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1KG6SWKH0SO HP ALL2,848,3202,602345K7JA 
2LU8DQLUSO HP ALL2,333,3852,013374  
3EA2IAEASO HP ALL2,057,0341,975402  
4YX1DIGYVSO HP ALL1,994,3881,598348YV1DIG 
5ZL1ADIZLSO HP ALL1,783,1401,539339  
6GU5CIAGUSO HP ALL1,695,9071,790367K5MM 
7UV9AXRA9SO HP ALL1,448,0001,257362  
8OK2RZOKOMSO HP ALL1,364,1751,420387  
9AE4HW4SO HP ALL1,288,0801,410360  
10UP2NVLYSO HP ALL1,285,1601,368361  
11OG6DXOHSO HP ALL1,175,8921,655327  
12ZZ4DDPYSO HP ALL1,148,1721,183326  
13ZL1AJUZLSO HP ALL1,106,9541,138293  
14W6MSFW6SO HP ALL1,009,6321,040312WA6VEF 
15HS1ABDHSSO HP ALL975,0001,522300K3ZO 
16K7RIW7SO HP ALL927,576963312K7TI 
17SK2KWSMSO HP ALL921,2761,370314SM0GNU 
18DK5AD/NN3W3SO HP ALL899,2171,041293  
19UR2QIESSO HP ALL837,2121,161311  
20YO3ACYOSO HP ALL823,528992311  
21K4PQLW4SO HP ALL822,900923324  
22UW3HVUA-3SO HP ALL802,1911,204307  
23N5TPW5SO HP ALL795,553889341  
24JI1KUVJA1SO HP ALL773,0911,025297  
25UP2BATLYSO HP ALL757,4481,022292  
26SM5AOESMSO HP ALL756,1761,079283  
27ON4FDONSO HP ALL747,8641,007312  
28UB5ZALURSO HP ALL674,6601,023305  
29UP2BAOLYSO HP ALL666,822932309  
30UD6CN4JSO HP ALL658,920808323  
31N8IIW8SO HP ALL651,147758307  
32KH6NOKH6SO HP ALL648,932968212  
33VE1AIHVE1SO HP ALL544,859608281  
34VK3AHIVKSO HP ALL539,847748231  
35JE1JKLJA1SO HP ALL526,663704283  
36DK1IIDLSO HP ALL460,890754270  
37VU2GOVUSO HP ALL445,848612312  
38JA1BWAJA1SO HP ALL445,280664253  
39N0TTW0SO HP ALL434,016677274  
40UP2BZLYSO HP ALL433,680700278  
41G5CMXGSO HP ALL431,475753275  
42JA2IVKJA2SO HP ALL391,608653222  
43UL7CBSUNSO HP ALL365,822552202  
44K5RXW5SO HP ALL363,492541276  
45JK1OPLJA1SO HP ALL357,304566236  
46YU1OQLYUSO HP ALL356,524620238  
47CP5NKCPSO HP ALL348,992519224  
48UA4CKUA-4SO HP ALL330,870590246  
49KV4AAKP2SO HP ALL307,216610208  
50DJ0UPDLSO HP ALL294,800530268  
51WH2ABEKH2SO HP ALL277,000747125  
525Z4CW5ZSO HP ALL276,696407183  
53N6JVW6SO HP ALL270,270494250  
54TF3YHTFSO HP ALL268,702559238  
55UI8AFAUJSO HP ALL264,106570166  
56K8HVW8SO HP ALL261,003434241  
57UQ2GFNYLSO HP ALL257,881600239  
58JA5KJD/1JA1SO HP ALL254,730458210  
59OE5CWLOESO HP ALL254,667490201  
60JA1JKGJA1SO HP ALL253,795465193  
61JF3CCNJA3SO HP ALL247,357495199  
62DM3NKEDMSO HP ALL242,735510215  
63G3TXFGSO HP ALL239,578500206  
64UD6BW4JSO HP ALL229,542286201  
65OK2YAXOKOMSO HP ALL228,528442207  
66OH2BSQOHSO HP ALL227,925565225  
67KV4KVKP2SO HP ALL224,096394188  
68YO3CRYOSO HP ALL223,668505228  
695W1BZ5WSO HP ALL213,219375149  
70W4EIW4SO HP ALL206,829365201  
71OK2PEG/pOKOMSO HP ALL205,205424205  
72UA3ZPUA-3SO HP ALL202,252394236  
73JF1SEKJA1SO HP ALL201,825417195  
74OZ1CTKOZSO HP ALL194,542469211  
75YO8DDYOSO HP ALL191,649385193  
76UA1AGLUA-1SO HP ALL186,813507187  
77UA3DDFUA-3SO HP ALL184,295525205  
78ON4XGONSO HP ALL175,968416208  
79KD6FW6SO HP ALL174,870455201  
80UA2FCBUA2SO HP ALL169,556370194  
81OK3CKYOKOMSO HP ALL169,222472211  
82WB9LHRW9SO HP ALL167,99212996  
83UC2OBIEUSO HP ALL161,136466216  
84K9BGW9SO HP ALL161,014334217  
85LA9HWLASO HP ALL160,740508171  
86UP2PAPLYSO HP ALL158,004402198  
87UQ2GDMYLSO HP ALL154,316275173  
88UA6AJOUA-6SO HP ALL152,295416195  
89YO8FZYOSO HP ALL151,158319183  
90DF2NGDLSO HP ALL150,066406189  
91ED7ALGEASO HP ALL145,350402190  
92UY5TEURSO HP ALL145,024461176  
93W7JYWW7SO HP ALL138,198417186  
94UA0AGRA0SO HP ALL137,977307161  
95UM8NNNEXSO HP ALL136,000469136  
96PA0DINPASO HP ALL134,551348197  
97GW3NYYGWSO HP ALL134,240323160  
98PY1BOAPYSO HP ALL134,230254155  
99OK1KZOKOMSO HP ALL133,660326163  
100JL1QDOJA1SO HP ALL129,054321157  



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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