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1201UT0EZ2009URSO LP ALL (R)3,88837365.1 
1202YO9BNP2017YOSO LP ALL (R)3,86447466.1 
1203JK8FRL1998JA8SO LP ALL (R)3,8644442  
1204KN4EWI2018W4SO LP ALL (R)3,82744436.3 
1205N2TCB2017W5SO LP ALL (R)3,78451437.1 
1206N7MDS2017W7SO LP ALL (R)3,78446437.1 
1207AB1ZQ2018W1SO LP ALL (R)3,72648466.3 
1208NS6T2010W6SO LP ALL (R)3,72442383.4 
1209IZ3SXO2013ISO LP ALL (R)3,705595711.5 
1210PD4MK2013PASO LP ALL (R)3,69652482.9 
1211TA3IUY2015TASO LP ALL (R)3,69030303.8 
1212K1JHS/52010W5SO LP ALL (R)3,68046466.6 
1213BH1LEJ2010BYSO LP ALL (R)3,66342378.1 
1214TA1MFR2017TA1SO LP ALL (R)3,60848449.7 
1215K1AUS/72016W7SO LP ALL (R)3,60847418.9 
1216BG1LKK/42007BYSO LP ALL (R)3,60043364.5BG1LKK 
1217KD0YOC2014W0SO LP ALL (R)3,57238388.3 
1218VE7VAW2012VE7SO LP ALL (R)3,57245384.6 
1219KD8VMR2015W8SO LP ALL (R)3,55545452.4 
1220N0WLX2017W0SO LP ALL (R)3,51056455.9 
1221EF5T2011EASO LP ALL (R)3,51059548.1EA5HRT
1222HS7WMU2014HSSO LP ALL (R)3,432393910.7 
1223KL3HM2012KLSO LP ALL (R)3,43237336.1 
1224IU1FQQ2016ISO LP ALL (R)3,43148476.7 
1225KG6RCW2008W6SO LP ALL (R)3,42055459.8 
1226KI6LTC2009W6SO LP ALL (R)3,40862487.3 
1227PU2OSZ2016PYSO LP ALL (R)3,40345419.4 
1228BH4RDB2010BYSO LP ALL (R)3,402504213.5 
1229HL2NFB2012HLSO LP ALL (R)3,40035345.3 
1230YO2MNC2011YOSO LP ALL (R)3,40037344.0 
1231KC2MDQ2004W2SO LP ALL (R)3,382403834.7  
1232KE6WEO1997W6SO LP ALL (R)3,3805652  
1233KK4WCA2015W4SO LP ALL (R)3,36740375.5 
1234IZ2LSC2008ISO LP ALL (R)3,36638348.3 
1235KB1WXM2013W1SO LP ALL (R)3,36243412.5 
1236JI1HSV2015JA1SO LP ALL (R)3,36037325.5 
1237KQ3K/42015W4SO LP ALL (R)3,35440399.4 
1238YU4NSL2017YUSO LP ALL (R)3,34445445.6 
1239KE8CPD2017W8SO LP ALL (R)3,31149435.4 
1240BG4JWU2008BYSO LP ALL (R)3,31153438.6 
1241SV1OCR2015SVSO LP ALL (R)3,29834345.3 
1242IW3SRZ2007ISO LP ALL (R)3,28042412.6  
1243KC2UCJ2009W2SO LP ALL (R)3,26844434.4 
1244LA9CJA1997LASO LP ALL (R)3,2564944  
1245VE3KNT2011VE3SO LP ALL (R)3,24828282.1 
1246KC9HJO2007W9SO LP ALL (R)3,24349475.7  
1247SQ2KLZ2014SPSO LP ALL (R)3,20436365.0 
1248K0NJR2016W0SO LP ALL (R)3,15940397.6 
1249RU3YAA2016UA-3SO LP ALL (R)3,15036352.7 
1250AE6CW2002W6SO LP ALL (R)3,15038354.5  
