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1801VK2NU2006VKSO QRP ALL1,67923235.7  
1802GW0VSW2002GWSO QRP ALL (T)1,66427264.3  
1803YO2LAN2013YOSO QRP ALL1,65228281.8SANDY
1804ES1WST2010ESSO QRP ALL1,65232285.9 
1805JH3DMQ1999JA3SO QRP ALL1,6503815  
1806AF9J2009W9SO QRP ALL1,64537354.4 
1807JE2HCJ2007JA2SO QRP ALL1,63330232.6  
1808K6RM/42012W4SO QRP ALL1,63224242.6 
1809IK0XBX2007ISO QRP ALL (T)1,625252524.7  
1810AB3RW2016W3SO QRP ALL (R)1,62428282.7 
1811KB1ZBU2013W1SO QRP ALL (R)1,62028274.2 
1812BH1BSH2011BYSO QRP ALL1,61233318.1 
1813N8AXA1994W8SO QRP ALL1,5906160  
1814IU2IGX2017ISO QRP ALL (R)1,56833324.1 
1815KB6MIF2003W6SO QRP ALL1,539382725.9  
1816LB1JG2014LASO QRP ALL (R)1,53633324.1 
1817HB0/DL1NX2016HB0SO QRP ALL (T)1,50828261.2 
1818K6JWN2014W6SO QRP ALL1,50830293.2 
1819ON6EB2018ONSO QRP ALL1,50435324.0 
1820YO6DBL1983YOSO QRP ALL1,5002925  
1821IU9A2007IT9SO QRP ALL1,49527234.5  
1822N8ET1996W8SO QRP ALL1,4952423  
1823AF9J2018W9SO QRP ALL1,48835312.5 
1824Y23TL1990DMSO QRP ALL1,4883431  
1825PA1W2007PASO QRP ALL1,48536333.7  
1826WA7NSM1980W7SO QRP ALL1,4624234  
1827SP9RQH2015SPSO QRP ALL1,45028251.6 
1828RU7A2015UA-6SO QRP ALL1,44024201.7  
1829PD3AT2018PASO QRP ALL1,43027263.1 
1830KB1CKT2003W1SO QRP ALL1,42836340.5  
1831AA3CS2011W3SO QRP ALL1,42526252.8 
1832EA3FHP2012EASO QRP ALL1,40430262.4 
1833PA1B2014PASO QRP ALL1,40035356.2 
1834YB0ANN2017YBSO QRP ALL1,357392310.5 
1835DK9JC2016DLSO QRP ALL (R)1,35027274.8 
1836IZ0MTF2010ISO QRP ALL1,35031301.9 
1837BH1NGG2013BYSO QRP ALL (R)1,34429282.7 
1838YO4AAC2000YOSO QRP ALL1,3442524  
1839W2DW1982W2SO QRP ALL1,3442624  
1840UT0FC2013URSO QRP ALL1,33434293.8 
1841LW0D1994LUSO QRP ALL1,2955637LU7DW 
1842PA0ZAV2013PASO QRP ALL1,28828282.7 
1843DD1OPI2011DLSO QRP ALL1,27427263.4 
1844KT8K2017W8SO QRP ALL1,24229275.1  
1845KB5DRJ2009W5SO QRP ALL1,23035305.0 
1846KT8TD/42015W4SO QRP ALL1,22526254.2 
1847EA4CU2012EASO QRP ALL (T)1,22525252.5 
1848W2JEK1989W2SO QRP ALL1,1972321  
1849E20NGF2017HSSO QRP ALL1,19628234.9 
1850UA0SBQ2014RA0SO QRP ALL1,17621211.9 
1851RK6AQM2012UA-6SO QRP ALL1,15025254.3 
1852F1UIH2008FSO QRP ALL (T)1,13427274.9 
1853UT5UUV2015URSO QRP ALL1,12222221.1 
1854SP2MHC2013SPSO QRP ALL1,11826261.1 
1855W7MLG2013W7SO QRP ALL1,10425232.1 
1856DF7LSA2005DLSO QRP ALL1,10426245.8  
1857W7BAK2017W2SO QRP ALL (R)1,10027253.2 
1858ON3ICK2007ONSO QRP ALL (R)1,100252512.6  
1859DH0JAE2011DLSO QRP ALL1,07528251.4 
1860N8AXA1983W8SO QRP ALL1,0602020  
1861SP6DVP1993SPSO QRP ALL1,0561716  
1862JA6DIJ2015JA6SO QRP ALL (T)1,05022211.8 
1863XV5HS20163WSO QRP ALL1,04024204.6  
1864R6FY2018UA-6SO QRP ALL1,03525232.2 
1865K2CY2000W2SO QRP ALL1,0352323  
1866JH1EFA1980JA1SO QRP ALL1,0262318  
1867WA7NWL1986W7SO QRP ALL1,0243832  
1868WB4GHZ2015W4SO QRP ALL (T)1,00821212.3 
1869PE2WG2007PASO QRP ALL990232210.4  
1870VE6EX2017VE6SO QRP ALL96621212.4  
1871DF7LS2007DLSO QRP ALL96625235.5  
1872EA4CU2018EASO QRP ALL (T)96228263.3 
1873OZ1LTR2012OZSO QRP ALL95732294.8 
1874OE1SBA1981OESO QRP ALL9542018  
1875KE4D2017W4SO QRP ALL94523214.2  
1876KX5U/42015W4SO QRP ALL94324236.8 
1877JH7UJU2012JA7SO QRP ALL94023205.8 
1878VA3RKM2007VE3SO QRP ALL94021203.8  
1879N6HI/72013W7SO QRP ALL93619181.8 
1880IZ8JJI2011ISO QRP ALL (T)92423223.9 
1881JE7DOT1994JA7SO QRP ALL9182118  
1882KF6ZYD2018W6SO QRP ALL (T)90228225.1 
1883JH1OGC2015JA1SO QRP ALL89319190.6 
1884RC1C2014UA-1SO QRP ALL89320191.5 
1885RA3WCG2010UA-3SO QRP ALL89128274.6 
1886F/G3VQO/P2001FSO QRP ALL891272725.3  
1887JL6LTB2012JA6SO QRP ALL87420192.9 
1888F4HGF2018FSO QRP ALL86426243.1 
1889PA9TT2003PASO QRP ALL85827262.7  
1890PD0PMS2017PASO QRP ALL85026252.3 
1891KA7PLE2011W7SO QRP ALL84024245.7 
1892AO4C2009EASO QRP ALL (T)84028241.6 
1893JJ0SFV/02017JA0SO QRP ALL83626224.5 
1894K6MI2009W6SO QRP ALL83620192.3 
1895KG7WZ2012W7SO QRP ALL82823231.8 
1896SM3AGO1983SMSO QRP ALL8162017  
1897VA3MYC2018VE3SO QRP ALL80016163.0 
1898TA3AMT2015TASO QRP ALL79819190.6 
1899HK4KM2017HKSO QRP ALL78417162.2  
1900PC5D2013PASO QRP ALL78218173.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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