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RankCallLocYearCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1NR6OW62000MULTI-MULTI25,106,1507,748  1,310  N6RO N6IG N6BV K6AW K2KW KA6BIM WA6O ... 
2AK6WW62014MULTI-MULTI24,249,1206,540  1,568  48.0N6RO K3EST N6BV K6AW JN3NFQ(K1GI)
3WT6VW61999MULTI-MULTI20,381,1127,025  1,202  48.0N6RO K4KR K6RC K3EST N6IG K6AW AE0M 
4NR6OW62001MULTI-MULTI19,149,3906,657  1,259  48.0K6AW K6CTA K6IF N6BV N6RO W1SRD WX5S ... 
5WZ6ZW61989MULTI-MULTI18,737,1707,125  1,138  WZ6Z N6IG K3EST WA6VEF K6TMB N6RO VE7NKI 
6WZ6ZW61990MULTI-MULTI17,506,9716,698  1,179  WZ6Z K3EST N6KT N6RO WA6AUE 
7WZ6ZW61991MULTI-MULTI17,408,2816,657  1,199  WZ6Z N6RO N6EK W6RGG K3EST KI6EZ N6KT ... 
8NR6OW62012MULTI-MULTI17,320,2905,759  1,335  47.3JN3JFQ K3EST K6AW N6BV N6DW N6RO W6NOW ...
9WC6HW62014MULTI-TWO17,293,7194,932  1,423  48.0WC6H N6TV NU6S N6RC K6ST WX6V
10NR6OW62002MULTI-MULTI16,948,2566,398  1,244  48.0K2RED K3EST K6AW K6CTA N6BV N6RO WA6O ... 
11NR6OW62016MULTI-MULTI16,554,3965,479  1,292  48.0DG1CMZ K3EST N6BV N6NU N6RO N6WM NA6O ... 
12NR6OW62010MULTI-MULTI16,213,5056,130  1,265  47.8K3EST K6AAX KG6D KTYL N6BV N6RO N6WM ...
13AK6WW62013MULTI-MULTI16,013,0675,171  1,273  48.0K1GI K3EST K6AW N6BV N6RO WA6O WX5S ...
14WZ6ZW61992MULTI-MULTI15,616,2386,118  1,166  N3AHA K3EST W6QHS KK6QM W6RGG N6RO N6TV ... 
15NR6OW62011MULTI-MULTI14,961,8014,884  1,369  47.2N6BV K3EST K6AW WA6O N6WM WT6K N6RO ...
16NY6NW62012MULTI-ONE HIGH14,316,6164,215  1,304  47.5W6YI N6MJ N6WIN
17WC6HW62012MULTI-TWO13,697,3764,849  1,232  47.7WC6H N6RC N6TV WX6V K6ST NU6S
18WC6HW62011MULTI-TWO13,644,7354,685  1,257  47.4WC6H N6RC WX6V KF6T K6ST K7MS
19WC6HW62015MULTI-TWO13,534,6004,952  1,180  48.0WC6H N6TV NU6S WX6V K6ST N6RC
20NR6OW62003MULTI-MULTI13,362,8446,704  1,076  48.0N6RO K3EST K6AW N6BV WA6O K6CTA K2RED ... 
21ND2T/6W62010MULTI-TWO13,174,8134,577  1,139  47.3K2RD ND2T K6IDX K6TD N6GQ W6OAT
22WC6HW62010MULTI-TWO12,920,9854,857  1,155  47.1WC6H WJ6O WX6V KF6T K6ST
23AI6VW61981MULTI-MULTI12,529,6086,390  728  AI6V AA4KB N6KT N6RO N6RZ WA6OCV WA6VEF ... 
24KN6MW61982MULTI-MULTI11,756,5806,483  660  KN6M JH3DPB N6BPL N6PO W6SZN 
25KO6NW61998MULTI-MULTI11,736,0644,610  1,024  N6RO T94WW K6AW K3EST N6IG AE0M K1KI ... 
26NX6TW62006MULTI-TWO10,225,7434,642  1,041  48.0W6YI N6MJ K6AM 
27NR6OW62004MULTI-MULTI10,174,1125,256  962  24.0K6AW N6BV K6RC N6RO WA6O WX5S K6VVA ... 
