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101HS0ZCWHSSO HP ALL1,600,3561,22857927.5 
102WQ7XW7SO HP ALL1,596,5401,22361523.8 
103WB2REM/4W4SO HP ALL1,544,4001,39862426.7 
104W5WZW5SO HP ALL1,544,1301,49760221.6 
105KM2OW2SO HP ALL1,496,82092957023.7 
1064B1KKXESO HP ALL1,493,7011,17954113.1XE1KK
107KH2JUKH2SO HP ALL (T)1,493,1631,16341124.5 
108VO1KVTVEOSO HP ALL (T)1,490,01687954424.6 
109ZS6BRZZSSO HP ALL1,475,7601,01352027.2 
110NT2AW2SO HP ALL (T)1,461,83493562127.5 
111VE3RZVE3SO HP ALL1,452,54081951614.2 
112LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL1,447,8231,29465930.3 
113YB4IRYBSO HP ALL1,419,91287848122.0 
114JA7BMEJA7SO HP ALL1,404,83091249027.5 
115EA4ETWEASO HP ALL (R)1,396,2001,08160028.5 
116N3UMW3SO HP ALL (T)1,376,20484653824.7 
117A71EMA7SO HP ALL1,364,57495146711.1 
118I4AUMISO HP ALL1,338,58299560931.0 
119WS7XW7SO HP ALL1,327,0881,48457430.3 
120OE6MDFOESO HP ALL (T)1,324,20398157329.5 
121JF2QNMJA2SO HP ALL1,321,17396346928.1 
122UA0DCRA0SO HP ALL1,320,56499547429.4 
123OQ7TONSO HP ALL1,286,8311,08655318.6 
124EW8DDEUSO HP ALL1,283,6041,18058831.4 
125M0WLFGSO HP ALL (T)1,263,02496053729.0 
126AB4GGW4SO HP ALL1,257,3421,06957118.2 
127DL9GWDDLSO HP ALL (T)1,212,15289155432.9 
128F6DZUFSO HP ALL1,190,29894656621.7 
129LY4CWLYSO HP ALL1,189,4381,05755434.8 
130K5ERW5SO HP ALL1,179,4861,14450630.0 
131F4DSKFSO HP ALL (T)1,171,24294955830.3 
132SM6BGGSMSO HP ALL1,158,06694454632.8 
133UW1GURSO HP ALL1,153,8661,11458126.6UY5HF
134EW4MMEUSO HP ALL1,131,03297953229.0 
135RA3DWUA-3SO HP ALL1,117,4701,09557934.7 
136F5BBDFSO HP ALL1,098,69089853028.6 
137W4KWW4SO HP ALL1,094,94082949529.8 
138LY2TSLYSO HP ALL (T)1,069,20094054036.0 
139WA6KHKW6SO HP ALL1,058,9041,01850435.7 
140UZ0UURSO HP ALL1,039,80692554912.4UY5ZZ
141AD5XDW5SO HP ALL1,023,3501,15148534.3 
142RK3DHUA-3SO HP ALL1,003,52086356023.7 
143K2BQ/4W4SO HP ALL998,84478448325.9 
144SP80MVGSPSO HP ALL992,50598752126.7SP1MVG
145EX8MATEXSO HP ALL991,85971540734.2 
146DF9OODLSO HP ALL942,90083152533.1 
147EW8DXEUSO HP ALL922,3081,03750931.8 
148UW8SMURSO HP ALL (T)917,18884049121.3 
149NK5OW5SO HP ALL (T)879,9801,00746029.6 
150WN8RW8SO HP ALL879,11282542829.1 
151SV1JGXSVSO HP ALL867,6801,01554436.0 
152JM1UTTJA1SO HP ALL (T)846,94574043519.1 
153SV2GJVSVSO HP ALL829,19279947616.3 
154K7EDXW7SO HP ALL816,04088246024.6 
155RU1ABUA-1SO HP ALL810,76272748933.7 
156W1BYHW1SO HP ALL (T)794,31369040323.8 
157JF1SEKJA1SO HP ALL790,48272840621.2 
1583Z80PZKSPSO HP ALL786,69574245516.7SP4Z
159K8FLW8SO HP ALL763,55264442824.7 
160WK1Q/2W2SO HP ALL763,00065243612.9K2WR @WB2ZKX
161KV7DXW7SO HP ALL (T)757,8091,10845915.7KN5H
162YO4DWYOSO HP ALL755,72576747524.9 
163EW4AAEUSO HP ALL (T)748,96069849622.8 
164LA9TJALASO HP ALL723,66781146922.0 
165RW0UMRA0SO HP ALL721,19084341026.4 
166UT6EEURSO HP ALL717,99170843735.7 
167NB7VW7SO HP ALL706,23694545824.2 
168N1BCLW1SO HP ALL (T)698,40063240025.0 
169JA7COIJA7SO HP ALL (T)695,97665737623.5 
170WA7LTW7SO HP ALL693,53289743414.6 
171VE3TAVE3SO HP ALL686,4485203788.0 
172UA9TFRA9SO HP ALL680,02862936610.4 
173K8KYW8SO HP ALL (T)666,00067940024.1 
174DM5JBNDLSO HP ALL665,45773345322.8 
175K5LADW5SO HP ALL663,98465642431.4 
176RN3ZCUA-3SO HP ALL653,79074946514.2 
177NC6X/7W7SO HP ALL (T)644,24567239519.1 
178US3IZURSO HP ALL642,18069242026.0 
179AL1GKLSO HP ALL641,13084835515.0 
180NR7DXW7SO HP ALL637,82475545313.1K7ABV
181YL3DRYLSO HP ALL637,55166345930.8 
182VA7IRVE7SO HP ALL (T)630,76376735928.4 
183K1ARW1SO HP ALL626,8685983969.5 
184JR8OXTJA8SO HP ALL626,47056439517.2 
185IK8SEUISO HP ALL619,93074347021.4 
186SP8HXNSPSO HP ALL608,18860340626.1 
187JA8ECSJA8SO HP ALL605,36456936625.9 
188TF8GXTFSO HP ALL (T)601,86987445717.8 
189VO2NSVEOSO HP ALL597,37058441011.3 
190K1DGW1SO HP ALL596,7125273765.4 
191OZ5EVOZSO HP ALL594,86457545933.6 
192VK3IOVKSO HP ALL589,35646130629.6 
193KW3AW3SO HP ALL (T)585,32772539131.8 
194W9OPW9SO HP ALL567,34257738723.7 
195RA0AARA0SO HP ALL565,6166183689.2 
196KG9GW9SO HP ALL560,79073940221.4NP2I
197IK4DCXISO HP ALL560,44158041313.8 
198VA6UKVE6SO HP ALL560,05857234716.3 
1999M2NNM9M2SO HP ALL556,00667539823.4 
200SE6YSMSO HP ALL547,87267441626.5SM6DED

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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