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13V8SS3VSO LP ALL (T)5,731,7942,22471835.8KF5EYY
2R8WFRA9SO LP ALL3,865,1551,55865529.7 
3LY4LLYSO LP ALL3,519,4502,21379035.9 
4KD5DDW5SO LP ALL2,726,2462,02371834.3N4OGW
5UY5VAURSO LP ALL2,311,9321,84871434.7 
6YT8AYUSO LP ALL2,071,8361,42069920.0YU1EA
7WJ9BW7SO LP ALL2,022,7141,54261836.0 
8TA7ITASO LP ALL (T)1,929,55296148821.4 
9OM7JGOMSO LP ALL1,926,6421,45964235.2 
10SP1AENSPSO LP ALL (T)1,885,0741,29263337.7 
11UN6LNUNSO LP ALL1,739,09897652127.1 
12UR5MMURSO LP ALL1,628,1401,28564130.9 
13OK7YOKSO LP ALL1,611,0001,33560026.6OK1FDY
14SP9HSPSO LP ALL (T)1,602,9791,34762335.7 
15SF3ASMSO LP ALL (T)1,502,5161,37859629.7SM3CER
16MI5IGISO LP ALL (T)1,402,4881,27260435.9GI0RQK
17JI1RXQJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,393,56097950435.9 
18AD8J/HR9HRSO LP ALL1,384,36886945318.4 
19SW8WWSVSO LP ALL (T)1,347,9841,39555232.6HA0HW
20OM5WWOMSO LP ALL1,321,2981,17855127.0 
21RU9TNRA9SO LP ALL1,243,06876942623.2 
22F5PRHFSO LP ALL1,203,8421,05355431.9  
23ZA/OU2IZASO LP ALL (T)1,202,3001,15555028.1OZ1BII
24SN8TSPSO LP ALL1,176,0981,13153930.2SP8BVN
25SM5CSSSMSO LP ALL1,155,5101,17055531.2 
26HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL1,144,6441,19952725.7 
27HA1BCHASO LP ALL (T)1,124,2801,03354027.0DL1MAJ
28R1ATUA-1SO LP ALL (T)1,103,9131,17151923.6 
29DF3AXDLSO LP ALL1,093,9761,18653631.0 
30RA9SNRA9SO LP ALL1,075,64872139226.7 
31WC4EW1SO LP ALL (T)1,016,62476146425.0 
32KJ4QHLW4SO LP ALL1,001,62390944335.7  
33YL2CVYLSO LP ALL (T)977,9521,01850134.5 
34VP2VGGVP2VSO LP ALL972,36090243820.5K6TOP
35ON3NDONSO LP ALL967,7641,01649234.6 
36UX0KRURSO LP ALL (T)952,09296349930.0 
37EW6MEUSO LP ALL943,12584950335.4 
38UT8ALURSO LP ALL940,14099154028.4  
39IK4EWXISO LP ALL (T)935,12499552335.3 
40DL4AUKDLSO LP ALL935,0801,05148530.8 
41HS3XVPHSSO LP ALL930,62485244434.4 
42R7KXUA-6SO LP ALL (T)920,62899647831.9 
43YU1YVYUSO LP ALL897,06589548134.9 
44DL4ZADLSO LP ALL895,10699448732.5 
45RZ1OKUA-1SO LP ALL890,29292750727.7 
46DD5MDLSO LP ALL868,99288249615.7DJ0ZY
47DP5WDLSO LP ALL839,53591348518.3DK3YD
48YP9JYOSO LP ALL (T)835,6051,05846527.1YO9RIJ
49UT8ASURSO LP ALL808,64091444823.9 
50DG7EEDLSO LP ALL808,29892547833.8 
51US0HZURSO LP ALL805,00090346021.7 
52DL4JUDLSO LP ALL (T)793,59689349224.3 
53JE4MHLJA4SO LP ALL (T)764,16088439833.7 
54CF3FFVE3SO LP ALL749,12567232529.0VA3FF
55EA5/DK5IMEASO LP ALL738,0721,00245926.5  
56RT0ORA0SO LP ALL719,95073138533.7 
57EW8NBEUSO LP ALL710,12079443324.5 
58OM3ROMSO LP ALL708,09671646122.7OM3CFR
59K7QAW7SO LP ALL705,40579046532.7 
60W1NNW8SO LP ALL (T)700,40076040022.0 
61OK2SGWOKSO LP ALL697,13275843931.8 
62UY2UQURSO LP ALL694,82488844222.5 
63ER1OOERSO LP ALL660,26569341517.3 
64US8IMURSO LP ALL643,91482743131.4 
65IK1JJMISO LP ALL (T)633,20479345122.5 
66UT5UNURSO LP ALL623,84774742719.3 
67W4YEW4SO LP ALL622,91466939417.9 
68OZ1AAROZSO LP ALL (T)622,60877840821.4 
69SP9PKZSPSO LP ALL605,89676242432.7SP9ADU
70CB3RCESO LP ALL598,44860633134.6 
71LA2HFALASO LP ALL (T)572,60073840925.4 
72IZ2AVKISO LP ALL571,40676641831.2 
73KH6CJJKH6SO LP ALL565,86260828927.7  
74LZ7MLZSO LP ALL (T)554,59664840624.5LZ5VK
754O4SM4OSO LP ALL (T)551,20064040031.5 
76OK2SGYOKSO LP ALL549,45070340733.3 
77K9QVBW9SO LP ALL539,74869939615.3 
78UT2WQURSO LP ALL528,22864340235.3 
79XM1150CANVE1SO LP ALL525,42052731514.2 
80DF5BMDLSO LP ALL (T)525,11369139127.1 
819A1CBM9ASO LP ALL521,09465639923.2 
82NU5AW5SO LP ALL508,85173636918.0K5GN
83OK1TDOKSO LP ALL508,58061343121.1 
84DD3DDLSO LP ALL501,18266541816.4DK3WM
85AE5GTW5SO LP ALL491,78476337218.5 
86RG4AUA-4SO LP ALL (T)485,77567938118.8 
87IT9PZMIT9SO LP ALL471,60058736026.2 
88RN4HABUA-4SO LP ALL466,04770236937.1 
89OE1CIWOESO LP ALL459,85161436733.1 
90OM8LMOMSO LP ALL455,25059437520.9 
91UT3SOURSO LP ALL451,93572036332.3 
92OH8MBNOHSO LP ALL (T)451,26064741430.4 
93YL3GAZYLSO LP ALL (T)448,05665538126.6 
94OE9WGIOESO LP ALL428,76054936020.2 
95W0ZPW9SO LP ALL428,15764233928.4 
96UA4PNUA-4SO LP ALL (T)427,67268339211.7 
97TA/UT2IITASO LP ALL424,80042928816.3UT2II
98OK1HEHOKSO LP ALL415,86358636924.6 
999M2ZAK9M2SO LP ALL412,76481331832.6 
100K1TRW1SO LP ALL411,4744513036.9 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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