28KX7M/6W62012MULTI-ONE HIGH10,136,2323,480  1,124  47.8N5KO W6NV KX7M
29NR6OW62006MULTI-MULTI9,929,4004,852  1,005  48.0K7NV KJ6EN N6BV N6KLS N6RO WA6O WX5S 
30NE6NW62000MULTI-MULTI9,818,8023,667  1,046  W6EEN K6XC W6AQ N6RT W6SR W6ORD PA5AT ... 
31NX6TW62014MULTI-TWO9,761,5883,629  1,172  48.0N6KI WA2OOB WQ6X N6CY N6ERD NN6X N6EEG ... 
32WC6HW62013MULTI-TWO9,553,2124,274  1,052  47.4WC6H N6RC N6TV WX6V K6ST G3ZVW
33WC6HW62017MULTI-TWO9,550,6444,216  996  48.0WC6H N6TV N7MH N6KI K6ST WX5S
34KZ2V/6W62010MULTI-TWO9,201,0793,919  1,013  45.7K6UFO KZ2V W6RK N7MH K6TT N6CCH AA6XV ...
35WM2CW61996MULTI-MULTI8,958,9783,861  959  WM2C N6RO K3EST N4TQO N6IP 
36NR6OW62021MULTI-MULTI8,839,0004,352  1,000  48.0NR6O N6WM K3EST K7GK NT6V WX5S WD6T ...
37N5KO/6W61999SO HIGH ALL8,741,1153,456  955  36.0  
38AK6MW62010MULTI-TWO8,603,4403,938  976  47.5K6MM N6CK K9YC K6VVA K6RM AE6RF K6GT ...
39KZ6DW62000SO HIGH ALL8,538,3003,287  954  W6NL 
40NR6OW62020MULTI-MULTI8,537,0083,974  1,048  48.0N6WM N6RO K3EST K6AW WD6T
41WC6HW62019MULTI-TWO8,289,1904,341  910  48.0WC6H N6TV NC6R K6ST WX5S K6SRZ
42WX5S/6W62004MULTI-TWO7,777,5393,633  903  48.0K6UFO K6IF W6RQ WX5S N7MH KT6YL KG6D ... 
43NR6OW62005MULTI-MULTI7,766,6414,652  907  24.0K6AW KJ6EN N6BV N6KLS N6RO N7FF: WA6O ... 
44NY6NW62011SO HIGH ALL7,758,6932,739  1,017  35.8W6YI
45WT6VW62002SO HIGH ALL7,713,0703,224  1,003  32.6N6IG 
46NX6TW62015MULTI-TWO7,661,6463,613  998  45.8WQ6X N6ERD KB7V NA6MB N6KI NN6X ...
47NR6OW62019MULTI-MULTI7,508,7003,765  900  48.0N6RO NA6O K6DAJ K3EST N6GD AI6JZ N6WM
48KX7M/6W62010MULTI-ONE HIGH7,478,9352,991  977  44.2KX7M W6NV AD6E N5ZO
49NR6OW62018MULTI-MULTI7,273,7734,000  897  48.0K3EST N6RO N6WM NA6O W9KKN WA6O WX5S
50KX7M/6W62015MULTI-ONE HIGH7,181,9522,961  951  46.5KX7M W6NV N6DA W6SC K6WG
51NR6OW62008MULTI-MULTI7,176,2024,309  869  47.0N6RO K9YC WX5S WA6O K6AW N6BV K6IAM ...
52WC6HW62009MULTI-TWO6,883,3444,012  936  47.1K6ST WJ6O N6RC N6DE WC6H
53W1CU/6W62008MULTI-TWO6,854,5463,685  878  41.6W1CU W6OAT K2RD
54NJ6GW62021MULTI-TWO6,809,8403,564  920  47.1W6LD N7MH @W6YX
55WX5S/6W62003MULTI-TWO6,767,5603,987  890  43.4N7MH N6DE W6LD K6UFO AE6KU AE6EG AD6FX ... 
