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1HD8AHC8SO LP ALL10,740,0283,19292334.8HC2AO[Cert]
2VP9FOCVP9SO LP ALL (T)10,299,0403,26694436.0VE3DZ[Cert]
3EE8XEA8SO LP ALL (T)7,548,5562,56382335.9EA8AY[Cert]
43V8BB3VSO LP ALL5,543,3281,98067830.3KF5EYY[Cert]
5YJ0POYJSO LP ALL4,834,8182,05367834.9K2PO[Cert]
6CT9/OM8AACT3SO LP ALL4,769,8561,91072832.0 [Cert]
7W3EFW3SO LP ALL3,822,2801,80177036.0 [Cert]
8MJ5ZGJSO LP ALL3,508,2522,18778135.8JK3GAD[Cert]
94Z4DX4XSO LP ALL3,259,7401,48472634.4 [Cert]
10LY6ALYSO LP ALL2,843,4501,99672535.9 [Cert]
11N5AWW5SO LP ALL2,643,9001,66270036.0 [Cert]
124K6FO4JSO LP ALL2,627,0731,34056931.5 [Cert]
13KU2MW2SO LP ALL (T)2,510,1181,55666333.9 [Cert]
14JA1BJIJA1SO LP ALL2,016,4261,26058636.0 [Cert]
15EA3KUEASO LP ALL2,007,8701,56563522.6 [Cert]
16F/W1NNFSO LP ALL (T)1,958,0891,47662335.8 [Cert]
17CX9AUCXSO LP ALL1,948,6081,12157630.0 [Cert]
18UN6GUNSO LP ALL1,878,8721,25752636.0 [Cert]
19LY5ILYSO LP ALL1,857,3061,45364236.0 [Cert]
20JI1RXQJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,793,2851,07858735.8 [Cert]
21K3AJW3SO LP ALL1,768,1841,09756834.7 [Cert]
22WJ9B/7W7SO LP ALL1,735,4281,35154336.0 [Cert]
23R3QAUA-3SO LP ALL1,719,6311,53760735.9 [Cert]
24OK2MBPOKSO LP ALL1,634,6161,25858435.9 [Cert]
25KQ1FW1SO LP ALL1,592,64097655323.0K1XM[Cert]
26JK3HLPJA3SO LP ALL1,550,0591,11555335.0 [Cert]
27SP1AENSPSO LP ALL1,530,9121,28659235.7 [Cert]
28RU6CSUA-6SO LP ALL1,485,3241,34461236.0 [Cert]
29HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL1,416,2041,18955830.1 [Cert]
30UX5DURSO LP ALL1,373,8891,16156128.6 [Cert]
314L3T4LSO LP ALL1,366,01679746422.3 [Cert]
32SC3NSMSO LP ALL (T)1,362,3541,24459735.5EA8CN[Cert]
33PJ4LSPJ4SO LP ALL1,330,60990743320.3 [Cert]
34DF3AXDLSO LP ALL1,324,7391,29356335.5 [Cert]
35NA8VW8SO LP ALL1,314,6271,04351922.6 [Cert]
36OM5NLOMSO LP ALL (T)1,313,2001,09356032.5 [Cert]
37OK7AWOKSO LP ALL1,304,3761,17755236.0 [Cert]
38OK1HXOKSO LP ALL1,301,1181,06754630.2  
39VE3EYVE3SO LP ALL (T)1,290,36689546224.9 [Cert]
40K5KUW5SO LP ALL1,257,3751,14752535.9 [Cert]
41UW1WUURSO LP ALL (T)1,224,9961,12653432.8 [Cert]
42EA6/OK2BFNEA6SO LP ALL1,216,8801,13056035.2 [Cert]
43UU2JURSO LP ALL1,206,9751,11952531.1 [Cert]
44PA3ARMPASO LP ALL1,197,7741,08654133.7 [Cert]
45JA2CUSJA2SO LP ALL (T)1,180,75894349833.4 [Cert]
46SW8WWSVSO LP ALL (T)1,179,2001,12455031.2HA0HW[Cert]
47RA9SFRA9SO LP ALL (T)1,156,16478442621.6 [Cert]
48RA1QDUA-1SO LP ALL (T)1,146,8621,04659323.2 [Cert]
49W2TZW2SO LP ALL1,127,94599848132.4  
