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1HD8AHC8SO LP ALL10,740,0283,19292334.8HC2AO
2VP9FOCVP9SO LP ALL (T)10,299,0403,26694436.0VE3DZ
3EE8XEA8SO LP ALL (T)7,548,5562,56382335.9EA8AY
43V8BB3VSO LP ALL5,543,3281,98067830.3KF5EYY
5YJ0POYJSO LP ALL4,834,8182,05367834.9K2PO
6CT9/OM8AACT3SO LP ALL4,769,8561,91072832.0 
7W3EFW3SO LP ALL3,822,2801,80177036.0 
8MJ5ZGJSO LP ALL3,508,2522,18778135.8JK3GAD
94Z4DX4XSO LP ALL3,259,7401,48472634.4 
10LY6ALYSO LP ALL2,843,4501,99672535.9 
11N5AWW5SO LP ALL2,643,9001,66270036.0 
124K6FO4JSO LP ALL2,627,0731,34056931.5 
13KU2MW2SO LP ALL (T)2,510,1181,55666333.9 
14JA1BJIJA1SO LP ALL2,016,4261,26058636.0 
15EA3KUEASO LP ALL2,007,8701,56563522.6 
16F/W1NNFSO LP ALL (T)1,958,0891,47662335.8 
17CX9AUCXSO LP ALL1,948,6081,12157630.0 
18UN6GUNSO LP ALL1,878,8721,25752636.0 
19LY5ILYSO LP ALL1,857,3061,45364236.0 
20JI1RXQJA1SO LP ALL (T)1,793,2851,07858735.8 
21K3AJW3SO LP ALL1,768,1841,09756834.7 
22WJ9B/7W7SO LP ALL1,735,4281,35154336.0 
23R3QAUA-3SO LP ALL1,719,6311,53760735.9 
24OK2MBPOKSO LP ALL1,634,6161,25858435.9 
25KQ1FW1SO LP ALL1,592,64097655323.0K1XM
26JK3HLPJA3SO LP ALL1,550,0591,11555335.0 
27SP1AENSPSO LP ALL1,530,9121,28659235.7 
28RU6CSUA-6SO LP ALL1,485,3241,34461236.0 
29HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL1,416,2041,18955830.1 
30UX5DURSO LP ALL1,373,8891,16156128.6 
314L3T4LSO LP ALL1,366,01679746422.3 
32SC3NSMSO LP ALL (T)1,362,3541,24459735.5EA8CN
33PJ4LSPJ4SO LP ALL1,330,60990743320.3 
34DF3AXDLSO LP ALL1,324,7391,29356335.5 
35NA8VW8SO LP ALL1,314,6271,04351922.6 
36OM5NLOMSO LP ALL (T)1,313,2001,09356032.5 
37OK7AWOKSO LP ALL1,304,3761,17755236.0 
38OK1HXOKSO LP ALL1,301,1181,06754630.2  
39VE3EYVE3SO LP ALL (T)1,290,36689546224.9 
40K5KUW5SO LP ALL1,257,3751,14752535.9 
41UW1WUURSO LP ALL (T)1,224,9961,12653432.8 
42EA6/OK2BFNEA6SO LP ALL1,216,8801,13056035.2 
43UU2JURSO LP ALL1,206,9751,11952531.1 
44PA3ARMPASO LP ALL1,197,7741,08654133.7 
45JA2CUSJA2SO LP ALL (T)1,180,75894349833.4 
46SW8WWSVSO LP ALL (T)1,179,2001,12455031.2HA0HW
47RA9SFRA9SO LP ALL (T)1,156,16478442621.6 
48RA1QDUA-1SO LP ALL (T)1,146,8621,04659323.2 
49W2TZW2SO LP ALL1,127,94599848132.4  
50RV3ZNUA-3SO LP ALL1,117,7671,16952732.9 
51UA3ABJUA-3SO LP ALL (T)1,041,5681,02253828.3 
52E21EICHSSO LP ALL1,030,66987746714.9 
53YS1/NP3JYSSO LP ALL (T)1,021,8601,04542020.8JA6WFM
54WD5KW5SO LP ALL (T)1,007,83090548535.7 
55OU2IOZSO LP ALL1,002,89299650627.4OZ1BII
56VE3GFNVE3SO LP ALL (T)996,15680640223.1 
57EW6CUEUSO LP ALL974,14598250535.3 
58RM3ZUA-3SO LP ALL955,0861,01449925.2 
59JA2KVBJA2SO LP ALL950,67678545431.8 
60K1TRW1SO LP ALL (T)939,94875444416.8 
61VK7CWVKSO LP ALL (T)917,13666343232.1 
62JG3WDNJA3SO LP ALL (T)916,90882243629.4 
63SM3CSMSO LP ALL (T)900,64899850434.3SM5CCT
64K2TTMW2SO LP ALL884,41274543131.5 
65CO2MSCMSO LP ALL (T)865,45887242331.7 
66P29NOP2SO LP ALL (T)851,79277338324.9 
67LY2TSLYSO LP ALL (T)821,54884651829.9 
68RK9UCRA9SO LP ALL808,83564941518.5 
69HZ1OSHZSO LP ALL (R)807,27064837931.2 
70OK2EAOKSO LP ALL807,08489947724.8 
71KN4QDW4SO LP ALL (T)794,00574541926.0 
72US8IMURSO LP ALL767,38287046232.2 
73OK2ECOKSO LP ALL766,34481844431.0 
74DG7EEDLSO LP ALL (T)756,67288044832.6 
75W4YEW4SO LP ALL752,08567440517.0 
76BA1GN/8BYSO LP ALL741,58275644330.4 
77BG2AUEBYSO LP ALL731,41290639629.3 
78DL4AUKDLSO LP ALL727,13088643028.8 
79UT5UNURSO LP ALL723,22277345425.0 
80W1EQW1SO LP ALL (T)714,55978544324.3 
81JH0NECJA0SO LP ALL (T)714,27268741622.5 
82R9QQRA9SO LP ALL713,86463336229.8 
83OK2SGWOKSO LP ALL689,71876141735.0 
84UT8ULURSO LP ALL (T)675,22081345525.4 
85UT3UZURSO LP ALL674,90081042522.7 
86KU8E/4W4SO LP ALL (T)673,76778138713.2 
87VA3ATTVE3SO LP ALL672,34563933524.4 
88UX7FDURSO LP ALL656,59085447032.3 
89LA2HFALASO LP ALL655,92881244228.8 
90YT2AAYUSO LP ALL (T)649,43872844323.7 
91K4ORDW4SO LP ALL649,19468337720.8 
92SM4DQESMSO LP ALL (T)640,40788343331.6 
93YO2GLYOSO LP ALL639,21070842922.7 
94OM7AGOMSO LP ALL637,14679143728.8 
95K4NCW4SO LP ALL (T)635,93269538830.3 
96WN6KW6SO LP ALL635,25081936328.5 
97DL2VVDLSO LP ALL (R)634,00174543133.5 
98RN9RFRA9SO LP ALL629,44260237416.3 
994Z5ML4XSO LP ALL627,7086103628.8  
100US7WWURSO LP ALL616,51264741623.0 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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