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1801OH3LQKOHSO HP ALL18,225109814.2  
1802JA3BBGJA3SO LP 10M18,0118983  
1803LY2BETLYSO HP ALL17,876998229.7  
1804OK2BDFOKSO LP ALL17,864867712.7  
18054N0SYUSO QRP 20M17,864128116  
1806F5JBFFSO LP ALL17,84811892  
1807OE1TKWOESA HP ALL17,63384776.3  
1808RA4AGUA-4SO HP ALL17,510100852.7  
1809ON7CCONSO QRP ALL17,190101907.1  
1810JA7ADVJA7SO LP 15M17,0828178  
1811S54AS5SO LP 160M17,056103824.4  
1812IZ5BSAISO LP 10M16,800108100  
1813PY2AERPYSO LP 15M16,72884681.7  
1814LY2ICLYSA HP 10M16,64090805.2  
1815SP8OOBSPSO LP 15M16,60010083  
1816YO4USYOSO LP 40M16,5688276  
1817KU6TW6SO LP 40M16,18473689.0  
1818W4OGGW4SO HP ALL16,08010080  
1819JH7CJMJA7SO LP ALL (T)16,0008180  
1820IV3KSEISO LP ALL15,84086807.0  
1821HI3LFEHISO LP ALL15,8348078  
1822EA4BSCEASO LP ALL (T)15,73285765.9  
1823UR5FCMURSO QRP 10M15,732997614.4  
1824N9KOW9SO LP ALL15,58094764.3  
1825RZ3DOUA-3SO LP 80M15,54013970  
1826AO2BAHEASO LP ALL15,47186819.2EC2BAH 
1827ES5AGPESSO LP ALL15,4568684  
1828LZ1QZLZSO HP ALL15,392977427.5  
1829KG4CKXW4SO LP ALL15,05495786.1  
1830PY2LDSPYMULTI-ONE HP14,85083757.9  
1831ER1BAFERSO HP 10M (R)14,85080759.8  
1832Z35MZ3SO HP 40M14,8508475  
1833YC2VVDYBSO LP 15M14,7849784  
1834LU1ARVLUSO LP ALL14,775797531.6  
1835S57IIOS5SO LP ALL14,773937925.4  
1836RX3AEXUA-3SO LP ALL14,652857419.2  
1837AA6RXW6SO HP ALL14,630847025.4  
1838PY1AFSPYSO LP ALL14,630967730.9  
1839EA7HEEASO LP 15M14,50811278  
1840PA0KDMPASO LP ALL14,45010085  
1841US9QAURSO QRP ALL13,86192833.7  
1842RA9STRA9SO HP ALL13,76075641.5  
1843KG2MVW2SO LP ALL13,73579674.1  
1844KE4W/5W5SO LP ALL (T)13,7248073  
1845SK6TYSMSO HP 20M13,5001149026.7SM6FUD 
1846YO9GZUYOSO QRP 40M13,4647168  
1847YU7AZLYUSO HP 40M13,425797514.3  
1848SP6FJSPSO LP ALL (T)13,40070673.4  
1849YU1ASTYUSO LP 160M13,275887510.7YT1CA 
1850JG5VIAJA5SO LP 15M13,1246968  
1851JM3XEJJA3SO LP ALL13,03987595.6  
1852ZS0EZSSO LP 10M12,85268636.1ZS6AJS 
1853ED3QWEASO HP ALL (T)12,7989981  
1854WB9BSH/4W4SO LP ALL12,79768679.4  
1855SP2AVESPSO HP 15M12,7787873  
1856RA0JJRA0SO LP ALL12,74483727.5  
1857HS4BPQHSSO LP ALL12,5807568  
1858JJ3OOZJA3SO LP 10M12,5297167  
1859RN1AOUA-1SO LP 20M12,42012090  
1860JA1IZJA1SO LP 10M12,2766866  
1861HB9NNHBSO HP 10M (T)12,1727368  
1862N6UBW6SO LP 10M12,14176716.4  
1863SP2BLCSPSO HP 15M12,1399161  
1864YO2LGXYOSO LP 10M12,09670639.3  
1865AN5TNEASO LP 15M11,9529583EA5TN 
1866RV3ICUA-3SO LP ALL11,86899863.7  
1867EU6FFEUSO QRP 20M11,83210087  
1868RZ3DZJUA-3MULTI-ONE HP11,7001009048.0Andy K. Andy S. Art 
1869RZ3DJZUA-3SO LP 20M11,70010090  
1870EA5CZLEASO LP ALL (T)11,6288076  
1871WA4JAW4SO LP 10M11,4578867  
1872ES1ACESSO LP 10M11,256766718.3  
1873JD1BIAJD/oSO LP 80M11,2009450  
1874LU6FAZLUSO QRP 20M11,11569653.8  
1875AA6EEW6SO LP ALL10,9347971  
1876DL4KUGDLSO LP ALL (T)10,86067601.2  
1877JH1RFMJA1SO HP 40M10,70745433.8  
1878SV2BBDSVSO LP 20M10,701998726.6  
1879W6QUW6SO QRP 40M10,6796659W8QZA 
1880PY6KYPYSO HP 40M10,384474427.2  
1881WB7OCV/2W2SO QRP 20M10,3367468  
1882VE2OWLVE2SO LP ALL10,29268625.2  
1883RA4AUHUA-4SO QRP ALL10,25177676.0  
1884EC7DYCEASO LP 15M10,2307966  
1885SM7DXQSMSO LP 10M10,206646328.4  
1886EZ8CWEZSO LP ALL10,1406760  
1887WD9DJDW9SO LP 20M (T)10,0657261  
1888WA2IAUW2SO LP ALL9,860665830.4  
1889KC7WUEW7SO LP ALL9,85365595.0  
1890PY2TSTPYSO LP 10M9,79668625.9  
1891EA7FIQEASO LP ALL9,768686612.0  
1892EA1HPEASO LP 80M9,63872613.1  
1893OH2MDCOHSO LP 15M9,3847668  
1894JE3UHVJA3SO LP 10M9,33863585.0  
1895K6LMN/7W7SO LP 10M9,2116561  
1896JE1SLPJA1SO LP ALL9,2046152  
1897UA1AKEUA-1SO HP ALL (T)9,168544816.2  
1898UR7EMURSO LP ALL8,850705927.2  
1899PS8NFPYSO HP ALL8,73658527.7  
1900SP6NVKSPSO LP ALL8,52556559.3  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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