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13V8SS3VSO LP ALL (T)5,731,7942,22471835.8KF5EYY[Cert]
2R8WFRA9SO LP ALL3,865,1551,55865529.7 [Cert]
3LY4LLYSO LP ALL3,519,4502,21379035.9 [Cert]
4KD5DDW5SO LP ALL2,726,2462,02371834.3N4OGW[Cert]
5UY5VAURSO LP ALL2,311,9321,84871434.7 [Cert]
6YT8AYUSO LP ALL2,071,8361,42069920.0YU1EA[Cert]
7WJ9BW7SO LP ALL2,022,7141,54261836.0 [Cert]
8TA7ITASO LP ALL (T)1,929,55296148821.4 [Cert]
9OM7JGOMSO LP ALL1,926,6421,45964235.2 [Cert]
10SP1AENSPSO LP ALL (T)1,885,0741,29263337.7 [Cert]
11UN6LNUNSO LP ALL1,739,09897652127.1 [Cert]
12UR5MMURSO LP ALL1,628,1401,28564130.9 [Cert]
13OK7YOKSO LP ALL1,611,0001,33560026.6OK1FDY[Cert]
14SP9HSPSO LP ALL (T)1,602,9791,34762335.7 [Cert]
15SF3ASMSO LP ALL (T)1,502,5161,37859629.7SM3CER[Cert]
16MI5IGISO LP ALL (T)1,402,4881,27260435.9GI0RQK[Cert]
17JI1RXQJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,393,56097950435.9 [Cert]
18AD8J/HR9HRSO LP ALL1,384,36886945318.4 [Cert]
19SW8WWSVSO LP ALL (T)1,347,9841,39555232.6HA0HW[Cert]
20OM5WWOMSO LP ALL1,321,2981,17855127.0 [Cert]
21RU9TNRA9SO LP ALL1,243,06876942623.2 [Cert]
22F5PRHFSO LP ALL1,203,8421,05355431.9  
23ZA/OU2IZASO LP ALL (T)1,202,3001,15555028.1OZ1BII[Cert]
24SN8TSPSO LP ALL1,176,0981,13153930.2SP8BVN[Cert]
25SM5CSSSMSO LP ALL1,155,5101,17055531.2 [Cert]
26HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL1,144,6441,19952725.7 [Cert]
27HA1BCHASO LP ALL (T)1,124,2801,03354027.0DL1MAJ[Cert]
28R1ATUA-1SO LP ALL (T)1,103,9131,17151923.6 [Cert]
29DF3AXDLSO LP ALL1,093,9761,18653631.0 [Cert]
30RA9SNRA9SO LP ALL1,075,64872139226.7 [Cert]
31WC4EW1SO LP ALL (T)1,016,62476146425.0 [Cert]
32KJ4QHLW4SO LP ALL1,001,62390944335.7  
33YL2CVYLSO LP ALL (T)977,9521,01850134.5 [Cert]
34VP2VGGVP2VSO LP ALL972,36090243820.5K6TOP[Cert]
35ON3NDONSO LP ALL967,7641,01649234.6 [Cert]
36UX0KRURSO LP ALL (T)952,09296349930.0 [Cert]
37EW6MEUSO LP ALL943,12584950335.4 [Cert]
38UT8ALURSO LP ALL940,14099154028.4  
39IK4EWXISO LP ALL (T)935,12499552335.3 [Cert]
40DL4AUKDLSO LP ALL935,0801,05148530.8 [Cert]
41HS3XVPHSSO LP ALL930,62485244434.4 [Cert]
42R7KXUA-6SO LP ALL (T)920,62899647831.9 [Cert]
43YU1YVYUSO LP ALL897,06589548134.9 [Cert]
44DL4ZADLSO LP ALL895,10699448732.5 [Cert]
45RZ1OKUA-1SO LP ALL890,29292750727.7 [Cert]
46DD5MDLSO LP ALL868,99288249615.7DJ0ZY[Cert]
47DP5WDLSO LP ALL839,53591348518.3DK3YD[Cert]
48YP9JYOSO LP ALL (T)835,6051,05846527.1YO9RIJ[Cert]
