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1ED3V2015EASA QRP ALL1,465,21598768531.3F4BKV[Cert]
2DK3WE2015DLSA QRP ALL1,445,2201,13062036.0  
3OE2S2015OESA QRP ALL1,439,25698965935.6OE2VEL[Cert]
4IZ8JFL/12016ISA QRP ALL (T)856,85483854330.6 [Cert]
5IZ8JFL/12015ISA QRP ALL (T)829,92090653231.0 [Cert]
6NA1DX/32014W3SA QRP ALL (T)715,28862742430.5 [Cert]
7F5BEG2017FSA QRP ALL617,26563643530.0 [Cert]
8AC8GX2014W8SA QRP ALL (T)576,46056938032.9 [Cert]
9K3WW2015W3SA QRP ALL543,14454137122.1 [Cert]
10OK2FD2016OKSA QRP ALL530,24453139621.2 [Cert]
11IZ3NVR2014ISA QRP ALL (T)511,16660843128.8 [Cert]
12W1NT2014W1SA QRP ALL (T)477,95449331830.7  
13W1NT2015W1SA QRP ALL438,41640337625.0 [Cert]
14IZ3NVR2016ISA QRP ALL380,38049336422.7 [Cert]
15IZ1POA2014ISA QRP ALL343,54653437120.4 [Cert]
16OZ6OM2014OZSA QRP ALL (T)334,52147334125.0 [Cert]
17CT1GVN2015CTSA QRP ALL258,66939736922.7 [Cert]
18AK8H2016W8SA QRP ALL231,01237627622.6 [Cert]
19AK8H2015W8SA QRP ALL (T)230,42137626722.1 [Cert]
20LZ1DM2017LZSA QRP ALL217,35238026920.8  
21GX5XV2015GSA QRP ALL (T)215,37335830917.7G7KXZ[Cert]
22S51DX2016S5SA QRP ALL212,31938827926.2 [Cert]
23PE2K2014PASA QRP ALL212,21241030820.9 [Cert]
24UT3EK2017URSA QRP ALL202,28836926934.9 [Cert]
25UN7RL2015UNSA QRP ALL197,57829222323.0  
26G7KXZ2016GSA QRP ALL (T)181,15835127728.1 [Cert]
27OK2FD2015OKSA QRP ALL175,33732427117.9 [Cert]
28VA7IR2014VE7SA QRP ALL (T)162,19230321820.2 [Cert]
29S53K2017S5SA QRP ALL (T)159,62130723122.2 [Cert]
30PE2K2015PASA QRP ALL158,60037926021.8 [Cert]
31PE4BAS2016PASA QRP ALL155,75030925018.4 [Cert]
32YO5PCB2014YOSA QRP ALL144,64034525619.5 [Cert]
33IZ0FUW2017ISA QRP ALL123,82428021810.8 [Cert]
34CF7FC2017VE7SA QRP ALL (T)116,52926117918.9 [Cert]
35PE2K2016PASA QRP ALL110,11228622226.5 [Cert]
36LZ1KAU2015LZSA QRP ALL88,39626119624.3LZ5MO[Cert]
37K3TW/42015W4SA QRP ALL78,4301901559.7 [Cert]
38S58WW2015S5SA QRP ALL77,67920018910.8 [Cert]
39R7FO2016UA-6SA QRP ALL70,88422119820.0 [Cert]
40PE2K2017PASA QRP ALL66,72921517719.7 [Cert]
41UT0EM2017URSA QRP ALL65,45019615420.7 [Cert]
42NA1DX/32013W3SA QRP ALL52,05217714318.8 [Cert]
43S54MTB2015S5SA QRP ALL (R)51,22419515214.1 [Cert]
44OM0ATP2014OMSA QRP ALL44,37018217010.1  
45YU1UO2016YUSA QRP ALL40,00414013711.7  
46TA3IW2017TASA QRP ALL37,57211410112.6 [Cert]
47OK1DMP2016OKSA QRP ALL37,16913010917.6 [Cert]
48YO2MLS2017YOSA QRP ALL36,2731271077.6 [Cert]
49UT3XA2016URSA QRP ALL36,1081311187.7 [Cert]
