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1013Z6V2013SPSA LP 40M97,6012231916.4SP6DVP
102HJ4ZJS2016HKSA LP 40M95,43614013213.7 
103PD3BVI2013PASA LP 40M (T)93,7962481799.8  
104KA9O2011W9SA LP 40M93,64422416413.9 
105F8CGL2010FSA LP 40M92,73622818417.4 
106SO7L2012SPSA LP 40M92,3941881747.3SP7UWL
107WF5E2012W5SA LP 40M (T)84,8122311825.4W5AJ
108UA4NDX2016UA-4SA LP 40M83,95217815918.5 
109HK3JJB2012HKSA LP 40M83,0701251178.0 
110LX1HD2017LXSA LP 40M (T)78,02917315711.4 
111YT3EE2016YUSA LP 40M77,6162001689.5 
112ES6PA2017ESSA LP 40M76,81218917321.6 
113YO9AGI2014YOSA LP 40M75,69618816610.0 
114SN1I2009SPSA LP 40M74,4242141682.6 
115ES4RX2010ESSA LP 40M68,52618916210.5 
116YD0MAT2018YBSA LP 40M (R)65,88015910815.4 
117S58MU1997S5SA LP 40M65,296193154  
118EW4RF2018EUSA LP 40M64,68416915712.3 
119S51JS2013S5SA LP 40M63,75619915416.2 
120YU2FG2016YUSA LP 40M (T)63,2321621528.2 
121JH9URT2011JA9SA LP 40M61,77612410810.4 
122YG5YUD2018YBSA LP 40M61,7282069614.0 
123JA2PFO2017JA2SA LP 40M (T)59,85012511413.1 
124DD9WG2012DLSA LP 40M (T)59,7321461378.6 
125YU1SMA2015YUSA LP 40M (R)59,18916315711.6 
126DJ2MX2009DLSA LP 40M58,85516514912.2 
1279A3MBM20159ASA LP 40M (T)58,2011561436.6 
128YY4TSS2015YVSA LP 40M57,98911210314.7 
129DL3BPC2015DLSA LP 40M57,6291541434.6 
130RA1AIZ2016UA-1SA LP 40M56,62516615116.8 
131IZ1NBX2011ISA LP 40M56,2591671417.6 
132PY2SPW2016PYSA LP 40M54,10811610810.9 
133F8CGL2007FSA LP 40M54,10215614219.5  
134DL2LDE2018DLSA LP 40M53,62014714010.2 
135ZM3T2018ZLSA LP 40M (T)53,5801139410.1W3SE
136OP4A2018ONSA LP 40M53,0601491408.4 
137S55M2005S5SA LP 40M53,01616014119.2S55M 
138YO9RIJ2017YOSA LP 40M51,8701451338.8 
139HB9VQQ2018HBSA LP 40M51,07214713312.1 
140DJ2MX2010DLSA LP 40M51,0381571516.5 
141DL7URH2013DLSA LP 40M51,0131561399.9 
142JA1KVT2005JA1SA LP 40M50,79611410212.6  
143SD6N2012SMSA LP 40M49,3921701442.0SM6VAO
144OV0V2013OZSA LP 40M (T)48,1621531389.1OZ3ABE
1459A2GA20179ASA LP 40M (T)47,1241381266.8 
1469A6TT20179ASA LP 40M (R)45,06413813111.7 
147DK0IU1996DLSA LP 40M43,420147130DJ6TK 
148YB8UTI2018YBSA LP 40M43,2401419412.6 
149UR8IDX2009URSA LP 40M (T)42,7801351249.5 
150W6RKC/11999W1SA LP 40M40,92010693  
151SY1BFI2016SVSA LP 40M (R)40,76611710912.2 
152YD2YIZ2017YBSA LP 40M40,6411449318.8 
153KK4AND2017W4SA LP 40M40,39212710824.2 
154YY4HMR2018YVSA LP 40M37,995918513.0  
155JA2PFO2018JA2SA LP 40M (T)37,7651009110.3 
156JI3CWI2015JA3SA LP 40M (T)37,4421159712.9 
157OM7KW2013OMSA LP 40M36,6541501235.9 
158YV4NR2017YVSA LP 40M36,49881798.6 
1599A3MBM20139ASA LP 40M (T)35,33212912114.9 
160IK2ULV2013ISA LP 40M34,8451241156.3 
161YC1AD2018YBSA LP 40M33,8801478811.9 
162UA2FT2011UA2SA LP 40M33,6961121047.0 
163YC8UM2017YBSA LP 40M33,4401519511.9 
164EA3HAQ2011EASA LP 40M33,15010710211.5 
165JO7GVC2013JA7SA LP 40M32,422918612.9 
166N8BV2017W8SA LP 40M31,71395932.9 
167Z39A2017Z3SA LP 40M31,1361161126.7 
168DS5TOS2013HLSA LP 40M30,530103864.2 
169JM1NKT2009JA1SA LP 40M (T)29,25099787.7 
170YC2NDX2016YBSA LP 40M (T)28,200947511.9 
171VE7JH2018VE7SA LP 40M27,72093774.4 
172JA2PFO2014JA2SA LP 40M (T)27,14289825.7 
173DL7URH2014DLSA LP 40M (T)25,9081071023.0 
174YD0SDD2018YBSA LP 40M (R)25,5941426715.4 
175RA0WMJ2014RA0SA LP 40M (T)24,726867811.3 
176PS8ET2013PYSA LP 40M24,50565657.4 
177SP7FDV2008SPSA LP 40M23,265105999.7 
178YG0TUR2018YBSA LP 40M (R)23,0461176919.5 
179EW8K2016EUSA LP 40M22,14085824.5 
180N7MAL2009W7SA LP 40M21,93099866.0 
181M0VWK2012GSA LP 40M (T)21,9021009411.6 
182YO4RDW2017YOSA LP 40M (T)21,57689876.9 
183IR4P2018ISA LP 40M21,34496924.2IK4RVG
184YD9SBP2016YBSA LP 40M (R)21,0801186210.0 
185CG3HEU2017VE3SA LP 40M20,59282668.0 
186DP4X2009DLSA LP 40M20,176108974.0DJ2MX
187ZM3T2016ZLSA LP 40M (T)19,4311105122.7W3SE
188N7MAL2011W7SA LP 40M19,17380776.6 
189K2TZY2015W2SA LP 40M18,55070704.6 
190JL6IPK2000JA6SA LP 40M18,0568774  
191DB1VQ2015DLSA LP 40M17,513888310.6 
192EW4RFC2013EUSA LP 40M (R)17,052898417.4 
193KD2JA/42015W4SA LP 40M17,03066654.3 
194JA2PFO2013JA2SA LP 40M (T)16,32067602.9 
195N2OHP2018W4SA LP 40M15,68079709.5 
196YD1MRI2014YBSA LP 40M14,905615515.6 
197YD2NDX2015YBSA LP 40M (T)14,732705810.6 
198SO2E2016SPSA LP 40M14,56072702.4SQ2KLZ 
199VK6IR2015VKSA LP 40M14,35263522.1 
200YD8UQL2018YBSA LP 40M (R)13,053695711.7 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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