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1PY1NXPYSA LP ALL6,464,1452,26586535.7 [Cert]
2IO4TISA LP ALL6,076,3472,4341,06135.9IK4VET[Cert]
3NN3LW3SA LP ALL5,535,3241,97695835.9N3RS[Cert]
4S53FS5SA LP ALL (T)4,985,9062,20197435.9 [Cert]
5UX4UURSA LP ALL4,432,7642,16093431.4US7UX[Cert]
69A1AA9ASA LP ALL (T)4,279,0581,92295935.5 [Cert]
7LY3BLYSA LP ALL4,251,6372,18791135.5 [Cert]
8PP5BZPYSA LP ALL4,063,9121,64577634.3  
9K3AJW3SA LP ALL3,963,3301,57481034.7 [Cert]
10RT9SRA9SA LP ALL (T)3,907,0981,53976733.9 [Cert]
11UT4LWURSA LP ALL (T)3,653,1242,06287936.0 [Cert]
12SN7OSPSA LP ALL (T)3,479,9861,70084235.9SP7IVO[Cert]
13OM5XXOMSA LP ALL3,393,2341,75385335.6 [Cert]
14HA6NLHASA LP ALL3,308,5921,65090335.8 [Cert]
15WD4AHZW4SA LP ALL (T)3,030,6981,50379435.7 [Cert]
16R7MMUA-6SA LP ALL3,027,0241,79985836.0 [Cert]
179G5ZZ9GSA LP ALL2,969,6401,37565733.1DL1CW[Cert]
18S52WS5SA LP ALL (T)2,866,5901,81581034.9 [Cert]
19JA1BJIJA1SA LP ALL2,813,1931,39172332.4 [Cert]
20G5LPGSA LP ALL2,558,0201,53779029.8 [Cert]
21UA5BUA-3SA LP ALL (T)2,523,8881,63381636.0 [Cert]
22HA8BEHASA LP ALL2,510,0281,58876230.2 [Cert]
23DL6RAIDLSA LP ALL (T)2,441,2881,31980226.9 [Cert]
24LY2FNLYSA LP ALL2,396,2501,57575031.4 [Cert]
25RD9CXRA9SA LP ALL2,375,4991,21465134.0 [Cert]
26N1ENW1SA LP ALL (T)2,282,8921,27061833.4 [Cert]
27R3QAUA-3SA LP ALL2,235,7651,69574935.8 [Cert]
28W3KBW3SA LP ALL2,214,2701,05969519.5 [Cert]
297Z1HLHZSA LP ALL2,067,5001,20262519.1 [Cert]
30OK7TOKSA LP ALL (T)2,006,5201,39169035.5OK1FHI[Cert]
31DK8NTDLSA LP ALL1,969,5401,36971030.9 [Cert]
32DK5DQDLSA LP ALL (T)1,870,6401,02669825.5 [Cert]
33PR7ABPYSA LP ALL1,804,4391,01755327.1 [Cert]
34KP4EJKP4SA LP ALL1,777,5671,07658336.0 [Cert]
35NE5LLW5SA LP ALL1,578,8081,17761633.4N1CC[Cert]
36K8BLW8SA LP ALL (T)1,549,8661,03358225.3 [Cert]
37UW1WUURSA LP ALL (T)1,547,5321,39362135.0 [Cert]
38LY2NYLYSA LP ALL1,539,0411,29464132.7 [Cert]
39UC8URA9SA LP ALL1,483,02095553517.6 [Cert]
40IT9MUOIT9SA LP ALL1,478,3041,18070832.9 [Cert]
41SP5CNASPSA LP ALL1,461,8751,14662535.7 [Cert]
42LZ9RLZSA LP ALL1,444,1641,27660431.7LZ3YY[Cert]
43OM7LMOMSA LP ALL1,436,6441,16763426.3OM7LM[Cert]
44LU1MALUSA LP ALL (T)1,393,93891751825.2LU3MAM[Cert]
45HG2AHASA LP ALL1,387,1921,07463435.6 [Cert]
46RV6LCIUA-6SA LP ALL (T)1,363,3451,02663531.3 [Cert]
47PP1CZPYSA LP ALL (T)1,362,24093751621.2 [Cert]
48DL3YMDLSA LP ALL (T)1,310,77198958717.5 [Cert]
49UA3QAMUA-3SA LP ALL1,299,19899766921.9 [Cert]
