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RankCallLocCategoryScore  QSOs  WPX  HoursOperator(s) Cert
1EB8AHEA8MULTI-MULTI62,470,8009,985  1,665  48.0EA5DFV EA5DY EA8AH EA8CAC EA8ZS ES2RR ...
2HC8GRHC8MULTI-TWO52,450,3899,168  1,497  41.1K1TO K6NA
3DR1ADLMULTI-MULTI47,783,94410,091  1,747  48.0DB6JG DF3KV DF6JC DJ6ET DJ7EG DJ7EO ...
4ZY7CPYMULTI-TWO40,235,3507,444  1,558  47.8PT7CB PT7WA PT7YV PT7ZAP PY1NX PY7RP ...
5CR3ACT3MULTI-TWO39,914,0506,934  1,550  48.0CT3BD CT3DL CT3DZ CT3EE CT3EN CT3KU ...
6PJ2TPJ2MULTI-TWO38,322,9007,443  1,386  48.0N4RV K2PLF K8LEE W0CG AL7BA K6ZH N4LZ ...
75D5ACNMULTI-ONE HIGH36,669,9526,300  1,532  48.0IK2QEI IK2SGC
8OL4AOKMULTI-TWO33,393,1807,118  1,590  48.0OK1DO OK1FFU OK1RI OM2TW/OK8WW OM6NM
9PY5GAPYMULTI-MULTI32,547,5886,613  1,549  47.8PY5KD PY2WC PY2KC PU2MZI PY2KJ PY2YU ...
10LP1HLUMULTI-TWO31,181,2576,829  1,457  47.8LU5HM LU7HE LU7HH LU2NI LU1DK LU5DX
11K1LZW1MULTI-TWO30,393,4806,438  1,560  48.0K1LZ W1UE K3JO NU5Y N8BO
12CN2RCNSO HIGH ALL27,059,0845,119  1,373  35.8W7EJ
13HG1SHAMULTI-MULTI26,977,1316,415  1,539  47.8HA1TJ HA1DAC HA1DAI HA6NF HA1DAE
14C4I5BMULTI-TWO25,997,0345,328  1,271  47.65B4AIE LZ1UK LZ2HM LZ3CQ
15LZ9WLZMULTI-MULTI24,780,9456,579  1,533  48.0LZ1ZD LZ1ANA LZ1FG LZ1PJ LZ1PM LZ1UQ ...
168P5A8PSO HIGH ALL24,245,7326,109  1,358  35.8W2SC
17OL0WOKMULTI-TWO23,705,8505,781  1,477  48.0OK3RM OK1WMV OK1VWK OK6MA OK3MAD OK1NP ...
18OT5AONMULTI-MULTI23,662,8046,348  1,529  47.6DF3TJ ON1GL ON3AEI ON3DGA ON3MP ON3NG ...
19NQ4IW4MULTI-MULTI23,093,4966,771  1,476  47.7W4SVO W4LT W4IX K4NV KD3P K4PK VE7ZO ...
20P40VP4MULTI-ONE HIGH23,038,0645,516  1,148  47.3P49V K6KLY P43A
214L3A4LMULTI-TWO21,600,3205,287  1,120  47.8LY4A UR9QQ 4L2M 4L4CC
22KL7RAKLMULTI-TWO21,531,5655,600  1,265  47.0AL2F AL7IF KL7RA N5XZ
23RL3AUA-3MULTI-TWO21,080,7006,053  1,475  48.0UA3ASZ RV3BA RX3DCX RL3FT
24CQ8XCUMULTI-ONE HIGH20,882,3075,864  1,343  48.0CU2CE CU2DX DL6LAU N6RC OH1TV OH2BH ...
25KH7XSKH6SO HIGH ALL20,461,5844,782  1,084  35.9K4XS
26UP0LUNMULTI-ONE HIGH19,925,2624,636  1,197  47.4UN9LW RN4WA
27UU7JURMULTI-MULTI19,526,8326,258  1,404  48.0UR5EAW UU0JM UU1AZ UU4JMG UU5JBO UU6JJ ...
