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901VA3EC2018VE3MULTI-ONE LP17,55090783.8VA3EC VA3JHQ
902VE3SXY2016VE3SO LP ALL17,25086757.3 
903VA3MW2018VE3SO HP 80M17,16974591.0 
904VE3PQ2015VE3SO LP ALL17,11176713.7 
905VA3PL2002VE3SO LP ALL16,92085724.8  
906VE3XAT2017VE3SA LP ALL16,72080764.6 
907VE3OIL1996VE3SO LP 80M16,4827267  
908VE3NBE1989VE3SO HP 20M16,4808080  
909VE3XAT2014VE3SA LP 10M (T)15,96076766.3 
910VE3BR2018VE3SO HP ALL15,68069566.4 
911VE2AEJ/31984VE3SO QRP ALL15,5498671  
912VE3XAT2013VE3SA LP ALL15,46678742.3 
913VE3BBN1977VE3SO HP 160M15,4449939  
914VE3AUO2011VE3SA LP 10M15,400907013.9 
915VA3FN2012VE3SO LP ALL15,18075667.9 
916VA3MQS2015VE3SO LP ALL (R)15,08980797.4 
917VE3BR2015VE3SO QRP 40M14,84858583.7 
918VE3WMJ2011VE3SO LP ALL14,824786810.7 
919VE3IPS1978VE3SO HP 10M14,8079767  
920VY2MGY/31998VE3SO QRP 160M14,4008045  
921VA3ZLT2015VE3SA LP ALL14,32277774.3  
922VE3QN2018VE3SA HP ALL14,30068653.7 
923VE3IAE2008VE3SO LP 20M (T)14,21271764.8 
924VE3EVV1999VE3SO LP 20M14,1128372  
925VA3PC2010VE3SO HP 10M13,92675663.2 
926VA3RKM2006VE3SO QRP ALL13,46479688.5  
927VE3PYJ2018VE3SO LP 40M13,462675310.4 
928VE3KCO2008VE3SO LP ALL13,440947016.3 
929VE3GCO1983VE3SO HP 20M13,4258775  
930VE3EZU1978VE3SO HP ALL13,3907565  
931VA3PDG2015VE3SO LP 10M (R)13,32876686.5 
932VE3AJ2008VE3SO LP ALL13,16774637.1 
933VA3FP2008VE3SO HP 15M13,056756410.6 
934VE3MEW2016VE3SO LP ALL12,85270638.0 
935VA3RKM2009VE3SO QRP ALL12,78073606.7 
936VE3RHD2009VE3SO LP 20M12,76585698.3 
937VE3RCN2015VE3SO LP ALL12,74466593.1 
938VE3NYT1985VE3SO HP 20M12,7407570  
939VE3RER2006VE3SO LP ALL12,71676684.5  
940VA3TPS2007VE3SO LP ALL (R)12,672736611.1  
941VE3XAT2016VE3SA LP ALL12,60064604.9 
942VE3IZH1980VE3SO HP ALL12,5287258  
943VE3FWA2011VE3SO LP ALL12,40869664.4 
944VE2WA/31984VE3SO HP ALL12,3287067  
945VE3CXN1987VE3SO HP ALL12,2837971  
946VE3XAT2010VE3SA LP ALL12,03672682.5 
947VE3LJQ2014VE3SO QRP 10M (R)12,02568659.8 
948VE3CKG2009VE3SO LP ALL11,948635815.0 
949CG3KKQ2017VE3SO LP ALL11,59066612.3 
950VE3EY2013VE3SO LP ALL (T)11,44070653.6 
951VE3TU2016VE3SO LP ALL (T)11,40874624.2 
952VE3HX1988VE3SO QRP 10M11,2227362  
953VE3MV1978VE3SO HP 20M11,1607260  
954VE3IGJ2003VE3SO LP ALL11,15187638.6  
955VA3CFK2009VE3SO HP ALL11,08867635.9 
956VA3WNO2017VE3SA LP ALL11,03264565.9 
957VE3FEA1978VE3SO HP ALL10,9747062  
958VE3QEE2013VE3SO LP ALL10,94565556.4  
959VE3PYJ2014VE3SO LP 40M (T)10,81253513.5 
960VE3WPV2016VE3SO LP ALL10,78870623.6 
961VA3EEB2013VE3SO LP ALL (R)10,77362574.2 
962VA3XH2011VE3SO HP 80M10,65053502.8 
963VA3MYC2017VE3SO QRP ALL10,615615510.4 
964VE3VET1988VE3SO HP 10M10,5007360  
965VE3JSQ2016VE3SA LP 20M10,41662625.8  
966VE3PQ2018VE3SO LP ALL10,24862614.1 
967VE3ZIN2007VE3SO LP ALL (R)10,19266564.8  
968VA3RKM2008VE3SO QRP ALL9,96468537.8 
969VE3MCF2010VE3SO LP 20M9,85864624.5 
970VA3EEB2016VE3SO LP ALL9,74759573.1 
971VE3IAE2007VE3SO QRP 20M9,54071607.0  
972VE3IAE2015VE3SA LP ALL9,38160594.4 
973VE3NQK1999VE3SO LP ALL9,36210462  
974VE3SKX1992VE3SO LP ALL9,1776757  
975VG3WR2010VE3SO QRP ALL8,85663543.5VA3WR
976VA3MQS2017VE3SA LP ALL8,68058568.8 
977VE3OIL2012VE3SO LP ALL8,64063545.3 
978VA3WPV2010VE3SO LP 10M8,46658517.7 
979VE3RR2017VE3SO LP ALL8,30054502.9 
980VA3RKM2012VE3SO QRP ALL8,28858562.9 
981VE3EDY2012VE3SO LP 160M (T)8,14050446.7 
982VE3AUO2014VE3SA LP 10M8,113626115.9 
983VE3PYJ2012VE3SO LP 40M7,84042404.0 
984VE3MXJ2017VE3SA LP ALL7,80060505.8 
985VA3MQS2016VE3SA LP ALL (R)7,68554535.2 
986VE3STT1996VE3SO LP ALL7,5605954  
987VE3HX1987VE3SO HP 20M7,2805956  
988VE3TPB1992VE3SO LP ALL7,2485448  
989VE3FEA1987VE3SO HP ALL7,2285452  
990VA3TTU2010VE3SO HP 20M7,200515012.7 
991VE2AEJ/31985VE3SO QRP 20M7,0566156  
992VE3CUI2008VE3SO HP 160M6,82550392.2 
993VE3MNK1983VE3SO QRP 10M6,5285648  
994VE3QEE2014VE3SO LP ALL6,43948473.2  
995VE3LSO2018VE3SO LP ALL (R)6,39252475.0 
996VA3JLF2014VE3SO LP ALL6,21047461.7 
997VA3HMP2016VE3SO LP ALL6,14453487.0  
998VE3OIL2008VE3SO LP ALL5,80849446.3 
999VE3ZDR2016VE3SO LP ALL5,593544710.6 
1000VE3IGJ2002VE3SO QRP ALL (R)5,58656497.8  

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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