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1701K3FH2002W3SA LP ALL7,36760531.7  
1702K4JDF/32015W3SO LP ALL7,36661588.1  
1703K3IXD2004W3SA LP ALL (T)7,34457513.0  
1704W3BW2017W3SA HP 20M7,33252521.1 
1705N3VN2016W3SA LP ALL7,22853523.4  
1706W3UR2013W3SO HP 160M7,17679522.2 
1707WA3PZO2013W3SA LP ALL7,15057553.8 
1708N2US/32009W3SO LP ALL7,15051503.9 
1709N3VMM2014W3SO LP 10M7,07659586.3 
1710N3JNX2009W3SO LP ALL6,96666544.4 
1711W3ETB1982W3SO HP ALL6,9585649  
1712KN3A2011W3SO LP ALL6,95849492.6 
1713KE5NJ2018W3SO LP ALL6,88860564.6  
1714W3AG2007W3SA LP ALL (T)6,86256474.4  
1715KB3RKM2013W3SO LP ALL6,72152477.5  
1716K3RWN2007W3SA LP ALL6,65056505.2  
1717K3HX2016W3SO QRP ALL6,579605110.9 
1718NV3V1993W3SO LP ALL6,5557469  
1719WB0IWG/32003W3SO QRP 10M6,53467547.9  
1720KA3FWW1983W3SO HP ALL6,4775651  
1721KA3ITJ2011W3SA LP 80M (T)6,432524810.2 
1722W3WMD2014W3SO HP ALL6,34549473.0 
1723W3EDP2009W3SO LP ALL (R)6,31864547.7 
1724KB3EXB2009W3SO LP ALL (T)6,29851473.9 
1725KC3BRA2016W3SO LP ALL (R)6,24050485.8 
1726KA3QER1990W3SO HP ALL6,2156255  
1727W3MGL2000W3SO QRP 10M6,2105046  
1728K3JRZ2016W3SA LP ALL (R)6,09650489.2 
1729W3TM2013W3SO LP ALL (T)6,06958514.0 
1730N3TIR2017W3SO LP ALL5,95054502.7 
1731WV2M/32015W3SA HP ALL5,92041402.7 
1732W3MGL2012W3SO LP ALL5,88851465.3 
1733NE3R2018W3SO LP ALL5,886635410.5 
1734KB3TZD2015W3MULTI-ONE LP5,85053453.9KB3TZD KB3SQV
1735KB3CK1979W3SO HP 10M5,8147357  
1736W0WDF/32013W3SO HP 20M (R)5,81461577.2 
1737KB3IBT2007W3SO LP ALL5,808504410.5  
1738N3JNX2008W3SO LP ALL5,78251493.9 
1739KB3AFT1997W3SO LP 80M5,76010072  
1740W3FQE1979W3SO HP ALL5,7506350  
1741NN3SI2000W3SO LP ALL5,6945049WA4FXX 
1742WJ3N1994W3SO LP 15M5,6846258  
1743N3LT2015W3SO HP ALL5,65059503.6  
1744W3ZX2016W3SA LP ALL (R)5,63238323.3 
1745NF3R2006W3SA HP ALL (R)5,60064561.1K3ASK 
1746K3VED2012W3SO LP ALL5,58048454.9 
1747KB3OZA2011W3SO LP ALL5,56849482.2N1MM
1748WV3D2014W3SA LP ALL (T)5,49441411.7 
1749N3JNX2010W3SO LP ALL5,47251483.5 
1750AB3XJ2017W3SO LP ALL (T)5,35862578.6 
1751K0BAK2018W3SO HP ALL (T)5,32849481.6 
1752W3EDP2010W3SO LP ALL (R)5,29259545.1 
1753AK3S2011W3SO LP ALL (R)5,26449472.6 
1754K3LAB2007W3SO LP 20M5,247595311.1  
1755K3UA1994W3SO HP 40M5,2143533  
1756KA3AVB1987W3SO HP ALL5,17213797  
1757K3WW1992W3SO HP ALL5,1664541  
17584U1WB2018W3SA HP 20M (T)5,14854521.5AJ3M
1759WB3LKO2003W3SO LP ALL (T)5,13653486.4  
1760N3MYB2017W3SO LP ALL5,04343414.3 
1761AB3KP2013W3SO LP ALL5,04051488.2 
1762W3EH2004W3SO LP ALL5,03151434.1  
1763KK4FYV/32016W3SO LP ALL4,98845434.6 
1764K3JAG2018W3SO LP ALL4,98254473.9 
1765KE3QX2006W3SO LP 20M4,92251469.6  
1766AB3OG2013W3SO LP ALL (R)4,836545210.7 
1767KC3ASH2015W3SO LP ALL4,74645423.9 
1768K3UA1980W3SO HP 80M4,7047256  
1769KC3ASH2016W3SO LP ALL (R)4,63548454.0 
1770W3RLO2012W3SO LP ALL4,62043424.4 
1771N3GSC1989W3SO HP 10M4,5584943  
1772W3FQE1996W3SO HP 20M4,5244039  
1773W3CPB1992W3SO LP 10M4,5004645  
1774W3BGN1982W3SO HP 160M4,48815968  
1775K3MZ2016W3SO LP ALL4,46440362.6 
1776N3GL2006W3SO LP 20M4,326434227.0  
1777K3LAB2010W3SO LP 20M4,32051485.3 
1778KB3OQ1983W3SO HP 20M4,2424240  
1779N3TDE2017W3SA LP ALL4,18350473.0 
1780KB3RKM2011W3SO LP ALL4,17342397.9 
1781N3TXH2008W3SO HP 40M4,16164573.7 
1782N3GJ2007W3SA HP 20M4,16040401.6  
1783WV3B1997W3SO HP ALL4,1546662  
1784N3VYZ2016W3SO LP ALL4,14051463.3 
1785N3LVO2000W3SO HP 10M4,0804340  
1786W3CM1977W3SO HP ALL4,0704237  
1787N3SRG2018W3SO HP ALL (T)4,06837364.1 
1788AI3G2014W3SO LP 40M4,05046455.8 
1789K3QX2012W3SA HP ALL4,03244361.2 
1790KA3PDY1990W3SO HP 20M4,0284538  
1791K3SWZ2007W3SO LP 80M4,018454126.7  
1792K3KU2015W3SO LP ALL4,01743392.1 
1793W3MGL2004W3SO LP ALL4,000434026.3  
1794KB3JQQ2012W3SO HP 10M3,95541352.4 
1795K3LAB2009W3SO LP 20M3,82549456.9 
1796N8HM/32012W3SO LP ALL3,80042384.6 
1797KB3JGU2007W3SO LP 20M3,784504314.7  
1798AI3G2009W3SO LP 40M3,784554310.6 
1799N3FNE2003W3SO LP ALL3,78048421.9  
1800K3URT2014W3SO LP ALL3,70837363.9 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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