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1801W3VYK2018W3SA LP ALL3,66335332.7 
1802NI3I1996W3SO QRP 20M3,6403835  
1803AA0CY/32005W3SO LP ALL3,626393725.5  
1804W3RLO2013W3SO LP ALL3,60539355.1 
1805K3VED2005W3SO LP ALL3,60539356.7  
1806WA3VPL1988W3SO HP 15M3,6004645  
1807N3FJP2007W3SO LP ALL3,564484425.2  
1808AI3G2010W3SO LP 40M3,476524410.2 
1809N3XPD2013W3SO LP ALL3,45637362.7 
1810WA3VPL1986W3SO HP 20M3,4324744  
1811KC3JNW2018W3SO LP ALL3,40044404.7 
1812WA1HEW/32016W3SO LP 40M3,332353412.5 
1813AD8J/32005W3SO LP ALL3,328373225.6  
1814N3XL2018W3SA HP ALL3,32142413.3 
1815KB3JQQ2015W3SO LP 10M (T)3,32142416.3 
1816AG3Q2016W3SA LP ALL (R)3,31238364.4 
1817KU2C2018W3SA HP ALL3,25532310.9 
1818K3FS2013W3SO LP ALL3,20441365.2 
1819AI3G2008W3SO LP 40M3,19249429.2 
1820WB0IWG/32011W3SO QRP 80M3,06035343.8 
1821WO3Z2008W3SO LP ALL3,04047401.8 
1822KA2BKG/32011W3SO LP 40M (T)2,97027271.7 
1823N3NTF2015W3SO LP ALL2,92340379.0 
1824N2HR/32014W3SO HP 40M2,91628271.1 
1825NA1DX/32016W3SA QRP 160M (T)2,85657425.6 
1826N8NA/32010W3SO LP ALL (T)2,85233310.7 
1827K3DCX2015W3SO LP ALL2,83537355.4 
1828N1IG/32009W3SO LP ALL (T)2,82947414.5 
1829W3FQE1993W3SO HP ALL2,8163232  
1830KA3PCX2016W3SA LP ALL (T)2,79031302.2 
1831KB3GJT2013W3SO LP ALL2,68636342.4 
1832N3NZ2007W3SO HP ALL2,66035356.9  
1833W3RLO2011W3SO LP ALL2,64031303.8 
1834W3FCI1977W3SO HP ALL2,5803030  
1835AA1K/32010W3SO HP 80M2,52040360.9 
1836AI3G2011W3SO LP 40M2,52040305.2 
1837N3RC1978W3SO HP 15M2,4943429  
1838N3RQV2003W3SO LP ALL2,48438362.5  
1839N3XPD2011W3SO LP 20M2,43630281.8 
1840K3VED2015W3SO HP ALL2,40030303.2 
1841NI3C2014W3SO QRP ALL (T)2,35229283.2 
1842AC3U2017W3SA LP ALL2,34032261.0 
1843N3JON2018W3SA LP ALL2,32825242.2 
1844KF3BN1999W3SO LP ALL2,2962828  
1845N0MSB/32008W3SO LP ALL2,24436345.5 
1846W3NWS2008W3SO LP ALL2,20447384.0 
1847KB3QWC2014W3SO LP ALL2,19030304.0  
1848N3HS2006W3SA HP ALL2,160323025.1  
1849K3YDX2009W3SO LP ALL2,08839361.8 
1850K3YDX2012W3SA HP ALL2,07927272.7 
1851W3FQE1997W3SO LP 20M2,0723028  
1852KE3X2017W3MULTI-ONE HP2,05227271.0KE3X K3ADN
1853AA1K/32013W3SO HP 160M1,94742331.9  
1854N3TWM2016W3SO HP ALL1,92035301.3 
1855KB3SCZ2009W3SO LP ALL (R)1,91439335.3 
1856WB0IWG/32006W3SO QRP 10M1,87628286.2  
1857KA3AVB1988W3SO HP ALL1,8454841  
1858AI1W2017W3SO LP 15M1,83630270.9 
1859K3LAB2008W3SO LP 20M1,83638346.8 
1860N3KIP/AA1992W3SO LP 10M1,8276329  
1861AB3YC2016W3SO LP 20M1,82026262.3 
1862AB3OB2012W3SO LP ALL (R)1,82026263.7 
1863N3NZ2010W3SO HP ALL1,79430265.2 
1864W3FA2018W3SO LP ALL (T)1,78231273.4 
1865N3KHK2007W3SO LP ALL1,75528274.3  
1866W3AG2004W3SO QRP ALL1,70828282.5  
1867N3CYC1983W3SO HP ALL1,6383026  
1868AB3RW2016W3SO QRP ALL (R)1,62428282.7 
1869WA3VPL1987W3SO HP 15M1,6202927  
1870W3FQE1990W3SO HP ALL1,5753232  
1871KE3X2018W3SA HP ALL (T)1,54123230.4 
1872KW3P2018W3SO LP ALL1,53733292.5 
1873WB3IGR2018W3SO LP ALL1,51932312.9 
1874N3GBJ2013W3SO LP ALL1,50826262.4 
1875KB3NDS2007W3SO LP 20M (R)1,43026262.8KB3NDS 
1876WA3VIL1978W3SO HP ALL1,4283728  
1877AA3CS2011W3SO QRP ALL1,42526252.8 
1878K5HAL/32013W3SO LP ALL1,39234294.6 
1879WA3UXP1981W3SO HP ALL1,3682724  
1880N3KGC2008W3SO LP ALL1,35032306.4 
1881KA3MZR2018W3SO LP 10M1,30222213.3  
1882KB3QWC2013W3SO LP ALL1,30026262.9 
1883WA3G2004W3SO LP ALL1,296282724.6  
1884N3JON2007W3SO LP ALL1,2762222  
1885KB3FZ1980W3SO HP 20M1,2192423  
1886KB3SQV2014W3SO LP 10M1,17323232.5 
1887W3FTG1986W3SO HP ALL1,1662322  
1888KC3GYN2018W3SO LP ALL1,15024234.5  
1889WB3LKO2006W3SO LP ALL1,127232325.5  
1890W3WTD2018W3SO LP ALL (T)1,12526256.1 
1891N3FJP2014W3SA LP ALL1,12222221.6 
1892N3KIP1995W3SO LP 40M1,0921414  
1893W3KA1977W3SO HP 160M1,0804427WA3SXH 
1894W3LDG2008W3SO LP ALL1,04020201.3 
1895AA3VA2003W3SO HP ALL1,00822181.9  
1896K3YJP2002W3SO LP 10M94523211.8  
1897W3FTG1990W3SO HP ALL9121716  
1898W3RLO2017W3SO LP 20M90321212.4 
1899AA3VA2004W3SO HP ALL86419163.1  
1900N3KGC2007W3SO LP ALL82529254.7  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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