50RL3DZ2013UA-3SA QRP ALL29,60114011710.2 [Cert]
51SP6IHE2014SPSA QRP ALL25,8001058610.4 [Cert]
52BD7IXG2015BYSA QRP ALL25,00013310010.6 [Cert]
53TA3IW2016TASA QRP ALL24,85491868.8 [Cert]
54E77TA2014E7SA QRP ALL20,5381391267.9 [Cert]
55DO8YX2017DLSA QRP ALL19,383100917.9 [Cert]
56EA3FF2014EASA QRP ALL19,00895884.1 [Cert]
57EA1BP2014EASA QRP ALL19,00099953.7 [Cert]
58IT9EJP2013IT9SA QRP ALL18,7921018713.4 [Cert]
59HA5BA2016HASA QRP ALL18,430114975.7 [Cert]
60N4TOL2013W4SA QRP ALL17,976106847.7 [Cert]
619M2FUL20169M2SA QRP ALL15,32399777.8 [Cert]
62LZ5QZ2015LZSA QRP ALL15,105105953.6 [Cert]
63N5TIT2013W5SA QRP ALL12,64098797.9 [Cert]
64KC3EDR2015W3SA QRP ALL (R)12,35175699.7 [Cert]
65UB1AHY2017UA-1SA QRP ALL (T)11,919968712.7 [Cert]
66SN5L2015SPSA QRP ALL10,944106967.6SQ5ABG[Cert]
67AA1K2017W3SA QRP ALL10,79767613.2 [Cert]
68CE4KCA2016CESA QRP ALL (T)9,84974677.7 [Cert]
69G7KXZ2014GSA QRP ALL9,63992816.7 [Cert]
70EA7HOJ2013EASA QRP ALL (T)8,70076757.1 [Cert]
71BI4OJF2016BYSA QRP ALL (R)8,442796315.4 [Cert]
72W4QO2017W4SA QRP ALL (T)7,61459472.3 [Cert]
73UR5XMM2017URSA QRP ALL (T)7,15559531.6 [Cert]
74BH4BUI2015BYSA QRP ALL (R)7,049665314.5 [Cert]
759H1PI20159HSA QRP ALL (T)5,41864636.6 [Cert]
76IC8SCI2017ISA QRP ALL4,27248487.7 [Cert]
77LZ140HB2016LZSA QRP ALL4,22342411.7LZ2TU 
78K2YG2015W2SA QRP ALL3,36036355.4 [Cert]
79DL8MF2017DLSA QRP ALL2,93737333.6 [Cert]
80WA8HSB/42014W4SA QRP ALL (T)2,73641364.3 [Cert]
81TA3PZ2014TASA QRP ALL (T)2,706353311.4 [Cert]
82HS8FLU2017HSSA QRP ALL2,70040304.8 [Cert]
83UZ5ZV2017URSA QRP ALL2,37636331.4 [Cert]
84JK1TCV2016JA1SA QRP ALL2,20133317.0 [Cert]
85HB9EMS2015HBSA QRP ALL1,31124233.0  
86DG3YJB2015DLSA QRP ALL1,12222225.4 [Cert]
87DG3YJB2014DLSA QRP ALL1,05824232.8 [Cert]
88UT0FC2017URSA QRP ALL1,02035345.4  
89K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL1,00821212.4 [Cert]
90UA3RU2014UA-3SA QRP ALL1,00524154.2 [Cert]
91PD3EDA2017PASA QRP ALL96226261.8 [Cert]
92K1GAH/32013W3SA QRP ALL79223224.9 [Cert]
93PY4WJ2016PYSA QRP ALL48624183.9 [Cert]
94SP9RQH2013SPSA QRP ALL45018181.0 [Cert]
95BD4HZX2014BYSA QRP ALL41617162.4  
96UR5XMM2016URSA QRP ALL (T)34113110.6 [Cert]
97BA3QU2016BYSA QRP ALL32413120.9 [Cert]
98IU3AZC2014ISA QRP ALL25515152.1 [Cert]
99YU3EMA2015YUSA QRP ALL112980.2 [Cert]
100PY2IML2017PYSA QRP ALL (T)105770.5 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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