56NF6AW62015SO HIGH ALL6,589,5062,626  839  35.0K6XX
57WZ6EW62001MULTI-ONE HIGH6,429,3842,953  936  24.0N6DE WZ6E W6KNS W6LD N7MH 
58KM7W/6W62004SO HIGH ALL6,306,9113,257  871  36.0N6MJ @W6KP 
59W1CU/6W62009MULTI-TWO6,114,5843,261  959  37.2W1CU K2RD W6OAT ND2T
60KK6PW62021SO HIGH ALL6,049,9203,016  920  35.9W7IV
61K6NAW62001SO HIGH ALL6,031,4052,799  895  36.0N6ED 
62WN4KKN/6W61994SO HIGH ALL5,912,1443,055  784    
63KI6PW61987MULTI-ONE HIGH5,825,3282,571  773  K3EST N6RO WA6VEF 
64WN4KKN/6W61993SO HIGH ALL5,797,1843,022  758    
65AI6VW61982MULTI-ONE HIGH5,775,3303,437  605    
66NE6NW61998MULTI-ONE HIGH5,764,9282,819  832  K6XC KI7WX W6ORD W6AQ W2CX K6JYO W6EEN 
67KI6PW61988MULTI-ONE HIGH5,751,5992,887  841  K3EST K6TMB N6IG N6RO WA6VEF 
68NR6OW62007MULTI-MULTI5,689,6233,389  857  48.0N6RO K9YC N6BV WA6O K6AW K6RC 
69NF6AW62012SO HIGH ALL5,607,2802,278  868  36.0K6XX @K6XX
70NG6OW62002MULTI-MULTI5,593,2002,553  885  48.0  
71NE6NW61999MULTI-ONE HIGH5,497,0652,569  831  K6XC KI7WX W6AQ W6ORD W6EEN 
72NO6TW62021SO HIGH ALL5,458,7323,134  838  35.8KI6RRN @WA6TQT
73WQ6XW62012MULTI-ONE HIGH5,377,5802,503  860  43.2N6KI WQ6X N6ERD AF6WF K6KAL K6GO N6OHS ...
74NX6TW62005MULTI-TWO5,335,5883,414  796  48.0K6AM W6YI N6KI N6X 
75KK6PW62019SA HIGH ALL5,293,2542,730  841  35.9 
76WC6HW62001SO HIGH ALL5,269,0562,559  832  36.0NU6S 
77NO6TW62019SO HIGH ALL5,156,4943,155  839  35.7KI6RRN
78KK6PW62015SA HIGH ALL5,155,1102,629  939  35.7 
79WQ6XW62011MULTI-ONE HIGH4,958,5902,215  910  39.9N6KI WQ6X N6CY AF6WF K6KAL KD6HYN
80K3EST/6W61995SO HIGH ALL4,957,4702,458  774    
81WX5S/6W62005MULTI-TWO4,954,1043,074  829  41.1#NAME? 
82KT6RUW62002SO HIGH ALL4,708,4452,348  805  28.0K6IF 
83W6EENW61993MULTI-ONE HIGH4,692,6502,561  739  W6EEN K6XC KA6SAR 
84NA6AW61989MULTI-ONE HIGH4,684,0572,377  637  N6TIB W6REC 
85NR6RW61999MULTI-ONE HIGH4,669,1192,303  819  N6KI K6AM N6NC KB2T 
86NU6SW61992SO HIGH ALL4,667,2082,507  728    
87KE1B/6W62011MULTI-ONE HIGH4,645,3442,085  913  38.4KE1B KE1BYL
88WN4KKN/6W61992SO HIGH 15M4,538,0502,370  814    
89NO6TW62020SO HIGH ALL4,528,2382,538  781  35.4KI6RRN @WA6TQT
90KI6PW61985SO HIGH ALL4,483,7922,473  568  WA6VEF 
91NT6KW62001MULTI-ONE HIGH4,472,2802,493  820  48.0NT6K KA6BIM 
92NJ6GW62019SA HIGH ALL4,419,2602,553  790  35.9N7MH @W6YX
93W6EENW61994MULTI-ONE HIGH4,355,1402,246  710  W6EEN K6XC KA6SAR 
94KI6VCW61989MULTI-ONE HIGH4,307,9492,403  747  KI6VC K6GXO W9NQ WB6RXE KB6ZBI AA6MZ ... 
95NR6QW62016SO HIGH ALL4,300,0322,207  768  35.1 
96WN4KKN/6W61991SO HIGH 15M4,285,1222,378  731    
97AG1RL/6W62003MULTI-TWO4,269,8012,961  827  29.5K0BEE WJ6O W1SRD @K6IDX 
98N5KO/6W61998SO HIGH ALL4,229,9842,257  671    
99WC6HW62006MULTI-ONE HIGH4,183,7002,908  782  48.0WC6H K6ST W6CT WA6TLG 
100KZ6DW62002SO HIGH ALL4,176,1772,122  789  31.0W6NL 
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