28CE4CTCEMULTI-TWO19,384,4204,937  1,241  47.6CE4CT VE7SV VE7AG
29TO7AFMSO HIGH ALL18,065,6864,670  1,301  36.0UT5UGR
30RT4FUA-4MULTI-ONE HIGH17,902,7205,435  1,408  48.0RK4FD RK4FF RK4FW UA4FER UA4FMV
31KD4D/3W3MULTI-TWO17,686,4404,806  1,314  48.0KD4D AC6WI K3MIM K3MM K2PS N3HBX
32CQ3LCT3SA HIGH ALL17,479,7644,153  1,206  35.9DF7ZS
33WH7VKH6SO HIGH ALL17,096,9584,337  1,098  35.5KH6ND
34OG7XOHMULTI-TWO16,844,4035,059  1,389  47.8OH1WZ OH6KZP OH6LI
35ZX5JPYSO HIGH 15M16,746,9774,205  1,369  35.8PP5JR
36WX3BW3MULTI-MULTI16,588,2905,256  1,334  45.1WX3B NY3A N8IVN KA3ITJ N3WZR N3YIM K3WI
37VK4KWVKMULTI-TWO16,480,5064,377  1,106  40.5VK4NDX VK4HAM VK4TI VK4SN VK4BAA (VK4KW)
38VE3EJVE3SO HIGH ALL16,227,5123,855  1,172  35.9 
39NR6OW6MULTI-MULTI16,213,5056,130  1,265  47.8K3EST K6AAX KG6D KTYL N6BV N6RO N6WM ...
40E7DXE7SO HIGH ALL16,114,1914,126  1,227  35.9E77DX
41DQ8NDLMULTI-TWO16,044,1174,748  1,347  48.0DG0OKW DG1CMZ DH1NAX DL2ARD DL3ANK DO7AQ
42LY7ALYMULTI-MULTI15,745,9615,331  1,309  48.0LYR-346 LY3BB LY1FK LY1SR LY2J LY2KJ ...
43NG3RW3MULTI-ONE HIGH15,690,7244,236  1,324  47.8AA5B N3DXX K9RS
44P41MP4SO HIGH ALL15,667,5604,400  1,080  35.9DK1MM
45KP3ZKP4SO HIGH ALL15,463,0084,563  1,188  35.3NP4Z
46ST2ARSTSO HIGH ALL (T)15,353,5204,233  1,110  35.7S53R
47V25YV2MULTI-ONE HIGH14,801,9663,787  1,138  44.5RV1CC RA1AGL
48VX3ATVE3SO HIGH ALL14,733,2203,809  1,156  36.0VE3AT
49CT1JLZCTMULTI-ONE HIGH14,533,3014,304  1,201  47.0OK1RF DL1YD
50PQ5BPYMULTI-ONE HIGH14,000,1943,762  1,163  45.7PP5JD PP5CFS PP5MS PQ5B PY3FJ PY3KN ...
51OE3KOESA HIGH ALL13,587,6083,626  1,192  35.9OE3DIA
52UA9PCRA9SA HIGH ALL13,462,5923,594  1,144  35.9 
53OL1XOKMULTI-TWO13,326,3004,172  1,300  47.8OK1EP OK1FDR OK4PA OK1XQ
54IR9YIT9MULTI-TWO13,277,8254,494  1,325  47.2IT9ABY IT9BLB IT9RGY IT9VDQ IT9WKU ...
55ND2T/6W6MULTI-TWO13,174,8134,577  1,139  47.3K2RD ND2T K6IDX K6TD N6GQ W6OAT
56GI5KGISO HIGH ALL13,141,4463,981  1,137  36.0MI0LLL
57P49YP4SO LOW ALL13,037,3823,773  1,026  36.0AE6Y
58OM7MOMMULTI-ONE HIGH13,036,8753,562  1,275  48.0OK2BFN OM2IB OM3PA OM5MF OM5RW OM5ZW
59WC6HW6MULTI-TWO12,920,9854,857  1,155  47.1WC6H WJ6O WX6V KF6T K6ST
60LZ5RLZMULTI-TWO12,791,2084,544  1,284  47.6LZ1GL LZ1YQ LZ1NK LZ1JZ LZ1CNN LZ4UU
61NK7UW7MULTI-TWO12,708,5724,555  1,228  46.5NK7U W7ZRC K7ZSD K7ZS W7ZB K9JF N7WR
626V7M6WMULTI-ONE HIGH12,640,0953,593  1,105  35.8DL4JS DL2JRM
63KZ9OW9MULTI-TWO12,534,9644,698  1,249  47.8NE9U AC0W KB9OWD K9MU N9ISN
64LT1FLUMULTI-ONE HIGH12,504,8003,562  1,120  43.9LU1FAM LU1FKR LU4FLJ LU9FLJ
65WY3PW3SO HIGH ALL12,504,4743,618  1,179  35.9N3KS
66SN3RSPMULTI-ONE HIGH12,237,4803,625  1,215  46.5SP3LPG SP3RBR SP6HEQ SQ3LVO
67SO9QSPMULTI-ONE HIGH11,979,9003,433  1,275  47.5SP9QMP SQ9JKW SQ9JKS SP9XCN
68NN1NW1MULTI-ONE HIGH11,843,6853,722  1,245  47.5K1MAA K5ZD KX9X NN1N
694O3A4OSO HIGH ALL11,674,3023,532  1,146  36.0 
70ZX2BPYSA HIGH ALL11,664,4503,445  1,127  35.9PY2MNL
71LX7ILXSO HIGH ALL11,576,0923,579  1,159  35.9DJ8OG
72IO5OIMULTI-ONE HIGH11,541,0753,294  1,235  46.8IK5ROS IK5RLP IV3KKW IW5EFX IZ5BRW ...