1251SV2HWR2010SVSO LP ALL (R)3,13651493.0 
1252IZ1MLS2010ISO LP ALL (R)3,13237363.3 
1253WN6E2011W6SO LP ALL (R)3,12040405.8 
1254DB1SDJ2006DLSO LP ALL (R)3,108403727.2  
1255IZ8GNH2006ISO LP ALL (R)3,094353410.4  
1256KC2EXL2001W2SO LP ALL (R)3,0603636  
1257AG5DB2018W5SO LP ALL (R)3,04050404.2 
1258HS8JCV2016HSSO LP ALL (R)3,00744319.8 
1259AG7CC2018W7SO LP ALL (R)2,92546455.3 
1260SQ3PMM2012SPSO LP ALL (R)2,88639374.9 
1261KI7PMQ2018W7SO LP ALL (R)2,800514012.9  
1262K5DKW2018W5SO LP ALL (R)2,788474111.3 
1263TA5CV2014TASO LP ALL (R)2,78427240.9 
1264UA1WBV2012UA-1SO LP ALL (R)2,77230281.8 
1265SA6SKA2016SMSO LP ALL (R)2,70642414.0 
1266KC8YSW2005W8SO LP ALL (R)2,68636344.2  
1267KK4HHO2012W4SO LP ALL (R)2,67336334.7 
1268BH4SRC2011BYSO LP ALL (R)2,66441378.3 
1269DL1RIO2011DLSO LP ALL (R)2,66438377.4 
1270EA3IAA2017EASO LP ALL (R)2,64040407.5 
1271DO5CTH2017DLSO LP ALL (R)2,62737374.9 
1272DJ0WB2009DLSO LP ALL (R)2,62240385.5 
1273OH8FKU2009OHSO LP ALL (R)2,59238364.0 
1274AE4CW2008W4SO LP ALL (R)2,59037354.3 
1275IW5EIJ2006ISO LP ALL (R)2,574343326.6  
1276UT0FC2016URSO LP ALL (R)2,52046456.1 
1277AC8PI2014W8SO LP ALL (R)2,50834332.4 
1278KC2VUP2010W2SO LP ALL (R)2,47939373.6 
1279KD0EPN2009W0SO LP ALL (R)2,47043387.5 
1280N4ERZ2012W4SO LP ALL (R)2,46431284.8 
1281UB0AEX2015RA0SO LP ALL (R)2,43032302.2 
1282DO6PS2013DLSO LP ALL (R)2,41831312.0 
1283KD0OYR2012W0SO LP ALL (R)2,40033323.1 
1284YO7MSJ2017YOSO LP ALL (R)2,39438385.1  
1285KG6FOD2001W6SO LP ALL (R)2,3803534  
1286AD0HL2015W0SO LP ALL (R)2,37847416.4 
1287NV2K2014W2SO LP ALL (R)2,37829294.0 
1288VK2KRM2007VKSO LP ALL (R)2,37039305.7  
1289IU4FNQ2016ISO LP ALL (R)2,34036363.9 
1290BG3EO2008BYSO LP ALL (R)2,26247396.8 
1291N9BRZ2016W9SO LP ALL (R)2,24439333.2 
1292BH4SCF2010BYSO LP ALL (R)2,24437335.6 
1293KI4KNS2006W4SO LP ALL (R)2,24440346.2  
1294A65CB2013A6SO LP ALL (R)2,20430291.6 
1295KC9ULS/42013W4SO LP ALL (R)2,20134314.1 
1296N0JMN2017W0SO LP ALL (R)2,20042405.8 
1297EA3DUR2018EASO LP ALL (R)2,16036304.4 
1298VK3ADD2015VKSO LP ALL (R)2,16030275.7  
1299VK3MEG2013VKSO LP ALL (R)2,16033278.9 
1300BG3BXH2007BYSO LP ALL (R)2,14633299.4  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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