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1CN8WWCNSO HP ALL13,140,4344,517898DL6FBL 
2WP2ZKP2SO HP ALL12,506,2804,289890N5TJ 
3C4A5BSO HP ALL10,196,7303,7828015B4ADA 
4ED8PPEA8SO HP ALL9,699,4563,375754EA3KU 
5JY9NXJYSO HP ALL (T)8,642,7993,648737JM1CAX 
6P49VP4SO HP ALL8,217,4403,190805AI6V 
7WW4TW4SO HP ALL7,985,0463,226821W4AN 
8NT1NW1SO HP ALL7,752,0303,193834  
9AM8ZSEA8SO HP ALL7,520,8563,002712N6TJ 
10KQ2M/1W1SO HP ALL7,274,5682,982817 @K1TTT 
11NE6NW6SO HP ALL6,754,1762,965832N6RT 
12VE3EJVE3SO HP ALL6,746,9042,815747  
13YB1AQSYBSO HP ALL6,741,9282,992712  
14NY4AW4SO HP ALL6,431,3602,868773  
15HZ1ABHZSO HP ALL6,388,4703,033717SM0CXU 
16KX1AW1SO HP ALL6,092,4572,729777W1WEF 
17SP7GIQSPSO HP ALL6,048,2402,832790  
18CN/DJ9RRCNSO HP ALL6,045,6882,573638  
19ZM1AZLSO HP ALL5,886,9422,066667F2CW 
20OK1RIOKSO HP ALL5,806,7602,659811  
21K3ZOW3SO HP ALL5,784,2082,539718  
22M6TGSO HP ALL5,767,8512,845771G4PIQ 
23OH0ZOH0SO HP ALL5,610,2082,933796K7BV 
24WC4EW4SO HP ALL5,577,2162,696768  
25LY6MLYSO HP ALL5,504,9462,713817LY1DS 
26N3BB/5W5SO HP ALL5,481,8102,630771  
27KT3Y/4W4SO HP ALL5,481,7252,445725  
28WV6CW6SO HP ALL5,323,9812,446757N6IG 
29Z32AUZ3SO HP ALL (T)5,119,0052,948795  
30AJ1IW1SO HP ALL5,060,6162,412696K5ZD 
31W0UAW0SO HP ALL4,906,1612,328741  
32LO1FLUSO HP ALL4,835,8942,300671LU4FPZ 
33DL1AUZDLSO HP ALL4,532,7002,326725  
34BY1DXBYSO HP ALL4,498,6282,444716OH2PM 
35OH5NQOHSO HP ALL4,449,1202,473780OH6EI 
36WK6LAW6SO HP ALL4,403,5752,274737K6LA 
37VU3VLHVUSO HP ALL4,402,2002,644600OK1MM 
38KN7PW7SO HP ALL4,373,8112,256733KL2A 
39LY2BTALYSO HP ALL (T)4,334,8102,277802  
40S50LS5SO HP ALL (T)4,334,1722,322732S59AA 
41LY8XLYSO HP ALL (T)4,311,5232,152777LY2BIL 
42KL7RAKLSO HP ALL4,273,6372,133739  
43JH4UYBJA4SO HP ALL4,267,3502,169654  
44UF3CWRUA-3SO HP ALL (T)4,165,5912,527787  
45AA3BW3SO HP ALL4,048,2682,095652  
46F6BEEFSO HP ALL4,044,2562,155752  
47S53RS5SO HP ALL (T)3,969,7562,172708  
48KC7VW7SO HP ALL3,946,8902,050710  
49LY3BALYSO HP ALL3,939,5162,240756  
50UT0UURSO HP ALL3,936,8902,300730UT5UDX 
51W0CG/8W8SO HP ALL3,899,1482,022654  
52S57DXS5SO HP ALL3,880,5602,197690  
53WC1MW1SO HP ALL3,856,2481,992648  
54VK4EMMVKSO HP ALL3,809,0411,561599  
55JA8RWUJA8SO HP ALL3,770,6882,008656  
56DA0WPXDLSO HP ALL3,662,4362,199707DK8LV 
57AA7AW7SO HP ALL3,595,6272,049721  
58VE2ZPVE2SO HP ALL (T)3,546,3161,874628  
59XR1XCESO HP ALL3,472,7941,736587XQ1IDM 
60S57JS5SO HP ALL3,472,5502,045698  
61EW8EWEUSO HP ALL3,460,1892,164713  
62AI7BW7SO HP ALL3,394,2601,940692  
63LY5WLYSO HP ALL (T)3,338,1752,030705LY1DR 
64WH7QKH6SO HP ALL3,270,4661,693586ND3A 
65RA4AGUA-4SO HP ALL3,258,5082,192719  
66JS2LHJJA2SO HP ALL3,212,2201,783620  
67AE6YW6SO HP ALL3,150,1801,822660  
68UR8MAURSO HP ALL3,108,8641,906704  
69WM6AW6SO HP ALL3,095,2321,795686K6DB 
70UU7JURSO HP ALL (T)3,050,9272,193713UU0JM 
71KQ5DXW5SO HP ALL3,050,7091,871673K5OT 
72JA1YNEJA1SO HP ALL (T)3,031,9841,748628JP1OGL 
73KR1GW1SO HP ALL2,992,0531,688613  
74K3JT/8W8SO HP ALL2,958,9781,691642  
75EU5AEUSO HP ALL (T)2,812,7341,783614EU1FC 
76EM7QURSO HP ALL2,793,7042,033662UR3QCW 
77W0TMW0SO HP ALL2,714,0191,631651  
78LA7MFALASO HP ALL2,669,6671,753637  
79N5NUW5SO HP ALL (T)2,645,4611,629637  
80S50KS5SO HP ALL2,634,7621,852663  
81DL1RKDLSO HP ALL2,630,0401,643606  
82K0OUW0SO HP ALL2,621,8861,657633  
83G3TXFGSO HP ALL2,604,4371,750649  
84K4ROW4SO HP ALL2,598,4201,674620  
85RK3ADUA-3SO HP ALL (T)2,597,5351,906639  
863Z4NSPSO HP ALL2,542,3711,608611SP4NI 
87UX7IAURSO HP ALL2,494,2801,852635  
88JA0QWOJA0SO HP ALL (T)2,480,5441,477594  
89N1EU/2W2SO HP ALL (T)2,444,3751,345625  
90OM7MOMSO HP ALL2,438,9521,526673  
91N2CUW2SO HP ALL (T)2,427,0051,345595  
92SN9JSPSO HP ALL (T)2,403,6481,669624SP9HWN 
93KZ5DW5SO HP ALL2,397,6001,534600  
94N8BJQW8SO HP ALL (T)2,387,6401,486591  
95JN2AMDJA2SO HP ALL (T)2,380,3651,444585  
96UA9CDCRA9SO HP ALL (T)2,368,1441,342566  
97VY1DXVE8SO HP ALL (T)2,354,8001,455580N6HR 
98ND5S/8W8SO HP ALL (T)2,352,4311,486593  
99TZ6DXTZSO HP ALL2,315,4801,430535K4RB 
100YL2KOYLSO HP ALL2,311,4461,529641  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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