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101KS2MW2SO HP ALL419,616551372  
102NQ1KW1SO HP ALL411,668591388  
103AB4ESW4SO HP ALL387,260559335  
104UP2BSPLYSO HP ALL386,375573281  
105UP2BRLYSO HP ALL383,380565290  
106Y58WADMSO HP ALL383,318608299  
107UA9KMRA9SO HP ALL376,516640238  
108NY7TW7SO HP ALL370,608586336  
109OH1BVOHSO HP ALL361,501579301  
110Y56YFDMSO HP ALL358,284559292  
111Y54NLDMSO HP ALL348,245555289  
112OH6NEVOHSO HP ALL345,576642308  
113AB2EW2SO HP ALL338,052650394  
114EA3EGBEASO HP ALL334,941517291  
115EA1GTEASO HP ALL331,200671320  
116UQ2GNYLSO HP ALL329,184649254  
117UW9CYRA9SO HP ALL328,640549260  
118N0ZAW0SO HP ALL326,268524324  
119Y57OGDMSO HP ALL322,025665275  
120WG7AW7SO HP ALL314,592570339  
121VE3BXYVE3SO HP ALL312,674383254  
122UA4HBMUA-4SO HP ALL307,839552321  
123VE6BSVE6SO HP ALL304,434623234  
124KB0C/9W9SO HP ALL301,788535332  
125NJ1VW1SO HP ALL296,064825384  
126EA2BUNEASO HP ALL292,746475291  
127WA8YTMW8SO HP ALL286,440566372  
128UP3BULYSO HP ALL280,395525279  
129ZS3/DL8ZBLV5SO HP ALL276,012388246  
130UA9YKERA9SO HP ALL273,760535232  
131UA6BPJUA-6SO HP ALL273,166492221  
1323A8F3ASO HP ALL270,1086012463A2LF 
133CT2DIZCTSO HP ALL266,716543262  
134UV3DNUA-3SO HP ALL263,407582293  
135KA7EQSW7SO HP ALL261,871418307  
136UY5TEURSO HP ALL261,072549252  
137UB7QAURSO HP ALL259,494600183  
138Y48PJDMSO HP ALL259,318528263  
1393A/DJ6QT3ASO HP ALL254,657558247  
140N6JVW6SO HP ALL253,672522296  
141RA1AGUA-1SO HP ALL252,354510274  
142UB4MFURSO HP ALL247,857384199  
143OZ1DPWOZSO HP ALL246,881407271  
144SP6CZ/6SPSO HP ALL244,000471244  
145ZL1IMZLSO HP ALL243,600412200  
146AX2DVUVKSO HP ALL241,920387216VK2DVU 
147Y33UJDMSO HP ALL240,318494237  
148Y32QDDMSO HP ALL235,620467255  
149SM4CMGSMSO HP ALL232,918400254  
150OH6NIOOHSO HP ALL232,200481270  
151WU5ZW5SO HP ALL224,000634350  
152IK2AEQISO HP ALL222,264405252  
153W4WJJW4SO HP ALL220,844398274  
154KC9C/0W0SO HP ALL220,281525303  
155Y45RNDMSO HP ALL217,464442246  
156OZ1CLQOZSO HP ALL216,468427252  
157KB2SEW2SO HP ALL211,464378264  
158UA3ATVUA-3SO HP ALL208,017400261  
159JI3AUDJA3SO HP ALL205,933381217  
160Y47PNDMSO HP ALL204,073476227  
161KC9EWW9SO HP ALL203,136387276  
162WA5IYXW5SO HP ALL202,912465272  
163ZP5MSCZPSO HP ALL198,792404198  
164RB5CLURSO HP ALL196,320430240  
165JE7HFLJA7SO HP ALL193,000361200  
166RB5IQURSO HP ALL192,942430243  
167OK3YCAOKOMSO HP ALL189,666360246  
168RW3AHUA-3SO HP ALL189,441405217  
169UA4NCIUA-4SO HP ALL189,288329264  
170LZ1HPLZSO HP ALL188,730403270  
171UA3ZUUA-3SO HP ALL187,956431227  
172JH0SPEJA0SO HP ALL186,200359200  
173N4MMW4SO HP ALL185,465272245  
174UR2RNGESSO HP ALL181,332425219  
175UM8MRGEXSO HP ALL179,740317190  
176DJ0MWDLSO HP ALL179,200341280  
177NG9LW9SO HP ALL178,220390268  
178NL7DUKLSO HP ALL177,300320225  
179UA4WEMUA-4SO HP ALL176,600350188  
180FE6DRPFSO HP ALL174,492347262  
181K3MDW3SO HP ALL171,598335238  
182PT7VBPYSO HP ALL167,240353226  
183CS5CQKCTSO HP ALL166,025346229CT1CQK 
184UB5QMAURSO HP ALL165,968356184  
185ON4XGONSO HP ALL165,354356217  
186Y24AM/ADMSO HP ALL164,640356224  
187UP3BALYSO HP ALL164,076429242  
188WB8OW8SO HP ALL162,597365249  
189KZ1KW1SO HP ALL162,560600320K1PLX 
190UW6LCUA-6SO HP ALL162,410355218  
191DK5DSDLSO HP ALL160,446370221  
192DL4OKDLSO HP ALL157,765303227  
193JM1SOXJA1SO HP ALL157,688348184  
194YC0USJYBSO HP ALL156,746282181  
195RA3VAUA-3SO HP ALL156,600390225  
196HI3AMFHISO HP ALL156,177386201  
197SK0LMSMSO HP ALL155,078407209SM0DRD 
198OK3PQOKOMSO HP ALL154,036331194  
199VE7XOVE7SO HP ALL153,648289198  
200VS6UPVRSO HP ALL152,438474169KB7G 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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