49UT8ASURSO LP ALL808,64091444823.9 [Cert]
50DG7EEDLSO LP ALL808,29892547833.8 [Cert]
51US0HZURSO LP ALL805,00090346021.7 [Cert]
52DL4JUDLSO LP ALL (T)793,59689349224.3 [Cert]
53JE4MHLJA4SO LP ALL (T)764,16088439833.7 [Cert]
54CF3FFVE3SO LP ALL749,12567232529.0VA3FF[Cert]
55EA5/DK5IMEASO LP ALL738,0721,00245926.5  
56RT0ORA0SO LP ALL719,95073138533.7 [Cert]
57EW8NBEUSO LP ALL710,12079443324.5 [Cert]
58OM3ROMSO LP ALL708,09671646122.7OM3CFR[Cert]
59K7QAW7SO LP ALL705,40579046532.7 [Cert]
60W1NNW8SO LP ALL (T)700,40076040022.0 [Cert]
61OK2SGWOKSO LP ALL697,13275843931.8 [Cert]
62UY2UQURSO LP ALL694,82488844222.5 [Cert]
63ER1OOERSO LP ALL660,26569341517.3 [Cert]
64US8IMURSO LP ALL643,91482743131.4 [Cert]
65IK1JJMISO LP ALL (T)633,20479345122.5 [Cert]
66UT5UNURSO LP ALL623,84774742719.3 [Cert]
67W4YEW4SO LP ALL622,91466939417.9 [Cert]
68OZ1AAROZSO LP ALL (T)622,60877840821.4 [Cert]
69SP9PKZSPSO LP ALL605,89676242432.7SP9ADU[Cert]
70CB3RCESO LP ALL598,44860633134.6 [Cert]
71LA2HFALASO LP ALL (T)572,60073840925.4 [Cert]
72IZ2AVKISO LP ALL571,40676641831.2 [Cert]
73KH6CJJKH6SO LP ALL565,86260828927.7  
74LZ7MLZSO LP ALL (T)554,59664840624.5LZ5VK[Cert]
754O4SM4OSO LP ALL (T)551,20064040031.5 [Cert]
76OK2SGYOKSO LP ALL549,45070340733.3 [Cert]
77K9QVBW9SO LP ALL539,74869939615.3 [Cert]
78UT2WQURSO LP ALL528,22864340235.3 [Cert]
79XM1150CANVE1SO LP ALL525,42052731514.2 [Cert]
80DF5BMDLSO LP ALL (T)525,11369139127.1 [Cert]
819A1CBM9ASO LP ALL521,09465639923.2 [Cert]
82NU5AW5SO LP ALL508,85173636918.0K5GN[Cert]
83OK1TDOKSO LP ALL508,58061343121.1 [Cert]
84DD3DDLSO LP ALL501,18266541816.4DK3WM[Cert]
85AE5GTW5SO LP ALL491,78476337218.5 [Cert]
86RG4AUA-4SO LP ALL (T)485,77567938118.8 [Cert]
87IT9PZMIT9SO LP ALL471,60058736026.2 [Cert]
88RN4HABUA-4SO LP ALL466,04770236937.1 [Cert]
89OE1CIWOESO LP ALL459,85161436733.1 [Cert]
90OM8LMOMSO LP ALL455,25059437520.9 [Cert]
91UT3SOURSO LP ALL451,93572036332.3 [Cert]
92OH8MBNOHSO LP ALL (T)451,26064741430.4 [Cert]
93YL3GAZYLSO LP ALL (T)448,05665538126.6 [Cert]
94OE9WGIOESO LP ALL428,76054936020.2 [Cert]
95W0ZPW9SO LP ALL428,15764233928.4 [Cert]
96UA4PNUA-4SO LP ALL (T)427,67268339211.7 [Cert]
97TA/UT2IITASO LP ALL424,80042928816.3UT2II[Cert]
98OK1HEHOKSO LP ALL415,86358636924.6 [Cert]
999M2ZAK9M2SO LP ALL412,76481331832.6 [Cert]
100K1TRW1SO LP ALL411,4744513036.9 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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