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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1K0DUW02015MULTI-ONE HIGH12,687,4503,929  1,230  48.0K0DU K0UK K0CL
2K0DUW02011MULTI-ONE HIGH12,126,5413,821  1,249  47.5K0DU K0CL K0UK
3AE9B/0W02002MULTI-MULTI11,792,1444,760  1,183  48.0NW0L KG0US K0OU W0ZAP W0BR K0LW AE9B ... 
4WO0GW01990MULTI-MULTI10,682,3624,357  1,126  WO0G K4VX K9ZO KE9PM AG9A KD9Q NS0Z 
5N0NIW01999MULTI-MULTI10,467,9543,866  1,071  48.0K0KD N0NI W0FLS W0ETC N0AMI WO0V 
6KU1CW/0W02011SO HIGH ALL8,850,2313,038  1,129  36.0KU1CW @N0NI
7WX3N/0W01993MULTI-MULTI8,771,8604,299  1,070  AA0CR K4VX K9ZO NB9T W9WI WX3N WX9E 
8KU1CW/0W02012SO HIGH ALL8,764,7843,120  1,112  36.0 
9AE0MW01997MULTI-MULTI8,165,4084,113  872  AE0M K2KW K3EST K6AW N6RO K6XX AK6L ... 
10WO0GW01989MULTI-ONE HIGH7,900,3953,671  885  WO0G K9FD N9IDV K4VX 
11N0NIW02001MULTI-ONE HIGH7,678,8882,939  1,064  24.0N0HR N0NI N0AC K0KD 
12KG0FW02012SO HIGH ALL7,530,8862,885  1,067  36.0W0UA
13K0DUW02017MULTI-ONE HIGH7,416,9622,968  941  48.0K0DU K0CL
14N0MAW02014MULTI-TWO7,354,4642,672  1,136  47.9W0IY N0LNO N0MMA W7II KX9Y KC0SKM K0DAS ...
15KG0FW02015SO HIGH ALL7,321,8973,014  1,007  35.7W0UA
16K0ABW02000MULTI-MULTI6,775,1972,952  929  AA0RS KR0U N0ZM K0EV WA5JTI W0DM W0ZA ... 
17KR0BW02000MULTI-ONE HIGH6,705,0962,737  982  KR0B N0BKL KS0T KJ0B N0RA KB0KQA 
18AA6TT/0W01992MULTI-ONE HIGH6,663,3763,153  874  AA6TT AA5B OH6DO 
19KV0KW02010MULTI-ONE HIGH6,619,5383,100  953  47.6K0DU K0CL K0UK WA0RSX KV0K
20K0SRW02011SO HIGH ALL6,563,9912,723  1,029  36.0 
21K0RFW01987MULTI-MULTI6,385,4023,175  886  N2IC NI0E W0PSY K2NA W0UN K0GU K0RF 
22KV0QW01999SO HIGH ALL6,235,2182,618  891  N0NR 
23AA6TT/0W01994MULTI-ONE HIGH6,076,6252,868  865  AA6TT NL7GP 
24K0DUW02004MULTI-ONE HIGH6,015,2962,931  928  48.0K0DU N0ZA K0CL WA4HND KC0DKX 
25N0NIW02003MULTI-ONE HIGH5,963,2202,997  972  48.0N0NI K0KD W0FLS WO0V K0WHV 
26AA9AK/0W01992SO HIGH ALL5,946,5292,816  929    
27WI0WAW02014SO HIGH ALL5,942,1602,375  1,008  35.9W0EWD
28N0NIW02007MULTI-TWO5,876,9673,341  933  46.5N0NI KE0WO K2DRH W0DB K0KD W0EWD K0WHV 
29AE9B/0W02003MULTI-MULTI5,660,4603,957  885  48.0AE9B K0OU K0LW KC0COP KU1CW KB0VVT ... 
30AB0IW01983MULTI-MULTI5,614,5003,931  788  AB0I W6FN K0RWL K0CS K0BRO K0VBU K0UAA ... 
31KG0FW02011SO HIGH ALL5,166,6462,420  998  32.3W0UA
32K0DUW02003MULTI-ONE HIGH4,953,3003,313  869  48.0K0DU K0CL K0UK W0DET KC0DKX 
33W0GUW02003MULTI-ONE HIGH4,931,8803,063  876  44.7N2IC K0KR 
34KV0QW02000SO HIGH 10M4,735,9802,343  830    
35AE9B/0W02001MULTI-ONE HIGH4,693,9862,270  906  48.0AE9B KG0US K0OU W0ZAP KC0DLM KB0VVT ... 
36KK0TW01999SO HIGH 15M4,487,8082,216  832  N2IC 
37N0MAW02011MULTI-TWO4,372,5531,937  901  38.7W0IY W0DEY AC0PB KC0YGW K0DAS N0LNO ...
38N0MAW02012MULTI-TWO4,349,3622,148  899  40.2W7II W0IY N0MMA N0LNO SF0F SM6KNE ...
