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101IR9AIT9SO HP ALL2,163,9751,704671  
102K5RAW5SO HP ALL2,153,2241,39063232.8  
103EA8AJOEA8SO HP ALL (T)2,049,1141,271523  
104AI9UW9SO HP ALL (T)2,006,8751,39662530.4K9JLS 
105OK2FDOKSO HP ALL2,004,2531,16370321.9  
106S56AS5SO HP ALL1,998,9761,36464428.7  
107JM1XCWJA1SO HP ALL1,978,4641,24255726.4  
108JA2BNNJA2SO HP ALL1,941,1481,231562  
109KF2OW2SO HP ALL1,926,8761,21560929.0  
110K4BAIW4SO HP ALL (T)1,866,4801,34261628.8  
111WB8TLIW8SO HP ALL (T)1,834,5551,17856519.1  
112IZ4COWISO HP ALL1,754,9201,24860123.3  
113JQ1BVIJA1SO HP ALL (T)1,726,3321,153547  
114OE75CWLOESO HP ALL (T)1,697,3581,18161132.4OE5CWL 
115JR1UJXJA1SO HP ALL (T)1,692,5481,14653823.7  
116LZ9WLZSO HP ALL1,622,6191,00351333.4LZ1ZD 
117W8AEF/7W7SO HP ALL1,619,9821,25659836.0  
118HA6NLHASO HP ALL (T)1,569,9901,16959034.5  
119RW1ZAUA-1SO HP ALL1,538,2421,26359323.7  
120RZ9SRRA9SO HP ALL1,513,7481,06245233.5  
121K4BPW4SO HP ALL1,496,4701,09156925.6  
122AI6VW6SO HP ALL1,478,8311,17156930.1K6GT 
123UA9ACJRA9SO HP ALL (T)1,460,41298645236.0  
124KN1DX/4W4SO HP ALL1,420,9721,01253216.5K4ZW 
125AM6TCEA6SO HP ALL (T)1,370,0141,479589EA6TC 
1268P6EX8PSO HP ALL1,363,8301,04850720.6  
127AN5DCLEASO HP ALL1,354,2461,15158626.5EA5DCL 
128OH5NEOHSO HP ALL1,348,7021,26057135.0  
129ED1DAXEASO HP ALL1,334,3221,14250625.8  
130K0GASW0SO HP ALL1,334,1061,0755417.6  
131VE7TLLVE7SO HP ALL (T)1,330,35599448524.9  
132DL9DYLDLSO HP ALL1,299,5201,010524  
133KE5OGW5SO HP ALL (T)1,278,5361,2375533.9  
134SP3KFHSPSO HP ALL1,259,92599153519.1SP3JZR 
135DJ8UV/PDLSO HP ALL1,229,1091,08954736.0  
136UT2IWURSO HP ALL (T)1,201,4311,00353926.7  
137SM0WSMSO HP ALL1,200,5401,02153524.9SM0WKA 
138DU1UGZDUSO HP ALL (T)1,186,559993401  
139PY2GAPYSO HP ALL (T)1,144,10093842516.3  
140UR6MXURSO HP ALL1,130,4241,06153631.9  
141K2UOP/8W8SO HP ALL1,122,99089749822.3  
142RV9BBRA9SO HP ALL1,101,57677947429.4  
143UA9XENRA9SO HP ALL1,095,95680445430.3  
144EU1PAEUSO HP ALL1,091,6161,09149832.2  
145SM6WQBSMSO HP ALL (R)1,089,41499452233.3  
146VE5FXVE5SO HP ALL1,075,64191448318.0  
147N5RXFW5SO HP ALL1,065,7461,29350229.0  
148N9NSW9SO HP ALL1,047,13087449022.5  
149NM5OW5SO HP ALL (T)1,027,5201,08749420.8N5UM 
150F5BBDFSO HP ALL1,025,11495050318.0  
151EU1SAEUSO HP ALL1,001,9521,06949723.7  
152NV4XW4SO HP ALL991,87781444333.3K4MA 
1534U1WBW3SO HP ALL (T)986,4931,08949317.8AJ3M 
154N4MMW4SO HP ALL984,064798496  
155HB9CICHBSO HP ALL (T)983,50589951928.3  
156OZ5EVOZSO HP ALL951,846764519  
157SN4TSPSO HP ALL943,34092250531.2  
158UA4ASEUA-4SO HP ALL931,5901,0334959.5  
159W6TEW6SO HP ALL923,667871453  
160W6IXPW6SO HP ALL921,30088344429.7  
161RZ4ANUA-4SO HP ALL901,96789849115.5  
162GM3BCLGMSO HP ALL846,906773437  
163RU3DXUA-3SO HP ALL836,38488847220.9  
164VE9MYVE1SO HP ALL835,41769743916.3  
165KP2BHKP2SO HP ALL804,44078136420.3  
166N0YYOW0SO HP ALL (T)742,51074241033.9  
167UX5UOURSO HP ALL735,26469443224.0  
168OK1KTOKSO HP ALL (T)730,22766443720.0  
169W4YEW4SO HP ALL (T)729,58265540619.3  
170DL1NEODLSO HP ALL724,30477344617.6  
171W4SAAW4SO HP ALL (T)709,17072838531.3  
172VE7XBVE7SO HP ALL (T)708,474703403  
173EU2DXEUSO HP ALL (R)706,860815420  
174WL7CMKKLSO HP ALL695,52872638332.3  
175W2GPS/3W3SO HP ALL (T)694,71071541524.3  
176KI6TW6SO HP ALL687,11571040314.3  
177JR4QZHJA4SO HP ALL683,46864139113.3  
178N4SEAW4SO HP ALL660,83264638633.5  
179V73UXV7SO HP ALL651,89761333913.6  
180AN2APEASO HP ALL (T)647,22369444320.5  
181W2BZR/3W3SO HP ALL640,9267184299.1  
182UA0ANWRA0SO HP ALL623,32265035710.9  
183F2ARFSO HP ALL618,233700407  
184UA9FMRA9SO HP ALL604,89256338816.2  
185OE5OHOOESO HP ALL599,94063139633.6  
186N6OPRW6SO HP ALL (R)584,65878140121.9  
187ED5ASFEASO HP ALL (T)573,49874142230.5  
188KC1FW1SO HP ALL566,8255963958.3  
189KC7UPW7SO HP ALL565,10456838619.4  
190AN5GUEASO HP ALL562,47466140712.2EA5GU 
191N0UUW0SO HP ALL545,87857238218.6  
192JR1LEVJA1SO HP ALL (T)543,078570338  
193UA9CKSRA9SO HP ALL539,70056635017.4  
194W1ELW1SO HP ALL535,82055036718.8  
195IR8JISO HP ALL534,76567938529.4  
196UA9MORA9SO HP ALL517,080421372  
197DK5OSDLSO HP ALL516,24861237628.7  
198K7JJ/6W6SO HP ALL490,87059138217.7  
199RZ3RCUA-3SO HP ALL (R)490,26669337814.9  
200DH2MADLSO HP ALL477,26465136611.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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