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1801KA9O2015W9SA LP 15M1,94427272.3 
1802WA9EYY1983W9SO HP 160M1,9449754  
1803N9GUN2017W9SA HP ALL1,91430291.8 
1804K9OSH2005W9SA LP ALL1,904282825.0  
1805KB9LTH2015W9SO LP ALL (T)1,89132314.8 
1806K9ZEN2005W9SO LP ALL1,88533293.2  
1807KA9BBQ2017W9SO LP ALL1,86030305.8 
1808AI9I2010W9SO QRP ALL1,83034302.6 
1809K9OSH1990W9SO HP ALL1,8002525  
1810KC9LNH2009W9SA LP 20M1,79833315.7 
1811K1GI/92011W9SO LP 15M1,79830291.1 
1812N9BT2013W9SO LP ALL1,79832294.3 
1813N9WEW2011W9SO LP 40M (T)1,79237322.0 
1814KC9YL2018W9SO LP ALL (T)1,78641384.1 
1815NE0P/91994W9SO LP 15M1,7554235  
1816KC9VYX2018W9SO LP 20M (T)1,75528275.9 
1817W9GWG2013W9SO LP 20M1,73434343.1 
1818W9MRL2016W9SO LP ALL (R)1,66434324.1 
1819WX9E2016W9SA LP ALL1,65037330.4K9PG 
1820K9AIH2011W9SA LP ALL1,65022221.9 
1821AF9J2009W9SO QRP ALL1,64537354.4 
1822KC0RSX2017W9SA LP ALL1,63227241.9 
1823K9GDF1981W9SO HP ALL1,6323532  
1824K9PSM2014W9SO LP 20M (T)1,62428282.8 
1825WN9O2016W9SO HP ALL1,56630270.7W9IU
1826WD9GGY1991W9SO HP 15M1,5372929  
1827W9REC1988W9SO HP 20M1,5213939  
1828KB9WQJ2002W9SO LP ALL (R)1,48826240.3  
1829AF9J2018W9SO QRP ALL1,48835312.5 
1830NS9I2013W9SA HP 20M1,47225230.6 
1831W3ZAP/92015W9SO LP ALL (R)1,45029293.9 
1832K9AWM2016W9SA LP 40M (R)1,44922211.8  
1833KE9EX2015W9SO LP ALL1,38023232.7 
1834NJ9T2016W9SO HP ALL1,37826263.0 
1835KC9OYE2015W9SO LP ALL1,35724233.8 
1836N9VPV2016W9SA LP ALL1,34426242.9 
1837N9ABC2007W9SO LP 20M (R)1,28823235.8  
1838NA9RB2016W9SA HP ALL1,24120170.7 
1839WT9U2016W9SO HP ALL1,23923210.7 
1840AC9IG2018W9SA LP ALL1,21023221.7 
1841K0CVA/91977W9SO HP 10M1,2002320  
1842K9BBQ2018W9SO LP ALL1,14830285.9 
1843NQ9A2017W9SO LP ALL1,14426265.3 
1844KD9MS2017W9SO HP 20M (T)1,14020200.5 
1845K9OMW2013W9SO LP 10M (T)1,14022203.6 
1846K9OSH1996W9SA HP 20M1,1222222  
1847KK9EJ2017W9SO LP 20M1,12223222.4 
1848KK9V2017W9SA HP 80M (T)1,07125210.4 
1849N0ICV/92005W9SO LP ALL1,062211829.4  
1850K9DRS2014W9SA LP ALL (T)1,06020204.9 
1851KR9E2018W9SA HP ALL1,02020201.7 
1852W9SWT2017W9SO LP ALL1,02020203.1 
1853W9YCV1981W9SO HP 15M1,0072019  
1854WU9D2016W9SO LP ALL98925233.2 
1855KC9VGG2012W9SO LP ALL (R)97528255.0 
1856W9RZW1990W9SO HP ALL9524834  
1857K9IAP1978W9SO HP ALL9452221  
1858W9JWC2017W9SA LP ALL (T)89320191.7KD9ERP
1859KC9PGH2011W9SO LP ALL (R)85822223.2 
1860KX9R2007W9SO LP 20M840222125.2  
1861WA9KIA2017W9SO HP ALL82818182.2 
1862W9TTY2016W9SO LP ALL82020202.2 
1863AC9PR2018W9SO LP ALL81617173.6 
1864NE0P/91995W9SO LP 15M7821917  
1865KE9EX2011W9SO LP 20M78217171.6 
1866K9XB2016W9SO QRP ALL77919192.4  
1867KB9OBF2010W9SO LP ALL76022195.3 
1868AI9I2018W9SO LP 15M73118171.1 
1869W9ILY/M2005W9SO LP 15M70418161.8  
1870K9UQN1991W9SO HP ALL6881716  
1871WI9WI2010W9SA HP 20M64020200.4 
1872K9TCD2013W9SO LP ALL63016151.2 
1873K9WBS2007W9SO LP 40M (R)612201825.8  
1874KK9U2015W9SO LP ALL (T)61218180.7 
1875K9SGB2016W9SO LP ALL (R)60214141.2  
1876KK9U2008W9SO LP ALL60025200.8 
1877AF9H2008W9SO HP ALL59523172.2 
1878AK9F2014W9SO LP 40M (R)58919193.9 
1879WY9S2017W9SO LP 20M57616161.0 
1880WM9E2015W9SO LP ALL57619182.1 
1881N9JTB2015W9SA LP ALL (R)54417171.8 
1882KM9M2013W9SA HP ALL (T)52021200.7 
1883KA9OBZ2011W9SO LP ALL51814143.6 
1884KA9ZFW2004W9SO LP ALL51814142.3  
1885W9WY2006W9SO LP ALL495171525.0  
1886KE9EX2000W9SO LP ALL4941313  
1887WA9TZE1983W9SO HP 160M4882421  
1888KC9FQV2007W9SO LP ALL486201826.1  
1889K9DXB1978W9SO HP 10M4681413  
1890N9GBB2005W9SO LP 20M4681818  
1891K9EMF2018W9SO LP 20M45623192.9 
1892W9YCV1989W9SO HP ALL4551313  
1893N9ZYL2015W9SO LP ALL45513131.4 
1894AC9NF2018W9SO LP ALL (R)42015152.5 
1895KD9BUX2018W9SO LP ALL42017151.1  
1896ND9E2009W9SO HP ALL40515150.4 
1897KC9UHH2013W9SO LP ALL (R)40515151.1 
1898WB9AYW2009W9SO HP 40M39919191.3 
1899W9TTY2017W9SO LP ALL39214141.7 
1900WI9TOM2006W9SO LP ALL39016152.1  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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