50RV3ZNUA-3SO LP ALL1,117,7671,16952732.9 [Cert]
51UA3ABJUA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,041,5681,02253828.3 [Cert]
52E21EICHSSO LP ALL1,030,66987746714.9 [Cert]
53YS1/NP3JYSSO LP ALL (T)1,021,8601,04542020.8JA6WFM[Cert]
54WD5KW5SO LP ALL (T)1,007,83090548535.7 [Cert]
55OU2IOZSO LP ALL1,002,89299650627.4OZ1BII[Cert]
56VE3GFNVE3SO LP ALL (T)996,15680640223.1 [Cert]
57EW6CUEUSO LP ALL974,14598250535.3 [Cert]
58RM3ZUA-3SO LP ALL955,0861,01449925.2 [Cert]
59JA2KVBJA2SO LP ALL950,67678545431.8 [Cert]
60K1TRW1SO LP ALL (T)939,94875444416.8 [Cert]
61VK7CWVKSO LP ALL (T)917,13666343232.1 [Cert]
62JG3WDNJA3SO LP ALL (T)916,90882243629.4 [Cert]
63SM3CSMSO LP ALL (T)900,64899850434.3SM5CCT[Cert]
64K2TTMW2SO LP ALL884,41274543131.5 [Cert]
65CO2MSCMSO LP ALL (T)865,45887242331.7 [Cert]
66P29NOP2SO LP ALL (T)851,79277338324.9 [Cert]
67LY2TSLYSO LP ALL (T)821,54884651829.9 [Cert]
68RK9UCRA9SO LP ALL808,83564941518.5 [Cert]
69HZ1OSHZSO LP ALL (R)807,27064837931.2 [Cert]
70OK2EAOKSO LP ALL807,08489947724.8 [Cert]
71KN4QDW4SO LP ALL (T)794,00574541926.0 [Cert]
72US8IMURSO LP ALL767,38287046232.2 [Cert]
73OK2ECOKSO LP ALL766,34481844431.0 [Cert]
74DG7EEDLSO LP ALL (T)756,67288044832.6 [Cert]
75W4YEW4SO LP ALL752,08567440517.0 [Cert]
76BA1GN/8BYSO LP ALL741,58275644330.4 [Cert]
77BG2AUEBYSO LP ALL731,41290639629.3 [Cert]
78DL4AUKDLSO LP ALL727,13088643028.8 [Cert]
79UT5UNURSO LP ALL723,22277345425.0 [Cert]
80W1EQW1SO LP ALL (T)714,55978544324.3 [Cert]
81JH0NECJA0SO LP ALL (T)714,27268741622.5 [Cert]
82R9QQRA9SO LP ALL713,86463336229.8 [Cert]
83OK2SGWOKSO LP ALL689,71876141735.0 [Cert]
84UT8ULURSO LP ALL (T)675,22081345525.4 [Cert]
85UT3UZURSO LP ALL674,90081042522.7 [Cert]
86KU8E/4W4SO LP ALL (T)673,76778138713.2 [Cert]
87VA3ATTVE3SO LP ALL672,34563933524.4 [Cert]
88UX7FDURSO LP ALL656,59085447032.3 [Cert]
89LA2HFALASO LP ALL655,92881244228.8 [Cert]
90YT2AAYUSO LP ALL (T)649,43872844323.7 [Cert]
91K4ORDW4SO LP ALL649,19468337720.8 [Cert]
92SM4DQESMSO LP ALL (T)640,40788343331.6 [Cert]
93YO2GLYOSO LP ALL639,21070842922.7 [Cert]
94OM7AGOMSO LP ALL637,14679143728.8 [Cert]
95K4NCW4SO LP ALL (T)635,93269538830.3 [Cert]
96WN6KW6SO LP ALL635,25081936328.5 [Cert]
97DL2VVDLSO LP ALL (R)634,00174543133.5 [Cert]
98RN9RFRA9SO LP ALL629,44260237416.3 [Cert]
994Z5ML4XSO LP ALL627,7086103628.8  
100US7WWURSO LP ALL616,51264741623.0 [Cert]



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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