73NE1CW1MULTI-MULTI11,532,8924,295  1,187  47.0K1TTT KB1NSN KB1PRA KB1PRC KB1RIE ...
74VX3APVE3SO HIGH ALL11,478,7203,173  1,087  35.3LU7DW
75SN2BSPMULTI-ONE HIGH11,318,3403,390  1,210  45.1SP2FAX SP2WKB SP7VC SQ2GXO
76KC3RW3SO HIGH ALL11,092,2003,383  1,112  35.9LZ4AX
77EI9EEIMULTI-TWO10,687,1573,824  1,153  47.1G4CLA G3ZVW EI5DI EI9HQ EI7FJ EI2FG
78S52ZWS5MULTI-TWO10,567,2203,530  1,132  43.5S52ZW S57UN S52EZ S57O
79IR4XISO HIGH ALL10,559,1923,089  1,099  35.9IZ3EYZ
80PI4DXPAMULTI-TWO10,503,6183,500  1,194  46.3PA3EVY PD1DX PD2R PD2DX PD7RB PE1PQH
81LY2WLYMULTI-TWO10,412,7203,486  1,168  45.9LY2FN LY2NI LY2W LY4S LY4U
82LP2FLUSO HIGH 15M10,238,7183,126  1,126  34.5LU1FDU
83VE7GLVE7MULTI-ONE HIGH10,196,4452,877  1,083  44.0VE7GL VA7AO VA7VZZ VA7XP
84PA6ZPAMULTI-MULTI10,184,6363,680  1,204  46.1PA2AWU PA5CA PA5R PA9M PD9DX PE2HG PH0AS
85GW7XGWSO HIGH ALL10,124,0403,254  1,059  36.0GW4BLE
86WR3ZW3MULTI-ONE HIGH10,086,1803,376  1,158  47.3WR3Z W3IDT W2CDO N3OC
87E73ME7SA HIGH ALL9,583,9803,032  1,140  36.0 
88WB9ZW9SO HIGH ALL9,505,6853,427  1,085  35.9 
89S50AS5SO HIGH ALL9,376,8182,755  1,023  35.9 
90OK4UOKSA HIGH ALL9,288,3642,942  1,108  35.6OK1DIG
91IQ1RYIMULTI-ONE HIGH9,221,3003,083  1,111  47.6I1BEP I1QBI IK1HXN IK1JNS IK1RQT IK1SPR ...
92KZ2V/6W6MULTI-TWO9,201,0793,919  1,013  45.7K6UFO KZ2V W6RK N7MH K6TT N6CCH AA6XV ...
93HA8JVHASA HIGH ALL (T)9,125,0403,100  1,182  36.0 
94W7RNW7MULTI-TWO9,041,8783,598  1,063  47.3K4XU K5RC K6KR K7NV KI6NIC
95NR5MW5SO HIGH ALL9,027,8883,654  1,083  35.7 
96YT8AYTSO HIGH 40M8,977,0072,395  1,027  35.6YU1EA
97VK1CCVKMULTI-MULTI8,840,4242,636  958  42.1VK2IA VK2IM VK2KDP VK2MCI
98RT3FUA-3MULTI-ONE HIGH8,739,9453,600  1,163  45.4RU3DNN RJ3FF RV3FF RV3MQ UR5IRM
99AJ1IW1SO HIGH ALL8,734,0122,987  1,022  35.9K8PO
100NH7AKH6SO HIGH ALL8,723,9702,961  790  35.6 
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