50JH1EAQJA1SA LP ALL1,267,55088050534.6 [Cert]
517K4QOKJA1SA LP ALL1,229,26589153135.0 [Cert]
52IN3FHEISA LP ALL1,198,42998057734.1 [Cert]
53IZ3NYGISA LP ALL1,197,28089056034.3 [Cert]
54GI0RQKGISA LP ALL (T)1,173,8881,16357635.9 [Cert]
55RT3OUA-3SA LP ALL (T)1,163,10496360822.6RT3O[Cert]
56PY4HOPYSA LP ALL1,113,67581746515.3 [Cert]
57UY2IGURSA LP ALL (T)1,082,2251,08359323.3 [Cert]
58DJ5MODLSA LP ALL1,072,72098958327.3 [Cert]
59JF3NKAJA3SA LP ALL (T)1,058,25081549830.3 [Cert]
60LZ1QVLZSA LP ALL1,049,60492456425.2 [Cert]
61RM9RZRA9SA LP ALL1,029,67276950419.3 [Cert]
625P2IOZSA LP ALL (T)1,015,6661,02152327.4OZ1BII[Cert]
63DL0SMDLSA LP ALL (T)1,007,17293355425.4DM3PKK[Cert]
64BA7QTBYSA LP ALL987,4711,03950129.0 [Cert]
65NP2LKP2SA LP ALL (T)974,11273043822.2 [Cert]
66DL1EALDLSA LP ALL (T)954,97593352522.8 [Cert]
67K0ADW0SA LP ALL944,09792246918.3 [Cert]
68KV4QSW4SA LP ALL (R)941,47267250424.9 [Cert]
69UD1AUA-1SA LP ALL923,10385753716.1 [Cert]
70OM8DDOMSA LP ALL911,85682848428.5  
71I0GOJISA LP ALL879,04390150926.7 [Cert]
72SP1NYSPSA LP ALL (T)876,61077949014.8 [Cert]
73BG3UPABYSA LP ALL (T)870,73877950134.0 [Cert]
74PA9WORPASA LP ALL (T)853,84987149124.9 [Cert]
75DL7AUDLSA LP ALL846,84670354624.0 [Cert]
76JS1KKYJA1SA LP ALL (T)822,36067444026.4 [Cert]
77YU1KTYUSA LP ALL799,60180846319.1 [Cert]
78PA0OPASA LP ALL790,16076747618.5 [Cert]
79N4KHW4SA LP ALL (T)770,89276945417.2 [Cert]
80RD4AUA-4SA LP ALL762,52284750122.1 [Cert]
81A65CAA6SA LP ALL (T)757,06864642217.2 [Cert]
82DK1KCDLSA LP ALL (T)733,69862456713.3 [Cert]
83PY4ZOPYSA LP ALL724,88061241015.4 [Cert]
84W8BIW8SA LP ALL723,52062944828.0KD8SAV[Cert]
85SV8CRISVSA LP ALL (T)716,32963249333.2 [Cert]
86W4TTMW4SA LP ALL (R)703,95466938321.4 [Cert]
87SV5/DL3DRNSV5SA LP ALL676,39688449334.5 [Cert]
88PA3BUDPASA LP ALL671,01275745422.8 [Cert]
89ZP9MCEZPSA LP ALL658,70262837915.7 [Cert]
90AA3SW3SA LP ALL (T)656,67860241823.4 [Cert]
91OE2LCMOESA LP ALL (T)652,23672344413.9 [Cert]
92DQ7ADLSA LP ALL649,34480345631.8 [Cert]
93EA1VTEASA LP ALL (T)612,40879645630.4 [Cert]
94S53FOS5SA LP ALL (T)604,03268541633.3 [Cert]
95DF7ZSDLSA LP ALL603,25063547526.2 [Cert]
96DL5YLDLSA LP ALL601,96573244125.6 [Cert]
97UX0FFURSA LP ALL598,22768646713.2 [Cert]
98G4WGEGSA LP ALL595,12275042631.8 [Cert]
99VA3ATTVE3SA LP ALL573,88553632713.9 [Cert]
100NX0IW0SA LP ALL571,56563439524.8 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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