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101KY3ORKW3SO HP ALL (T)2,043,7431,356613KC3TL 
102SP9QMPSPSO HP ALL2,035,5301,536630  
1033Z4NSPSO HP ALL2,031,1201,318620SP4NI 
104OH6XYOHSO HP ALL1,953,0201,287628  
105UY1IURSO HP ALL1,926,0921,603634UX0IK 
106PA0IJMPASO HP ALL1,922,7901,498599  
107VE5CPUVE5SO HP ALL1,853,3791,308579  
108UA9JDPRA9SO HP ALL1,821,5821,172549  
109KC1FW1SO HP ALL1,792,5051,206545  
110AF2KW2SO HP ALL (T)1,783,3661,282607  
111KZ1KW1SO HP ALL1,713,9481,163613K1PLX 
112W7EBW7SO HP ALL1,713,4561,224584  
113CP6UACPSO HP ALL1,670,4901,113538  
114EA1BLXEASO HP ALL1,661,3101,252567  
115W8AEF/7W7SO HP ALL1,658,8401,206565  
116IT9PZMIT9SO HP ALL (T)1,625,6011,268573  
117OK1EPOKSO HP ALL (T)1,558,8231,181581  
118ON5GQONSO HP ALL1,550,1931,128591  
119CS5AUOCTSO HP ALL1,493,0301,192554CT1AUO 
120VO1WETVEOSO HP ALL (T)1,479,8281,087474  
121LS7DLUSO HP ALL (T)1,450,6051,032519LU7DW 
122G3VAOGSO HP ALL1,447,2301,073570  
123YZ7EMYUSO HP ALL (R)1,443,7801,070585  
124AJ3MW3SO HP ALL (T)1,389,920983552  
125F5BBDFSO HP ALL1,384,9801,094563  
126S53RS5SO HP ALL (T)1,340,8741,020486  
127WB8TLIW8SO HP ALL1,324,816944496  
128K0CATW0SO HP ALL (T)1,318,5721,024522K9WIE 
129W7NNW7SO HP ALL1,303,7281,033519  
130KI9AW9SO HP ALL1,300,4191,075531  
131LT0HLUSO HP ALL (T)1,286,928919486LU3HY 
132RW9QARA9SO HP ALL1,279,164896444  
133TZ6DXTZSO HP ALL1,274,1201,010424K4RB 
134IK6JNHISO HP ALL1,271,748985524  
135N1EUW1SO HP ALL (T)1,258,218906494  
136UA9CKPRA9SO HP ALL1,251,625888475  
137DJ3HJDLSO HP ALL1,243,5601,009516  
138UX1UAURSO HP ALL (T)1,243,1041,134552  
139W6TKW6SO HP ALL (T)1,235,3041,000513  
140K6IIIW6SO HP ALL (T)1,215,158986511  
141NE8IW8SO HP ALL1,203,200943470  
142NN6NNW6SO HP ALL (T)1,185,8671,101501N6EE 
143NA1DX/3W3SO HP ALL (R)1,166,459841497  
144JA2FSMJA2SO HP ALL1,142,505864465  
145EI/EA3BOXEISO HP ALL1,104,0651,221527  
146AB6WMW6SO HP ALL1,102,100972515  
147AA8PAW8SO HP ALL (T)1,083,730980505  
148N2CUW2SO HP ALL (T)1,063,692830469  
149LU2FTLUSO HP ALL (T)1,063,232830449  
150N2WKW2SO HP ALL1,040,520748460  
151LY3BHLYSO HP ALL1,037,628900444  
152LX1EPLXSO HP ALL1,033,4641,272447  
153N3RDW3SO HP ALL1,022,767741463  
154K6GTW6SO HP ALL1,010,568884474  
155RW4PKUA-4SO HP ALL998,493969501  
156NW6S/4W4SO HP ALL (T)998,148829446  
157DL9DYLDLSO HP ALL985,675850443  
158KM7TMW7SO HP ALL977,218895473  
159ZL1ANJZLSO HP ALL (T)959,010716390  
160HD2RGHCSO HP ALL957,884804404  
161JA6ZLIJA6SO HP ALL (T)944,735769445JJ6WYS 
162K9ZOW9SO HP ALL904,950833450  
163K2UOP/8W8SO HP ALL (T)903,000764430  
164W8JYW8SO HP ALL (T)873,976759428  
165WM6AW6SO HP ALL869,456791392K6DB 
166DJ2MXDLSO HP ALL (T)859,248800432  
167W4NTI/8W8SO HP ALL835,280735394  
168PV2VPYSO HP ALL832,824782387PY2KP 
169W0ZPW0SO HP ALL (T)830,810954502  
170VE9FXVE1SO HP ALL (T)802,272712411  
171NA2XW2SO HP ALL760,760674440  
172KS7TW7SO HP ALL754,641707439  
173NZ1QW1SO HP ALL754,114719422  
174OE8CIQOESO HP ALL752,095847431  
175OZ7DNOZSO HP ALL724,607622401  
176KU6JW6SO HP ALL (T)717,200704400  
177N4MMW4SO HP ALL (T)703,470619383  
178W6TKVW6SO HP ALL695,868729412  
179JR1LEVJA1SO HP ALL (T)686,454629382  
180KS4XGW4SO HP ALL671,402713422  
181OH1LEGOHSO HP ALL657,090602447  
182NT6KW6SO HP ALL (T)645,814764421  
183K5XRW5SO HP ALL638,112626408W5ASP 
184LZ1BJLZSO HP ALL635,954800422  
185W7QNW7SO HP ALL (T)619,510627410  
186WR2VW2SO HP ALL605,172572348  
187GM3BCLGMSO HP ALL600,650643410  
188DK5WQDLSO HP ALL598,776593409  
189NF7EW7SO HP ALL590,352660392  
190N5QDEW5SO HP ALL571,155563377  
191K2FRW2SO HP ALL (T)562,380595364  
192AK6RW6SO HP ALL560,900647395  
193WA1KKMW1SO HP ALL560,700578350  
194DM3HZNDLSO HP ALL560,694631391  
195UT0UURSO HP ALL558,102633382  
196WK6LAW6SO HP ALL552,348695402K6LA 
197I2SVAISO HP ALL549,692626341  
198W0TTW0SO HP ALL540,588598354  
199SM6HRRSMSO HP ALL535,626575378  
200AF7Y/6W6SO HP ALL533,250589375  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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