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17Q7XX7QSO LP ALL4,665,7702,750565  
2HA3UUHASO LP ALL4,157,2882,262698  
39V1YC9VSO LP ALL3,350,2042,316572  
45Z4TT5ZSO LP ALL2,878,7221,917462SP5TT 
5ZA2AZASO LP ALL2,759,1922,563622OH6XY 
6NP2IKP2SO LP ALL2,615,9431,693561  
7YB6AVEYBSO LP ALL2,528,6201,665478DL8WPX 
8TM6GGFSO LP ALL2,175,0841,656558F6FGZ 
9N5RZW5SO LP ALL1,996,4671,363599  
10K7SVW4SO LP ALL1,715,2081,120534  
11CK2CVEYSO LP ALL1,686,5011,006443VY2SS 
12FH/DK5WLFHSO LP ALL1,578,0641,425358  
13VB4VVVE4SO LP ALL1,557,8641,206504  
14DL1IAODLSO LP ALL1,520,5001,420500  
15K5RXW5SO LP ALL1,512,3751,062545  
16TE5TTISO LP ALL1,494,0601,072444TI4SU 
177S5AASMSO LP ALL1,421,9101,580518VK2DXI 
18OH3LIMOHSO LP ALL1,340,6121,367508  
19S56AS5SO LP ALL1,324,0321,228512S57MM 
20VB1HAVE1SO LP ALL1,228,968830404  
21K2QMFW2SO LP ALL1,215,657875461  
22K9LJNW9SO LP ALL1,155,0181,049489  
23FY5FPFYSO LP ALL1,131,600953400  
24AB6FOW6SO LP ALL1,110,795957497  
25PW2NPYSO LP ALL1,081,825905397PY2NY 
26PA3FNEPASO LP ALL1,029,9961,081459  
27G3SWHGSO LP ALL996,8121,102428  
28SM5IMOSMSO LP ALL985,9081,032462  
29DL7VOGDLSO LP ALL942,704985443  
30YL2GNYLSO LP ALL923,4091,078423  
31IK0HBNISO LP ALL896,5351,093435  
32JH3DSOJASO LP ALL870,480814390  
33FM5CWFMSO LP ALL802,424791356  
34PA3ELDPASO LP ALL801,640913409  
35DA1AMDLSO LP ALL790,0301,110398  
36OK1FMROKSO LP ALL780,125920395  
37OH2BSQOHSO LP ALL739,845952401  
38KG1DW1SO LP ALL722,240742370  
39NA1RW9SO LP ALL721,063783431  
40UB5IFXURSO LP ALL706,104839378  
41SM5DACSMSO LP ALL700,290602310  
42HA5NKHASO LP ALL683,568925376  
43SV5/SM0CMHSV5SO LP ALL659,1481,107399  
44DF4ZLDLSO LP ALL639,993836383  
45HB9ARFHBSO LP ALL624,762863366  
46G4ZFEGSO LP ALL623,224883359  
47W6PYXW6SO LP ALL610,452605372  
48LA4YWLASO LP ALL586,656793388  
49ZS6NWZSSO LP ALL582,897668287  
50KN4QVW4SO LP ALL558,008635374  
51SP5CJQSPSO LP ALL554,238718369  
52GW3JIGWSO LP ALL550,715791341  
53P20PLP2SO LP ALL548,080666248  
54RA3PPUA-3SO LP ALL534,699728363  
55SP9BBHSPSO LP ALL526,467712339  
56IS0OMHISSO LP ALL525,198797323  
57LU6ENYLUSO LP ALL518,728618314  
58G0IDEGSO LP ALL516,384795352  
59K1VWLW1SO LP ALL513,100544350  
60SP1AENSPSO LP ALL508,008701347  
61N8LMW4SO LP ALL507,150676350  
62G3ESFGSO LP ALL497,600773320  
63UA9XHJRA9SO LP ALL470,334572258  
64K4BAIW4SO LP ALL460,388554358  
65JA7YFDJASO LP ALL459,967519317JI7GBI 
66DL7USW/pDLSO LP ALL457,146674327  
67ON4KFMONSO LP ALL447,720469280  
68DK7FPDLSO LP ALL442,518466262  
69WA2ASMW2SO LP ALL434,478500319  
70JF1SEKJASO LP ALL418,695472309  
71KG0DSW0SO LP ALL406,464546348  
72OM3CDZOMSO LP ALL402,477660307  
73KX7LW7SO LP ALL392,450524334  
74AA2EMW2SO LP ALL381,936487292  
75DL5SWBDLSO LP ALL373,152711338  
76N8FUW8SO LP ALL369,738565334  
77ON4XGONSO LP ALL367,913629311  
78UB5EFURSO LP ALL357,588582301  
79OM3WSTOMSO LP ALL356,058620302  
80OM3WSTOMSO LP ALL356,058620302  
81DL8QSDLSO LP ALL353,115555315  
82DL6JRADLSO LP ALL350,100572300  
83KB3MMW3SO LP ALL347,035433281  
84OM3CCCOMSO LP ALL346,896602292  
85DL3JANDLSO LP ALL346,500656308  
86SP6CPFSPSO LP ALL343,033531311  
87EA1FDOEASO LP ALL338,057682311  
88FD1PTIFSO LP ALL337,851541291  
89OK2BPOOKSO LP ALL336,217490301  
90KE2ZUW2SO LP ALL336,063410273  
91VE3SUN/WT6W6SO LP ALL327,222511318  
92NK9CW4SO LP ALL323,400468300  
93SP3FLRSPSO LP ALL321,492543292  
94OK2HIOKSO LP ALL318,378477282  
95SP5YQSPSO LP ALL317,790464330  
96KM2LW2SO LP ALL313,742427286  
97OH2BNT/1OHSO LP ALL312,879460317  
98SM3CVMSMSO LP ALL311,379504271  
99DL6RDRDLSO LP ALL310,873552293  
100K3TLXW3SO LP ALL299,367391279  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

Overlay category: (R) Rookie, (T) Tribander/Single Element, (C) Classic

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