535421713.0  
137DB5TPF2015DLSO HP ALL (R)135,8262692269.6 
138N1AGE2012W1SO HP ALL (R)131,65226020718.5 
139K4XZ2004W4SO HP ALL (R)131,62624819317.4  
140DL7DS2009DLSO HP ALL (R)126,2182912238.0 
1416Y1X20106YSO HP ALL (R)121,63826919414.7KD8MJR
142KJ6HBY2012W6SO HP ALL (R)121,29028719518.5 
143VE7KET2003VE7SO HP ALL (R)114,95022519017.5  
144DL1WM2012DLSO HP ALL (R)112,55425322210.4 
145KB1ODO2008W1SO HP ALL (R)109,61030819426.3 
146BW6/XX9LT2009BVSO HP ALL (R)107,16034518817.1 
147IZ2ODM2009ISO HP ALL (R)105,64623720223.3 
148PE2SVN2004PASO HP ALL (R)103,74025321011.5  
149VY1CQ2005VE8SO HP ALL (R)103,17924716316.5  
150DL5SDK2005DLSO HP ALL (R)102,83424819710.1  
151OE3KNC2017OESO HP ALL (R)101,72223918124.2 
152N9LIS2015W9SO HP ALL (R)100,80019919214.2 
153NU6Y2015W6SO HP ALL (R)91,63222618415.8 
154WP4I2012KP4SO HP ALL (R)89,6581901539.6 
155YP6Z2013YOSO HP ALL (R)87,4822081667.9YO6SZ
156RX9JD2005RA9SO HP ALL (R)84,62419216420.8  
157IZ0RCP2012ISO HP ALL (R)83,26520518312.4 
158DO5DC2017DLSO HP ALL (R)82,58423218613.7 
159RV9XE2006RA9SO HP ALL (R)80,06817914814.4  
160KM4AHP2017W4SO HP ALL (R)79,8462011666.8 
161IZ8LMA2015ISO HP ALL (R)78,18619816614.9 
162UA3LG2015UA-3SO HP ALL (R)76,65021217515.3 
163K8DC2016W8SO HP ALL (R)74,4481951449.3 
164KK4EIR2013W4SO HP ALL (R)73,89918415311.4 
165W5YAA2008W5SO HP ALL (R)73,5382041669.6 
166IZ7SLU2012ISO HP ALL (R)72,98220818210.3 
167N8GX2003W8SO HP ALL (R)70,41621616311.3  
168OE6HWF2018OESO HP ALL (R)70,05619816810.9 
169PY7DJ2013PYSO HP ALL (R)69,1581921518.8 
170SA3CAT2013SMSO HP ALL (R)67,59216414220.9 
171AF2O2011W2SO HP ALL (R)66,56016313012.6 
172IZ1XBB2013ISO HP ALL (R)63,4121951669.2 
173OV3T2016OZSO HP ALL (R)61,9181911668.6 
174WA6KEK2012W6SO HP ALL (R)61,11619213213.0 
175BY4IB2013BYSO HP ALL (R)59,30530714514.6 
176VU2ZMK2017VUSO HP ALL (R)56,87017611025.0 
177KM4CPA2016W4SO HP ALL (R)51,2401531228.6 
178K7AEK2004W7SO HP ALL (R)49,23217713613.8  
179KM4CPA2015W4SO HP ALL (R)48,80014212210.7 
180DJ6TB2009DLSO HP ALL (R)48,76416914611.3 
181VK5HRT2009VKSO HP ALL (R)48,3121679925.3 
182KC5CMX/42014W4SO HP ALL (R)48,2791401218.6 
183SP7IFM2017SPSO HP ALL (R)47,8401651304.1 
184K0STP/42012W4SO HP ALL (R)45,9241671296.6 
185K7DNH2010W7SO HP ALL (R)45,26015012410.3 
186N9AFU2015W9SO HP ALL (R)45,21215312713.8 
187LY1CM2006LYSO HP ALL (R)43,40016212410.0  
188RD9SA2018RA9SO HP ALL (R)43,3841311161.1 
189RV9LM2007RA9SO HP ALL (R)41,1061211023.4  
190IU5BKR2015ISO HP ALL (R)41,0311601416.0 
191WT6H2011W6SO HP ALL (R)38,0411381099.2 
192BI4VIP2017BYSO HP ALL (R)37,7441921126.3 
193AD7SI2008W7SO HP ALL (R)37,44017312016.6 
194KG6ZHC2006W6SO HP ALL (R)36,12017312021.2  
195K3RRP2018W3SO HP ALL (R)35,34313911910.4 
196KC2MDQ2005W2SO HP ALL (R)34,8881138912.7  
197PY2EYE2005PYSO HP ALL (R)34,1381241016.4  
198KG6ZHC2007W6SO HP ALL (R)32,68614911818.9  
199DC7DX2014DLSO HP ALL (R)31,60511510516.3 
200K6JDC2017W4SO HP ALL (R)31,284116995.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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