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701RA0SMS2017RA0SA HP ALL9,98269622.0 
702RW0OU2011RA0SO LP ALL9,856917714.5 
703UA0SBQ2007RA0SO QRP ALL9,853745912.2  
704UA0SR1984RA0SO HP 40M9,7928348  
705UA0IV2003RA0SO LP ALL9,724976811.7  
706UC0L2014RA0SO HP 20M9,68573655.3 
707UA0LT1985RA0SO HP 15M9,66416564  
708UA0CW2009RA0SO HP ALL9,39464618.4 
709UA0FDX2006RA0SO HP ALL9,06064603.5  
710UA6LP/RV0Q1993RA0SO QRP 20M8,8968064  
711UA0LAF1983RA0SO HP ALL8,7866146  
712UA0AAS2016RA0SO LP 20M8,77871664.2 
713RA0ALM2004RA0SO LP ALL8,76062604.6  
714RA0QD2009RA0SO HP 15M8,51497665.2 
715UA0SBQ2011RA0SO QRP ALL8,49663599.8 
716RA0JD1991RA0SO HP 15M8,3087567  
717UA0LEL2003RA0SO LP ALL8,256534832.9  
718UA0SME1988RA0SO HP 15M8,2326556  
719UA0SGJ1984RA0SO HP ALL8,2155753  
720RZ0AF2010RA0SA HP 10M8,17863585.2 
721RW0LZ2001RA0SO HP 10M8,11399619.6  
722UA0SW2012RA0SO HP 10M7,59254522.8 
723UA0W2016RA0SA HP 80M (T)7,400373720.3 
724R0JF2015RA0SO QRP ALL7,37169633.7 
725RU0AJD2006RA0SO HP ALL7,350635030.7  
726RC0C/P2017RA0MULTI-ONE HP7,250111583.4R0CM R0CAF UB0CAG
727UA0SBQ/P2016RA0SO QRP ALL7,24258517.1 
728UA0ABB2007RA0SO LP ALL7,150565528.4  
729RW0AR2008RA0SO LP 20M7,10254531.9 
730RN0CW2011RA0SO LP ALL6,83271615.2 
731UA0CS1989RA0SO HP 20M6,7846053  
732RD0CD2015RA0SO HP ALL6,71649463.5 
733UK0DAA1983RA0MULTI-ONE HP6,6155645Club Group 
734RU0AE2009RA0SO LP 10M6,60466523.1 
735UA0CDM1982RA0SO HP 40M6,5414531  
736UW0CM1985RA0SO HP ALL6,2018053  
737UA0CKA1994RA0SO LP 15M6,1609355  
738RZ0SO2009RA0SO QRP 20M6,15657545.2 
739UA0AKY2017RA0SO LP 20M6,02849441.4 
740RV0AR2000RA0SO HP ALL5,9785149  
741RZ0CQ2010RA0SO LP 40M5,95232314.7 
742UA0UBZ1985RA0SO HP 20M5,6877347  
743UA0QBR2010RA0SA HP 20M (T)5,50248423.9 
744RA0AM2008RA0SO HP 10M5,40655513.5 
745UA0FER1982RA0SO HP 40M5,0404935  
746UA0XAJ1984RA0SO HP 20M4,7167736  
747UA0ZCR1979RA0SO HP 15M4,6926046  
748UA0SBQ2015RA0SO QRP ALL4,59243415.5 
749R0RC2016RA0SO LP ALL4,46943415.7 
750RZ0SZZ2010RA0MULTI-ONE HP4,21253361.6UA0SM RN0SA
751RM0W2011RA0SA HP 10M4,00256467.5 
752RU0AT2003RA0SO LP 20M3,97840391.4  
753RA0ALM2008RA0SO HP 10M3,91348431.1 
754UA0IT2013RA0SA LP ALL3,90044392.5 
755RU0AE2007RA0SO LP ALL3,70038371.4  
756UA0LFN1984RA0SO HP 40M3,6183027  
757UA0A2017RA0SO LP 20M3,47645443.4 
758UA0ZC1986RA0SO HP ALL3,4326026  
759UA0W2014RA0SO QRP 15M3,20437364.2 
760UA0WL2008RA0SA LP 10M3,10843425.9 
761UK0LAA1981RA0MULTI-ONE HP3,1005320Club Group 
762RA0CEN2016RA0SO LP ALL3,08040353.7 
763UA0QGQ1989RA0SO QRP 15M3,0243028  
764RA0JD1990RA0SO QRP 10M2,9605337  
765UA0FDX2007RA0SO LP ALL2,856453426.8  
766RA0CEN2017RA0SO LP ALL2,84444365.1 
767UA0UAG1988RA0SO HP 15M2,8066623  
768R0AFF2017RA0SA QRP 40M (R)2,75626263.5 
769RA0LMK2016RA0SO LP 20M2,73668381.8  
770UA0DBX2016RA0SO LP ALL2,52060402.3 
771UA0BA2008RA0SO HP 20M2,41830310.4 
772UA0LCQ1981RA0SO QRP 80M2,3693233  
773UA0CDM1979RA0SO HP ALL2,3463023  
774RU0AE2003RA0SO LP 20M2,17529292.1  
775RA0FLP2002RA0SO LP ALL (R)2,14241347.9  
776RN0QQ2010RA0SO QRP ALL2,01345334.3 
777RK0SZZ2004RA0MULTI-ONE HP1,943312948.0UA0SPL UA0SPH 
778R0RC2017RA0SO LP ALL1,88529294.6 
779RW0AR2012RA0SA HP 10M1,59329272.4 
780UA0A2016RA0SO LP 20M1,57525251.1 
781RN0SA2008RA0SO LP 10M1,48226262.3 
782RU0AT2008RA0SO LP 20M1,42624232.4 
783UA0FEO1986RA0SO HP 160M1,2542619  
784UC0LAF2010RA0SO QRP 20M1,19626262.0 
785RW0AR2003RA0SO LP 15M1,170272625.5  
786UA0CMG2009RA0SO LP 10M1,13137298.9 
787RW0LKA1998RA0SO QRP ALL1,0753325  
788UA0AKY2016RA0SO LP 20M1,02620191.0 
789RA0ANO2011RA0SA LP ALL86419182.6 
790UA0OAA1981RA0SO HP 20M7141714  
791RW0AA2009RA0SO LP 20M68017171.1 
792UA0ZCJ1990RA0SO HP 20M6002020  
793RK0UT2015RA0SA HP 15M49317171.0 
794UA0W2017RA0SA HP 40M (T)48010106.7 
795UA0SU1989RA0SO HP 10M4801616  
796RA0CDF2006RA0SO LP 10M475211925.2  
797RA0ANO2012RA0SA LP ALL44815142.1 
798UA0LDC1981RA0SO HP 20M4291313  
799UA0AAS2015RA0SO LP ALL42015150.6 
800RV0AL2009RA0SO LP ALL42013120.6 

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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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