39K9NW/0W02000SO HIGH 15M4,347,2522,017  819    
40K3PA/0W02015SO HIGH ALL4,327,4622,206  898  36.0 
41KV0QW01998SO HIGH ALL4,180,3762,090  724    
42KR0YW01986MULTI-ONE HIGH4,126,2742,354  773  KR0Y K4VX AH2U 
43AB0IW01982SO HIGH ALL4,107,3782,667  578  WA6DGX 
44KG0FW02010SO HIGH 20M4,058,8352,228  935  30.5W0UA
45WO0GW01991SO HIGH ALL4,000,7802,146  820    
46W0AHW01999MULTI-ONE HIGH3,939,8102,172  771  W0AH W0ETT 
47WI0WAW02020SO HIGH ALL3,891,9673,100  823  36.0W0EWD @W0EWD 
48K4VX/0W01982MULTI-ONE HIGH3,812,8722,452  592    
49K0DUW02001MULTI-ONE HIGH3,752,3252,083  765  43.9K0DU KC0DKX N0ZA 
50N0QOW02009SO HIGH ALL (R)3,708,4322,490  849  33.8 
51NR0XW02002SO HIGH ALL3,658,2041,799  781  34.7  
52NC0PW01994MULTI-ONE HIGH3,586,9492,120  821  NC0P WR0G N0AMI WA0FLS WO0V 
53K0DUW02005MULTI-ONE HIGH3,575,3112,466  757  48.0K0DU K0UK K0CL N0ZA 
54KV0QW02020SA HIGH 20M3,496,2402,437  880  28.1 
55KR0UW01991MULTI-ONE HIGH3,453,5821,998  737  KR0U W1XE W0KEA 
56N0MAW02013MULTI-TWO3,374,5601,953  805  41.0KX9Y KA0YSQ W7II N0MMA KA0IES KC0SKM ...
57N0MAW02016MULTI-ONE HIGH3,283,5231,767  817  35.2WB0LJK N0LNO AC0PB K0DAS W0IY KC0SKM
58NR0XW02001SO HIGH ALL3,274,2001,688  765  35.1  
59KR0YW01984SO HIGH ALL3,189,3122,001  672    
60KV0QW02016SA HIGH 20M3,122,5741,792  903  33.9 
61AB0SW02001MULTI-ONE HIGH3,076,5281,793  728  42.8AB0S W0NO K0WA 
62KI0MBW02000SO HIGH 10M3,000,5551,691  655    
63KV0QW02017SA HIGH 20M2,995,5252,075  845  29.8 
64AC0WW02000SO LOW ALL2,988,4411,612  733    
65KG0ZIW01999SO HIGH 15M (T)2,911,2561,683  716    
66W0TMW01999SO HIGH ALL2,907,8801,632  695    
67K0RHW02012MULTI-ONE HIGH2,889,7892,321  713  41.0K0PY N0OST AB0TX K0RH
68K0RHW02010SO HIGH ALL2,884,8641,908  764  31.6 
69KV0QW01997SO HIGH ALL2,877,3331,987  661    
70WI0WAW02021SO HIGH 20M2,853,6002,033  800  27.2W0EWD
71NS0GW01987SO HIGH ALL2,852,7481,630  727  KM9P 
72KU1CW/0W02005SO HIGH ALL2,834,1001,862  705  36.0  
73K0GQW02000MULTI-ONE HIGH2,827,0321,620  676  K0OU KB0RTH KC0EMA N0EVH 
74AB0IW01981SO HIGH ALL2,819,2852,184  545  WA6DGX 
75KT0RW02001MULTI-ONE HIGH2,797,7681,641  764  34.6K0AD K0OB N0KK N0UR K0MX AND KT0R 
76KR0YW01983SO HIGH ALL2,705,7281,904  631    
77K0TTW02019SO HIGH ALL2,705,0482,075  716  32.8 
78WI0WAW02018SO HIGH 20M2,634,0601,907  780  25.1W0EWD
79WA0PUJW01994SA HIGH ALL2,601,3001,657  754    
80WI0WAW02013SO HIGH ALL2,548,3361,840  746  36.0W0EWD @W0EWD
81W0NOW02003MULTI-ONE HIGH2,536,3982,087  678  42.4W0NO K0WA AB0S 
82N0IJW01999SO HIGH ALL2,526,3361,556  688  AA0BY 
83AC0WW01999SO LOW ALL2,525,7081,541  668    
84KD0SW02003MULTI-ONE HIGH2,487,0122,294  681  48.0  
85KR0YW01985SO HIGH ALL2,458,5001,500  660    
86KY0SW01984MULTI-ONE HIGH2,451,7801,918  530  KY0S N0EBM AD0O 
87AC0WW02002SO LOW ALL2,432,3801,613  703  35.9  
88KR0BW02004MULTI-ONE HIGH2,426,2571,903  697  45.9KR0B N0BKL KJ0B KS0T N0RA K0KP KB0KQA ... 
89WA0PUJW01993SO HIGH ALL2,422,3621,580  687    
90KB0EOW02012SA HIGH ALL2,376,7041,361  704  25.7 
91NA0CWW02011SO HIGH ALL2,353,9111,349  717  35.5N0KE
92N0HRW02013SA HIGH ALL2,313,7591,389  717  32.1 
93AC0WW02014SO LOW ALL2,271,2551,374  679  35.9 
94NX0XW02011SO HIGH ALL (T)2,202,8761,440  702  35.7 
95KD0FWW02015SA HIGH ALL2,157,8801,418  730  32.2 
96NC0PW01992MULTI-ONE HIGH2,139,5291,594  679  NC0P WO0V N0AMI NU0Q 
97WE0AW01989SO HIGH ALL2,096,4681,995  638    
98NC0PW01996MULTI-ONE HIGH2,089,0441,456  667  WO0V WB0GVY WR0G NC0P N0SM WA0FLS 
99AC0BW02012SO HIGH ALL (T)2,056,7881,636  684  36.0NX0X
100WA0PUJW01996SA HIGH ALL2,055,4561,337  702    
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